Postby iknowmyrights » Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:33 pm

I have been battling my Council Tax since December 2010. :puke:

I am happy to say that I have not paid a penny, but this comes at a price. And what a lot of people will not tell you.

Bailiffs knocking on my door every day,
Threatening Letters,
Now calls to my place of work, (potential taking my wages etc, bankrupcy)
Calls to my landlord, emails probing asking personal questions about me :puzz: who lives there, how much rent i pay...
Oh yeh, and the opportunity could be for a warrant for my arrest to be put out shortly, as I havent paid the TAX (council or otherwise) When of course they obtain the court oder to do so.

On here it is fantastic, it is a very formative site, on how the common law is above the Legalities and statutes of the land, and it makes you believe that we actually have a chance here against the councils, Govt, bailiffs, police, MODs. etc...
Also this site is very good: I see the truth in this 100%.

BUT when it actually comes down to it, unfortunately this FORCEFUL Controlled WORLD is not ready for the truth yet. THE FREE MAN, Common Law Truth, They do not understand, as I have realised by coming FACE TO FACE with an ugly Civil servant bailiff, whom, when I started to read very peacefully to him the common law, and the truth, put his fingers in his ears, and said "I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING LA LA LA I DONT CARE, I DONT CARE". Then the :police: :police: POlicy MEN arrested my mum. For no apparent Reason......

So using the common law, and the truth which they do not understand is resisting this control, they will in turn just use PLAIN FORCE against you.

With the Council Tax, I followed and read and read and read.
I understood. I read some more.

I wrote to my council, that I was happy to pay the council tax they were demanding from me, if they could answer some of my questions:

e.g Is council tax lawful etc

The usual repsonse from the councils, who do not know how to respond. and then the usual Summons, Notice of Liability (fake, fraud and perjed by them), and now the Certified Bailiff.

Yes he has no power to break into my home and take my things, as he is stating in his postings trhough the door, and NO i will never let him in so he can make a peaceful walking entry, HOWEVER.
When he does eventually get bored and goes back to the council, then they can begin their court journey.
So i advise you felow Free me and women, that although this all sounds amazing in theory, No it is not a quick fix, no it will not stop all the trouble, and you must be prepared, if you are going to take this all the way to have all of your wordly possessions taken from you, your home, money, fiat currency etc, your dignity and of course your freedom away. Oh yes and to live in darkness at your home, with all windows and doors shut, So really would only suit hippies, who live in trees, or squatters or travellers.

Because we are not Free Men at all, and nowhere on this land can I find somewhere that is practising the common law in this way. (except when it suits them)
If someone has found it, please show me.
UNtil Then. I will have to continue to be the worker ant for the system, and pay until the collapse of the govt and the councils (whic is imminent). I wait in vain.

Peace as always

ANd YES I am a FREE WOMAN not a man lol :cheer:
"Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.
As it is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny."
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Postby newmannewy » Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:42 am

Alas you have fully awoken.. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.” - John. F. Kennedy

Civil war, world war 3 - whatever is coming is coming regardless. The system is too big and the system is too sick & corrupt to fix. The only chance we have is comprehending how this system works so we can educate ourselves and the masses in order to avoid a worse form of this system after the collapse. Because that is whats coming.. The digital monetary yoke! - My own personal site dedicated to helping newbies wake up and see the bigger picture.
Feel free to pass comment, point out my failings & or generally critisice - (It's a working progress)
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Postby Freeman Stephen » Wed Oct 05, 2011 7:49 am

That's the first time i've heard someone say "this stuff doesn't work" and speak the truth. Note to trolls: this is how its done. We want to live in peace and all we ever get is conflict. Bowing to the bullies might mean less conflict as theres no ups on the stakes when we refuse to obey them but they will just be back next year with the same pile of outragous demands and the same conflict that is in the human nature of most of us to avoid.

