Unlimited Companies

Unlimited Companies

Postby faddiuschaddius » Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:44 pm

Hello all,

This info may already be on this forum somewhere, but I can't find it...

There is a lot of talk about the UK being a PLC, limited company or other 'limited liability corporation'... I think this is worth double-checking, though of course, the info wont be given away easily...

When checking out councils and other 'bodies corporate' on DnB, or Duport / Companies House, I noticed that they are listed as 'UCXXXXXXX' i.e 'unlimited company.

In other words, they are incorporated on their 'unlimited commercial liability' and could therefore be sued for any amount. The shareholders are directly responsible for paying the debts of the company from their own personal assets, if necessary.

See the link below:


All private banks (the Swiss ones who hold private fortunes, as well as C. Hoare & Co mentioned in this article) are unlimited companies. See the bit about 'where secrecy in financial affairs is desirable'.

I have it on good authority that Lloyds Bank used to be one. And they were underwriters of insurance. All members of Lloyds had to be prepared, in theory, to liquidate their personal assets if there was an insurance claim the company couldnt pay.

So, maybe the UK is/was an unlimited liability company. Maybe it is an Unltd. and the Rothschilds and the Vatican are the creditors. Maybe it has its ltd. counterparts. Who knows?

But, imagine this...what a way to guarantee loyalty! Maybe (and this is pure conjecture on my part, but not impossible) the politicians, lords, royals, or others who reach the top have to become shareholders before they get given the full picture and all the benefits.

The only way to end this ridiculous scenario of 'national debt' for good is to declare the company bankrupt (not just Chapter 11, but permanently) and actually have it wiped out of existence.

So, if anyone of them had a prick of conscience and turned a bit radical and didnt agree to keep the show running, their own private fortunes, their houses, their families futures, all their assets would be gone! (apart from the assassination risk).

I have read the 'psychopath' theory, and there are certainly some cold-hearted fuckers out there at the top, but not every politician can be one. I personally think Mr Bliar wasnt a bad guy when he started out, but he has become one through being forced, and has eventually given up all hope of being able to change anything. Maybe they cant guarantee that every person in politics is a psycho or a lizard, but with enough conditioning, and a massive personal investment (i.e. destroying the material wealth of the family), they can keep people tied in.

What ya reckon?

Peace and Love,
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Re: Unlimited Companies

Postby Grymander » Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:58 pm

If you are following the news in the insurance field, you must have heard already that the Bank Financial Services Group (more often related to as the BFS group) got itself involved in a lawsuit that deals with client pouching. Do you think client pouching is acceptable?
The Bank Financial Services Group scandal – client pouching goes out of control!
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Re: Unlimited Companies

Postby LionsShare » Thu Jan 02, 2020 7:59 pm

What you should find is that the people of the county are used as surety & thats why we pay council tax.
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Re: Unlimited Companies

Postby iamani » Thu Jan 02, 2020 9:40 pm

Hi LionsShare

Yup. Absolutely right (imo).

Not bad for ten years ago though, faddius.

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