Dodgy Housing Associations

Dodgy Housing Associations

Postby Revolt » Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:47 pm


Just wondering if like me, there are people out there who have had experiences with dodgy housing associations?

Housing Associations depending on their aims and reasondetres can sometimes be as crooked as bad land lords they certainly are in no way as accountable as local authority housing!

We have a housing association that is made up of crooks, their sometimes criminal activities being covered by the Corrupt Police and the local Freemasons where we live. I have been assaulted, stitched up and left financially compromised by the actions of our housing association.

I would like to start a catalogue of similar experiences and hopefully some discussion on what might be done about these "establishment legitimised", supposedly "social land lords" who operate simultaneously as charities and as big businesses ( sometimes with many millions held in capital).

There is much skullduggery facilitated by bad people under the umbrella of the label "housing association"

If you too have fallen foul of crooked housing associations please post here. You never know, talking generated from posts may lead to some support or learning that may help your situation?

At the very least, a problem shared is a problem halved.
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Re: Dodgy Housing Associations

Postby MikeThomas » Fri Feb 19, 2016 12:15 pm

Welcome to the forum Revolt :yes: Why not start the ball rolling with your own personal story.
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Re: Dodgy Housing Associations

Postby Revolt » Sat Feb 20, 2016 12:08 am

We bought a shared equity house from our local housing association.

Turned out it had been built by idiots. The project was managed by idiots too.

Suffice to say, the expensive ground source heat pump that was supposed to underfloor heat our house and provide us with lashings of cheap hot water didn't do what it was supposed to do.

After much discussion and exploration of possible reasons for the problems, it turns out that the housing association, who facilitated the project had overseen the fitting of the heat pumps and the installation of the underfloor heating etc managed to allow the contractors to do this very badly.

Outcome being, that we have a heating system that doesn't work unless it's set on emergency settings. We are having to heat our house and our water what is effectively an immersion heater.

After confronting the second in charge of the housing association about this he proceeded to throw a desk at me with computer and all. Sadly this was only witnessed by his colleague. They then proceeded to phone the police and state that I had assaulted him.

I was arrested and for over a year, defending myself in the criminal court (because the solicitors here are bent) I was finally proved to be innocent of any crime. They however got off Scot free even though they had assaulted me, lied to the police in order to have criminal charges levelled against me and then both perjured themselves in court.

The police were complicit with the whole thing. They are total bastards.

After years of challenging what has happened to us we have had no help or support and we are still no further forward. Meanwhile my health has suffered terribly and the Freemasons who were also complaint in the above have seen to it that my work has been affected and that the perpetrators of the injustice have been protected.

In addition to this we have to pay a factoring charge to the housing association of nearly £100 a year. This charge is supposed to cover things that we are already paying for in our f@@@ng council tax!

There is more to this but that's the bones of it.

Housing associations in Scotland are unregulated laws unto themselves. Ours is populated with CROOKS. Because the establishment incorrectly views these private and most certainly not public bodies as pillars of their same temple of worship, bringing a case against a housing association is very difficult.

Jesus Scotland is SO SO Corrupt!
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