Cannabis Arrest

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Cannabis Arrest

Postby Freeman420 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 10:25 am

I am Peter Charles of the family Miller and I live in South Africa.

I am a Cannabis legalization activist in South Africa and about 10 years ago I decided to start the FOTL thing. I was growing cannabis in my back yard and had my claim of rights notices posted at my front door and at my greenhouse. I was bust for this and of course the police had no clue about Freemen. I spent the weekend in the holding cells and the station commander was calling me Satan because I was refusing to cooperate or give an ID number. In the cells the other inmates were calling me Jesus because I was sharing my joints and food. Of course I was giving the running commentary on what was happening.

This has resulted in an entry on the South African police computers for Freeman Peter Charles Miller. They would not let me make any kind of statement so I could not present my claim of rights. On the Monday morning I was again smoking joints in the magistrate court holding cells in Lenasia (an Indian suburb with an Indian public prosecutor). I was fully expecting a huge battle in court but the public prosecutor dropped the case like a hot potato. I look rather like a Hindu Guru.

Well it is 10 years later and I am about to resume the fight, not only about Cannabis but the whole Mental Health South Africa on the way schizophrenics are treated and end up dieing.

UPDATE: Cannabis has just been decrimalized in South Africa so the fight I got involved in 12 years ago is paying off. Decriminalization was due to the constitutional court declaring the invasion of privacy by the police of your person and your home was unconstitutional and a human rights violation. Exactly the argument I started with back then...

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