Wisdom of the Idiots; part 19

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Wisdom of the Idiots; part 19

Postby musashi » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:44 pm

Wisdom of the Idiots; part 19; Ancient Greeks, Homosexuals & Modern Politics

Perhaps one of the biggest problems we have with politicians – and which is perhaps their greatest strength to commit atrocity – is that they are before, during and after their stint in office unaccountable to the people no matter the destruction they cause.
Tony Blair, that vile and murderous homosexual, escaped simply by saying that he believed he was doing the right thing. We all fell for it and he walked away free and unaccountably wealthy beyond belief while a million people died and children by the hundred thousand still suffer. That needs to be changed – but don't expect any politico to change it for you. They are very happy to be protected while they rape and maim and kill.

In ancient Sparta, when the king stepped down from the throne after his three years in the job he went straight to a court of law to be put on trial for his life and to justify every action he had ever taken as king.
A great idea, and one we need for our politicians who currently murder millions, destroy the country for the Jew bankers, and walk away afterwards free and wealthy.

If the disgusting little sexual pervert doing business as Prime Minister had known that he would go on trial for his life he might have been less keen to slaughter the innocents on behalf of his equally obscene and perverted Jew banking masters. Similarly, that lying fat bastard of a Scottish cunt who gave our gold away to the Jew bankers. Cameron, another lying Jew cunt, would have thought twice before taking the job.

It would seem to be an easy system to implement:
“If you want to go into politics then just sign this binding, unbreakable contract, okay?”
Any man or woman with evil intent would refuse to sign because they'd know that they'd hang.
Any man or woman with genuinely good intent would not hesitate to sign.
Now, who would decide if he/she had harmed the people and the nation? Well, it would seem reasonable that the victims would decide - take it to the people and let them vote on it. On the ballot paper would be an extra two boxes to tick. As you voted for your choice of candidate you could tick the box that says Hang the fucker, or tick the box that says Just sack him. All very efficient, at no extra cost and we'd not have to wait too long for justice to be served.

In the last fifty years who would have hanged or never been in office? Wilson; Heath; Thatcher; Blair; Brown and Cameron for starters. Imagine the difference that would have made to the millions they harmed!

In Wisdom of the Idiots; part 20, we look at Angela Merkel's new Multi-function Stainless Steel Vagina; we test run the newly revamped Clinton Clitoral Stimulator; we take a guided tour of Jeremy Corbyn's Colostomy Bag Collection and conclude our penetrating series on Analism in Cheltenham Girls School.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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