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Well I can still type and stuff but I thought I would write something to my favourite forum on this auspicious occasion since I am as yet unaware whether I am drowning my sorrows or celebrating the launch of a new career. I still wont know by the time I'm sober but none-the-less, I thought a tipple would be in order.

So ... was I pushed or did I jump.

I've been on the dole a few times and the one thing I hate worse than poverty is being reliant on a fascist regime for the basic needs of food and shelter. The lockdown killed my last business which was so fruitful that in 15-20 years of hard work (with the exception of five in which I earned my grand titular titty name "freeman") I have less than a monkey to show for it all. I'm no big spender:- I live in a proper house now and still use tea lights to cook my dinner (no chimney in the post le carbuseu world). I've got some guy claiming to be Indiana Revenue or something claiming I owe him more than I have ever earned. The long and the short of it, this country has been a fascist regime since at least 1993 (I woke up at 19) and I have no intent of feeding the beast if I can avoid it. Hey trolls! Come and get some bananas to feed your owners with you little shits. Watch they don't have covid-19 you little brownshirt cunts. (Apologies to the civilised inhabitants of the forum for my abusive outbursts - I blame it on the rum, but it could be the flesh eating bug necrotising fasciitis as there seems to be something that's been eating every pinch I ever produce.)

I think I'll join the chinese communist party now the new cold war is on the verge on bursting. Free noodles! At least there's more to eat in chinese communist dictatorship than shit for brains scottish economy where its pretty much against the law not be taking subsidies from the government(s) in order to employ people on really low wages to do the shit you have to bullshit that you can do when all you can really do is management.


Lets get to the point of this drunken ramble. I've got skillz! I dont mean skills but technically skillz are a subset of skills. Or let me put in plain geekoglot when I say that an implementation of the class "skills" would contain a struct or class definition which could be appropriately named "skillz". The point is, Ive been putting a lot of effort into staying out of fascist reach by practically giving away all my skills to anyone who wants them for £7.50 an hour (maybe less when I work out how much Im supposed to be paid, and how much Ive actually been paid). The long and the short of it is "IM SACKED" ... but Ive kind of sacked myself because I resigned due to the fact I was unwilling to fulfil the duties of bitch to someone who has less skillz than me trying to bullshit that he is has more expertise because hes been doing microsoft excel day in and day out while his previous lackeys have did all the stuff thats too difficult for him. The even shorter story is ...

Im out of work.

Not exactly a bad thing when you have skillz and five months experience about how a computing business operates. The last job I was in for 20 years (15 total fulltime) and it took me about 6 months to work out every scam that was being thrown at me.

As you can guess, its now my intent to start my own business which I can only really say is "computing". I hate to say "I work in IT" because thats what all the scammers who know fuck all about computers describe themself as. They tend to get avoidant when you probe their knowledge (a natural thing for real geeks to do in a very non-surveillance style way - WHAT? YOU DO PHP 7.2 AS WELL? I KNOW PHP 7.4 WAS SUCH A NIGHTMARE WITH EXPLODE PARAMATERS ROUND THE WRONG WAY BUT NOW THERES PHP 8 AND ITS ALL FOO BAR LIKE THEY TOLD US - this type of thing elicits warm flames in the hearts of real geeks and sudden creeping toward the shadows by those who merely "work in IT".

Hey maybe you fix cars, build houses, fit sprockets into sprocket housings for the latest swiss watch. Maybe you are at a coal seam mining ... oh forget it, you would have to be very old and British to even be there with me in the head. The thing is, I'm not a middle man, I'm not a rich man, but I'm the man that can do things that a whole pyramid of chiefs (doing nothing) relying on a single individual (doing everything) rely on. I'm not dirt either. You can put decent shit into me (like teaching new techniques) and it will flourish, but if all you have to put in me is bullshit, its bullshit. It has to go where bullshit goes because if I eat it ... all the people relying on me all along the line will have nothing but google for protection from google exploitation.

So here I begin my new course of working for myself doing what I can do and always wanted to do anyway. Lets see how it turns out in the new fascist regime of Alan Watt does not approve of this fake democracy.
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