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I asked NPower for a signed invoice about 18 months ago in accordance with the Bills of Exchange act.Or if not that then, which Law regulates the issuing of Bills. They responded on Thursday.
" After Liasing with our legal team I can state there is no Law regulating the issuing of Bills."
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That's a funny guy! Thats a company that issues thousands of bills a day and doesn't think the Government or the people have ever thought to write down what a proper bill should look like. Thats a corporate incompetence admitted to! They need a massive internal revue and management shake up. The directors should go!

What a bunch of F++K wits! MORETHAT THAT! They havn't the decency to admit "We don't know why, give us some time and we will look into it We will put the bill on hold till then" No they LIE. Anyone with half an ounce of common sense should know that the way bills are issued is regulated. Anyone competent, before starting a business should look at the relevent regulations......And anyone with an shred of respect for people should tell the truth.

So I have to assume that when they passed on my data to 7 or8 third party debt collectors, despite me telling them not to, they think they did nothing wrong, but they are not compitent in the law are they.

And when one of their agents went to court for a warrant to enter, despite me telling them I could not attend on that date to defend (which is my right) and despite my removal of their implied or assumed right of entry, and the removal of the implied right to use a third party to collect, and their promise to contact me (their agent did it not them) they think they did it all by the book......but they don't know which book or even if there is a book....because they are clearly incompetent to do business.

So they collect a debt through a prepayment meter (fitted without my consent) a debt which is not yet accepted by myself as I have no clarification on why the bill is not signed. And yet they collect they debt (through force (we may apply for a warrant to force fit a prepayment meter))
So now i put £10 on the gas and it takes £7 for debt. They have a duty of care to make sure no customer accumulates a debt they can not manage. Do they have a duty of care to ensure no customer freezes to death in the coming winter. Not according to them. Funny kind of Careing!

Thats where this game has led me along with the £500 bill for "forcefitting" meters. No invoice though, just appeared on the bill!!!!! And no signature or explaination. And whats more...they don't give a shit, take it to the ombudsman, we have done as much as we can or will do........they don't know the laws that regulate them and they can't be bothered to find out. Just pay up and shut up!

I told they guy on the phone, I'm doing this in memory of Nicola Tesla, he solved the problem and your system is a LIE. I know Tesla was right because George Bush demonstrated his technology on 9/11.

Atlas Shrugged has the story in it. The control freaks in Govt use a sound weapon and destroy themselves and all within 300 miles of them. Bush is an Oil man and a NWO man and just watch as the shock waves destroy all that illusion and bull shit, absolutely.

Rant over, Peace and Out!
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