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Re: Trust Forum Disclaimer - Read Me First !!!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:56 am
by the_common_law_reverend_kenny
It's a good question...but no you are not right to think that.

If something comes with a guarantee it will very clearly say e.g ''Guaranteed to work'' the reason there is such a clear disclaimer here is because much of trust 'theory' is very compelling and appears to make a lot of sense on many levels.

Anyone who reads any kind of information and takes it as truth because there is no dis-claimer needs to re-evaluate their capacity for critical thinking. ~ In other words a man or woman should always do their own research and gather as much information as possible from as many viable sources as possible coupled with the idea that 'to gather information in itself is not the end goal. Learning how to handle and decode information is much more important than the information itself'

I hope that helps.

Re: Trust Forum Disclaimer - Read Me First !!!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:14 am
by Freeman Stephen
Its a good question on many levels. Why does anyone assume anything is true, because its written down? Because it has no disclaimer? Because a particular person said it? Because lots of people believe it? Why should you even believe the disclaimer to be true? My thoughts on this incredible question may not even be true. What is truth? Is it perhaps the many answers to an abstract network of yes or no questions founded upon a convention that one or several of the answers those questions is agree by all to be yes and that all other questions can be answered on the basis of what is agreed to be true? Perhaps this is not the truth but its my belief that the question is incredibly good.

Re: Trust Forum Disclaimer - Read Me First !!!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 10:16 am
by the_common_law_reverend_kenny

the assumption of truth is at the heart of the matter.

If we make the assumption that written deeds or books are all truth then we are wholly off down the dodgy path.

The only real truth is in community coherence, a good community will contain many elders who can take the long wise view, it will also include many other influences.

In terms of 'trust' : judges sit (act) as the elders. (note: ONLY WITH registered trusts)

In private 'trust'( not registered) the benefactors/grantors have accounted for conflict resolution within the group (family/community). They do that by knowing (seeing) who can be trusted amongst their own People/group/team.

A private trust is also a private 'agreement' and is not party to public discussion.

The contents of a private agreement can not be verified by a third party, so the question of truth is irrelevant ....( in so much that a judge can not order to reveal )

The only question for a court is Jurisdiction. That is, whether or not the question of authority has been answered......

If you register your trust, you answer the question of authority right there, you give authority away. (That's the truth of it)


Re: Trust Forum Disclaimer - Read Me First !!!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:13 pm
by rieH444
The good 'the_common_law_rev_kenny wrote:

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Thanks for the privilege, of reply. Also
to, em. c. & mog; Thank u both.