Wisdom of the Idiots; part 26

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Wisdom of the Idiots; part 26

Postby musashi » Sun Oct 23, 2016 12:36 pm

Wisdom of the Idiots; part 25: Contrary Clothing; Offence & La Follie Nouvelle

A person, biologically male, wants to be addressed as a female, fuck knows why, wears female clothes and demands to be called Ms. However the fuck that's pronounced. Another man calls him mister and the wannabe female reports him to the police for the crime of misgendering. He/she/it was offended by not being referred to as a female. Perhaps he had the wrong trousers on and his cock was on display which would tend to cause any reasonable person to think he was a man. You know, those sprayed-on tight ones that slappers like to have on to show off their camel toe. A woman in a shop sees a sculpture of a naked Hillary Clinton and trashes it, sits on it and refuses to let anyone re-erect it. I was offended by it, she said. Well, as much as I would be offended by the sight of The Criminal Clinton bitch naked - holy mackerel, who wouldn't be? - it was only a sculpture. Don't like it? Walk on.
There is a new madness afflicting humanity. It seems that being offended by something gives a right to do just about anything about it. Very Islamic. Everything from reporting a non-existent crime to destroying art to killing someone if you're one of the God deluded types. Well, that offends me no fucking end. In fact, there's a lot that offends me no fucking end and I think I should be able to put a stop to it. I should be able to kick the bejeezus out of Christians because their feckin' God delusion offends me, and as for those Jehovas feckin' Witnesses who spoil the evening's fun when they come to the door again just as you're about to get a blow job - don't get me started on those offensive cunts.
I am offended by Muslims every bit as much and and a lot more besides and I think I should be able to beat the feckers to pulp with frozen ham hocks. The only difference between them and the other stupid God-fucked pricks is that their delusion is a lot more bloody serious – and I do mean bloody! And the Jews' God delusion? Those are the feckers that started it all off. I am offended by all of them and I think that I should be able to crucify the fucked up little Oedipal shits. So, can I fuck them up now? Well, I am offended and that seems to be the criterion for violent action.
I was random dropping Ukcolumn newspapers in various locations one time and one woman said not to leave one in the waiting room because someone might be offended by it. I told her that everybody was offended by something so that meant no-one could do anything for fear of offending someone. I am offended by your dull stupidity and doe like countenance, I told her. I am offended by the stench of your perfume stinking up my air and I am also offended by your fear of giving offence. Someone might get upset? So fucking what. Fuck 'em, the pricks.
I am also offended by non smokers who look at me as though I were diseased. Fuck you, I tell 'em. You're all fuckin' slappers the lot of you so fuck off before I show you my ugly fat fucking cock!
Vegetarians not only offend me but piss me off as well with that I'm-better-than-you smug fucking look because I save dolphins and whales and love all animals bullshit. Yeah? Well go fuck spiders and die you cunts! You offend me.
Music played in public offends me. Why should I have to listen to your shite just because so you're so fucking stupid you buy propaganda from the Jews and fill your head with meaningless fucking shite? You wanna listen to some corporate-created twenty year old wanker singing about lost love and how he'll never love again cos he's so brokenhearted? Give me a fuckin' break. What the fuck does that little prick know about anything? He's still fucking breast feeding fer Christs' sake. Oh, and your fucking stupidity fucking offends me as well, you bastards. Okay, what else is there? Oh yeah, poofs. Fucking homo queer bastards – they offend me. How dare they mince about in my streets, those fucking arse bandits? Have they no shame? No? Now that offends me – shameless perverts. Bastards. Fuck 'em. And those rug munchin' fuckers as well. They offend the shit out of me with their fake leather and stay-brite studded strap ons and three litre mega dildoes. Well, fuck 'em. They're offensive. Even that twat God says so. And he's a fucking offensive cunt as well. In fact he offends me more than the arse bandits. The bastard. In fact, they're all bastards, the fuckers. Vegans! There's another bunch of arrogant, smirking cunts that offend me and I think I should be able to push their smug fuckin' faces through a mincer and feed the cunts to the cats and dogs those offensive veggy bastards love. Fucking wankers. Oh yeah, and those perverted veggy twats that make their dogs live on veggy burgers, brown rice and fucking seaweed. What a load of offensive feckin eejits! Christ. There's so much out there that offends me I'd have to be a high speed serial killer just to get rid of the ones I've mentioned and there's a fucking ton of 'em I've not got round to yet. By the way, if you found this offensive because you are a veggy twat, a stupid vegan, a fucking poof or fish breath lezzy, or God, or some religious prick, or maybe a music lover, all I can say is - - - fuckin' tough. I am offended by you, too. Remember that and we'll all get along just fucking fine.

In Wisdom of the Idiots; part 27, we look at Ancient Jewish Porkography; we look at the Death of Common Sense in Women; we apply for a Licence to Hunt Gypsies and New Age Travellers; we attend an auction for David Cameron's Second-Hand Nuclear Bomb (bought as seen & buyer collects) and we take Candy from Babies – is it really that easy?
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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Re: Wisdom of the Idiots; part 26

Postby cassandra » Sun Oct 23, 2016 4:32 pm

Yeah. I'm offended as well. I agree - they're all bastards and the only ones who aren't bastards are cunts. Cock sucking white trash bending over for Jewsus who loves little children. Halal-fuck-in-loo-ya.
If the global elite really want to depopulate, remove religion and make a better world, what better place to start than to get rid of the billion Christian bastards, the billion Muslim bastards and God alone knows how many Jew bastards. Send them all to some big island, arm them with guns and bombs and as much whisky and PCP and coke as they can handle and make them fight it out while they leave the rest of us in peace. (Thanks for that idea, George Carlin). There's the insane half of the population gone, God is gone, and the rest of us can get on with sensible things - like eating cream cakes at teatime with lashings of ginger beer and a nice spliff and not having to worry about some pervy, poofy RC priest shagging choir boys, or some insane Muslim fucking his own daughter because she was not modestly dressed or some money-grubbing mad Jew fuck stealing everything from everybody while they're all busy enjoying a nice little bit of rumpy-pumpy in the kindergarten. If there really was any justice at all in the world the rest of us would be given guns and ammo and a licence to hunt the fuckers down and send them to their great reward in the mansions in the sky. What a load of twats. Those new age hippy fucks are no better. More offensive in fact. At least some of the others have some form of intelligence. Hippy fuck-heads with brains that work? That'll be the day. I've seen more sense in a pair of milk chocolate mice. If we can do all that and throw in the politicians as well - wow, instant paradise.
So, any of you control agents out there working for the state you can tell them this; If that's your plan then count me in and I'll change sides, stop fighting you and help you. I'll even buy you lunch at the Allah snackbar.
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