coppers talking shite

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coppers talking shite

Postby rebelwithoutaclue » Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:43 pm

I was just driving my car when my phone rang. The wife answered the phone while I done a u turn and pulled over and turned the car off. I took the phone from my wife and finished the call. Just as I put the phone down 2 coppers approached the car and asked if I was just driving while on the phone and asked for my licence. I explained to them that the wife answered the phone and passed it to me when I stopped. I got out of the car and one of the.cunts.asked.was I the address.on the license. Told him yes and he replied how long have u lived at the address. Am I obliged to answer that I replied. The answer was yes. So I then informed him that I was.recording him on my phone and the recording was.being.automatically uploaded to dropbox and asked him again if I was.obliged. he then said I was under the road.traffic act.and if I did not I arrested. I reminded him I was recording him and that he had my license in his hand and therefore he had my details and that pissed him off. He then went to his car for his tickets and wrote me a ticket for 60 plus 3 points and cautioned me and asked me if I understand to which I kept replying no until he said that I did understand and gave me the ticket and left.

I have my wife dad uncle and friend as witnesses that I was not using my phone.

Should I take it to court and fight it or.should I conditionally accept.the offer?

What action should I take against the coppers?
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Re: coppers talking shite

Postby squark » Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:13 am

Get Affidavits from your witnesses saying you were at no point using the phone while driving.
Conditionally accept the offer of fixed penalty upon receipt of proof that the Affidavits are false.
Ask for their evidence that you were comitting the offence.

If the copper really asked you if you were on the phone, he obviously didn't witness that, he had to ask........!
If you go to court the cop will have to swear on oath that he witnessed you comitting an offence, he will have to deny the truth of your witnesses. If they are sure and he isn' win. You can just ask him.......when you stopped me, why did you ask if i was on the phone. Is that the act of someone who is sure?

I say you write to them maybe 3 times, stick to your guns, rebut the understanding the cop claimed, they will drop it..
I would, then again I'm not a dumbassed, lying, target driven servant of the system.
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