Anyone whos been around these sites for any length of time must realise that the freedoms we seek are only at a push freedoms we ourselves might enjoy despite the fact we were mostly all led to believe slavery was abolished. With the knowledge we have, we might find alternative life styles that affords us some dignity that our involuntary bondage denies but our end goal is not to escape this forced labour and compelled obedience but to end the barbaric practice altogether so that even if we are forced to live in appaulling conditions and put under even greater adversity than the "ive had my fluoride :D" mind slaves, there is at least some hope that freedom will not be forgotten, that an age of human dignity will return.
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Postby free-sarah » Wed Oct 05, 2011 4:04 pm

the only reason this does not work is because of the dishonest manner in which they do business, the corruption and lack of knowledge on the part of the court staff. in a fair world this should work. it's like playing a honest game of poker with a room full of cheats.
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Postby squark » Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:17 pm

I've fended them off for about 2 years. Got a threat of Bankruptcy proceedings yesterday. This is for about 2 yrs of tax where I did not sign on and total income of about £4000. They want £2000 within 7 days. They have no system for back dating a claim. Thats what the BIG problem is from my view. £290 of costs in there that are due to resisting. I've got some stuff to sell off so I'm going to pay under threat and protest.
:yes: :no: :yes: :no: :yes: :no: :yes:

Live to fight another day! :ouch:

My next approach will to be as commercial creditor to the system and off set the bill which I will accept, conditionally. It may not work but its all good practice, honing of skills etc.

We will get to the promised land! :grin:
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Postby wanabfree » Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:29 pm

i would advise instead of useing the so called freeman concepts, you instead look at a more practical approach.

take a look at Marc Stevens way of challenging any form of tax, you may find it a little more usefull
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Postby iknowmyrights » Wed Feb 17, 2021 5:06 pm

As i read my posts from 2011, its very interesting how what we predicted back in 2010, 2011 over 10 years ago. Has now come to fruition. Yes we are in the spiritual war of world war 3. Only the masses has awakened. Their Pineal Glands have been decalcified, and it seems there is an end in sight for all of this.
If things dont go according to plan, I suggest a re grouping to become leaders, to create new templates, to show others the way. V for Vendetta style. Because the sheep still live in fear!

Whats interesting is everything David Icke and Veronica Chapman has been saying for years is now more COMMON knowledge than ever! And yet there are no clear guidelines... there is no one leading the way.
Living it! Living proof....Of how to step into our sovereignty. We have all been brainwashed for far too long by the fear. And I wont even mention the C word.....

I wanted to start a new we are looking at council tax here. Has anyone seen the information on companies house about The UK GOVT being dissolved? I managed to find the Monarch or Crown Corporation, but nothing on the UK GOVT? We know this is happening behind the scenes, but with no real disclosure yet. This will surely have a knock on affect....
PLUS there has been news from someone whom tried to pay a tax bill to HMRC over the phone. And they couldnt take payment, as they were not accepting payments at present?
Is this because HMRC has been liquidated? and to take money would infact be FRAUD? if this is the case. then STOP PAYING your income tax or tax return bill! DO NOT DO IT ONLINE. (the system will just take ur payemnt no questions) but call them and speak to a person. That would be interesting to see if they did this. Then would they be held personally liable? So i wonder if the same thing would happen with council tax payments? As it seems eveything is done online now. Anyone with any feedback please let me know!

"Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.
As it is your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny."
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Postby iamani » Thu Feb 18, 2021 9:22 pm

Hi iknowmyrights

Kudos to you for remembering your password  -  welcome back...

The company you're after is Govt UK Ltd. Apparently it was to be dissolved last November and the assets released to the Crown. Minister Emoven complained to companies house and objected to the dissolution on the grounds of a rather large lien she had secured against the UK Govt last February (just a few weeks before the scamdemic declaration). Companies house advised her that they would put a stay on it for six months (until June '21). This was reported on in December by Observation Deck (YT) who told his supporters that he would be on-show interviewing Minister Emoven in the New Year but recently stated he had changed his mind, with no meaningful explanation forthcoming.

i haven't seen anything about HMRC, but it may in turn be connected to the above. It’s certainly strange them not accepting offer of payment, perhaps you are right in that a personal liability for the employee may be incurred for fraud - on the bright side: if the call was recorded, maybe the debtor has officially settled the account.

Regarding the councils i think they may still be controlled by the Church, so business as usual...

law is all is love is all is law
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Postby Freeman Stephen » Fri Feb 19, 2021 9:14 am

Whatever it is calling itself 'the government' which nothing looking like a government agent/agency will admit to being, it has destroyed its own foundation in repealling things like the Magna Carta. It is also guilty under the Treason and Sedition Act which wasn't repealed until 2010 leaving the various people who 'overwhelmed the parliament' with a foreign power in 1993 still at large while concealling the repealled act from public view. It's just guys with sophisticated means of harming people doing whatever they like. No legitimacy and heavy restrictions even heavier in lockdown.
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