Confiscation Slavery Order

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Confiscation Slavery Order

Postby conforder » Sat Dec 19, 2015 7:10 pm

HI, im new to this forum and seeking advice on what i think is a civil matter, not sure if this is the right place for this or can be helped? i was convicted of a crime back in 2006 and was ordered to pay this money to the court in the sum of £10,000, if i could not pay this money instantly then it would incur interest at the rate of£1.50 a day = to £543 a year, does anybody know if can do anything about this order? and is this a slavery order? i earn very little and do a lot of cash in hand work, i'm not trained or qualified in anyway to any other job unless its labouring, diy, any manual labour i can do it, i don't mind paying the debt even though for it to be eradicated would be better, i would like to not have to pay the interest, i am currently paying £50 a week and there are some weeks that i don't get any work, and can't work, i had bad sciatica i couldn't move which meant i couldn't work and couldn't pay the court, did not take this well and summoned me back, they wanted me to pay more money , even though they knew that i had been ill and informed them, when i got to court that asked me to empty my pockets and i had about £4 in my pocket so she said next payment should be £54 then carry on with the payments of £50 a week im stuck in a situation of not being able to get a proper working wage and have to pay interest on this debt from a court?? like a mortgage what gives them the right to add interest on top like a loan? i haven't been in trouble since that time, as i dint pay and don't have the money or was working for a number of years the debt went up to £16,000 with the added interest, it seems like i'm never ever going to be able to pay this off, and to me even though i have done wrong in the past and forced to work, if i don't work they will come take my goods which is fair enough but i am currently living with my mum after my marriage break up and don't want her to get any sort of pressure from this, and its difficult find enough money to pay £50 and move out when my income can be as little £300 a week, this is torture and doesn't compare to any other sentence or crime its a forever thing, i have been to the court and explained but they're not interested at all just pay up or we're coming for your goods, or adding the interest, is this Slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour under the Slavery act e.g (3)In determining whether a person is being held in slavery or servitude or required to perform forced or compulsory labour, regard may be had to all the circumstances.
Thanks any advice if any would be great best regards
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