OHCHR "recommendations"

OHCHR "recommendations"

Postby Freeman Stephen » Fri Mar 26, 2021 7:35 pm

The Office of the High Commission for Human Rights is one of the UN agencies that has no covid-19 bollocks splattered over its websites. For the average joe, this is the office responsable for monitoring human rights abuses in a country and making recommendations to countries deemed to be in breach of its legal obligations to its citizens and humanity in general.

In 2019, the ohchr mentions 3 positive things the UK has done to improve its record on torture and 63 'principal subjects of concern'. The document can be found at this url https://docstore.ohchr.org/SelfServices/FilesHandler.ashx?enc=6QkG1d%2fPPRiCAqhKb7yhspGeQzFMcltSwMusuUVdUF1fqduvTgjR%2fsN3VoXuPNbP56JussnRoT32KTfJnOAlqez%2fvRUyX8nhOMLJygiC7jBHAOMQKp6CwP7mz4HNCDej.

Again I'm pointing out the way the UK airwaves are filled (in 2019) about the evils of Iran and North Korea while there is a very reverse picture being shown elsewhere which is hard to dispute when UN agencies are making recommendations to the UK that will make the unaccountable unelected main stream media spit venom should the truth ever breech the censorship bubble they have their mindslaves wrapped in.

Isn't it funny how the police who would have like France, enforced a niqab ban if told to do so, now enforce mandatory niqabs 'just following orders' with only the thinnest veil of a narrative which does not hold water. I once heard the police actively vets out those with traits of unconscienability but given what we've seen, in the way the very fundamental human rights they've declared and affirmed to uphold have been ridden over roughshod, the average cop would be better suited to barracks accomodation at Deepcut than patrolling the streets protecting injustice in the name of new world order. The police are just the visible tip of a vast iceberg of bureaucrats and human terrain system apparatchiks making slavery and servitude an intergenerational disaster for generations to come.

There should be no need to point at formal international documents like the Nuremberg Code. There should be a simple recognition of right and wrong. The national law should provide remedy for people when the state commits wrongs against them but increasingly we see laws created at the national level offering get out of jail free clauses for those engaged in violating the principals of right and wrong that the national law should, but does not reflect.
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