Google has your banking password

Google has your banking password

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sun Sep 05, 2021 10:20 pm

I dont know how they managed to do it but I went to my google account settings and theres a bit on it about the passwords google remembers for the sites you visit. Now I dont use chrome or any browser forked from chrome, chromium, brave, dissenter, etc. My android phone has been degoogled to the fullest extent possible and Ive only ever logged in with firefox. I have never installed the banking app and the only thing that should connect me, google and my bank is that I have given the bank a gmail address.

I dont mind my browser on my machine which I can smash to pieces if someone attempts to grab it to get my password from it remembering what my passwords are. I can always click a button and make the browser forget but what is going on if a page on google can tell me what my passwords are, not just for my bank but every site Ive ever signed on to, including this one.

Thats right! Google has access to my password for this site and I have never given google such a password, not even by way of one of their browsers so Im a bit concerned that they should know what these passwords are.

The GNU/Linux community will recall the words "GOOGLE IS MALWARE" emblazoned on the site of Dr Richard Stallmans site almost as soon as google was first established. Most of his complaints seem to circulate around googles code not being open source but they come in the context that there are some funny things google seems to have been doing which would not have been happening had google been releasing everything open source. I think the main bone of contention isnt that its closed source as Richard Stallman seems to poke at too much but that in that closed source environment there are clearly things going on that would be considered criminal if someone like me were to do what google is doing to peoples machines.

I assume you consent to me pwning your box in the dead of night if you read any further than the next full stop. I reject your consent and I just wouldnt do that but this is not how the complex "agreement" you make when clicking a button at google actually plays out. You would assume that the licence agreement for google drive does not allow google to scan your data kept in their storage but you would be wrong. Before the lockdown, there were reports that people were having their google drives scanned and data removed from it if google didnt like what they saw. I dont mean "nutty conspiracy theory" (as the reptillians like to say) style stuff but google even leaving a calling card to say they did it.

You will recall that google during the lockdown engaged with apple and other big tech to place spyware onto every phone on the planet and deranked any websites letting people know they had did that or attempted to help people undo the thing that big tech had just done without the knowledge or consent of the end users. At the time, if I had pwned your box like google did mine, I would have expected to spend time in jail next to the once famous K3V1N whose liberty was demanded by many. When big tech done even worse to every phone on the planet than Gary McKinnon did to just one NASA computer, suddenly it was not a crime to do what google did anymore and we are now looking at a landscape where anyone can pwn anyones box without their knowledge or consent on the merest hint that they might have agreed to some alteration in the ever changing terms and conditions by clicking a button agreeing to anything google does including the wording on page 66613 of their legal agreement with the end users whos privacy they assure is totally protected which says something like "GOOGLE CAN AT THEIR DISCRETION SELL THE END USERS SOUL TO THE DEVIL". You clicked a button therefor you are bound by it right?

Its time to seriously ditch google as an essential part of the war which they are waging against us.

The current google mobile operating system is android and it is (to some peoples surprise) a linux operating system and containing the linux kernel at its core, it is subject to the GPL2.0 license and google can not restrict end users from dumping everything off their phone including the linux kernel if they want to because they are restricted from exploiting end users in such a way because of the GPL2.0 licence that Linux ships with.

The next google mobile operating system is code named Fuschia and it contains a kernel which is the property of google. By the time this is on the shelves if google doesnt suffer a significant loss of interest from equipment suppliers it will not be possible to have a mobile phone at the same time as basic human rights. The post office currently offer access to the government gateway so you can look up your building inspectorates subsidy assessors file on what colour your wifes knickers are amongst things like tax and benefits and such governmenty things. The post office does not offer this service to members of the public as it might appear from the fact you can do it by SMS on any phone, it must be a phone which supports certain protocols provided by google such that if you do not have a google account or an apple account, the SMS simply wont send. It is not infact a service available to the public but a service available only to google and apple account holders.

I dont know the ins and outs of iphone licences, only that it was forked from BSD and may or may not have a clause in it which protects end users from exploitation, but I do know that both apple and google will do their utmost to strip away human rights while platering their walls with psychological porn telling how safe you are using their devices when in reality their security systems only comes with the guarantees provided by the Falsenso Security Corporation, a literal fiction to depict how unlikely it is that your data is safe anywhere big tech is concerned.

Apart from the fact Ive compromised the integrity of my account here on by allowing by means yet to be discovered that google knows my password for it, sites like this are a much safer place to store your data than the big data corporations collecting everything they can find into one big net to do as they please with while dropping every site ranking that doesnt provide loob to google account holders while they are being shafted.

More than ever, the words of Dr Richard Stallman reverberate:

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