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Newbies Please Read.

Postby jonboy » Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:58 pm

The Freeman on the Land concept, or other variations ie. Freedom Movement, Truth movement etc, is the realisation that everything you thought you knew is a lie.

You once thought that the "Government" were in charge. In charge of what exactly? You? No, YOU are in charge of you. The "Country"? No. The country does not exist. It is a fictional concept, designed to make you think you belong to something. Go and stand on the border between "England" and "Wales", and see if you can first of all actually "see" the border, and see the difference between England and Wales. Once you realise you can't, then you have discovered that the border is an imaginary fiction, and so are the two "countries". We have now established that countries do not exist, so therefore "nationalities" and "citizenship" do also NOT EXIST. We are mankind, and we live on dry land.

Does the "government" exist? No. It is also a concept. There are people who claim to work for the government, but you cannot actually point at, draw a picture of, or touch, "the Government" it exists as an imaginary corporate entity, and a concept only.

It is given "power" and "authority" by belief only. Because so many believe in it, it actually has power over them, and makes those foolish enough, believe they have to protect it, become "policemen", "soldiers", "judges" etc. All of which of course are also imaginary fictions, we are mankind, living on dry land remember. A man is a man, so therefore is not also a "policeman" he is a man. My dog is a dog, I can call it what I like, I can say "he is a Table" but that of course exists only in my imagination, he is only a dog, just like a "policeman" is only a man, the "policeman" part only exists in the mind.

How did the so called "government" get into their position of so-called "power"? I suggest it was through many many generations of killing, torture, burning, hanging, kidnapping, beheading, stealing and raping. Does that sound fair? No.

If anyone can correct me here please do so. Any Policemen or Agents of the Govt. visiting these forums please feel free to state, why you think the Government have the right to claim authority over man, and why you think policemen have the right to kidnap and torture men. Do not use terms like "arrest" and "interogate" or "handcuff". It is kidnapping and torture. What exclusively gives them the right. Please do not say "Parliamentary acts" or "the law" , as these imaginary concepts were invented by men. Men equal to all of us. I could not invent a "law" today that gives me the right to harm anyone dressed in Police uniform, so what gives you the right to kidnap men.

What I am getting at is the mental prison you find yourselves in. Imaginary concepts are actually controlling and regulating living breathing solid beings. These beings in may cases, are actually willing for this to happen, and providing physical labour (through taxation) for their own enslavement.

Please do not visit these forums thinking this concept is an easy way to get out of debt, or how to get away with naughty things. If you live by common law, the law of the land, ie. common sense, you will do just fine, and so will everyone else. Common Law covers every possibility. Mankind does not need a SINGLE statute or act. They are all here to impose control over us for the benefit of the elite. Find me an example that does not.

Could all newbies please take the time out to read and understand the freedom movement before coming here asking for advice on how to deal with bailiffs or DCAs. Read up on 9/11, Lloyd pye, Chemtrails, Sodium Flouride, Codex Alimentarius, 7/7, False flag terrorism, Agenda 21, Big Pharma, Vitamin B17/Cancer hoax, The Fractional reserve scam, Fiat currency, The Rothschilds.......... Peace. :hug:
"Reason is the life of the law; nay, the common law itself is nothing else but reason. The law which is perfection of reason" Sir Edward Coke 1552-1634.


It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby treeman » Tue Aug 16, 2011 2:39 pm

by Wolf » Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:35 am

This is an attempt to summarise the position for those who may have ‘heard something about the Freedom Movement’, and are curious to know what it’s all about.

Because that word ‘freedom’ is a very enticing word, isn’t it?

Well, it works like this. There is a 2-step Plan.

1) You are free because YOU say you are free. No-one else will, I can assure you.. So you have to do that bit all by yourself. You need to THINK free 24/7. BE free 24/7, ACT free 24/7. If you don’t do that, you are faking it, and others will see through your mask, and continue to manipulate you. And you will be allowing them to do that. Being free means rejecting ‘all forms of manipulation’, including advertising, peer pressure, ‘authority pressures’ … EVERY pressure you feel 24/7. Instead of doing what you are ‘told’, you make up your own mind, using your own Common Sense, taking full responsibility for your own decision, and ONLY THEN doing it.

You must never breach the peace. You must never knowingly cause harm, injury or loss to another. Apart from that, if it feels right, do it. You don’t ask for someone to ‘give you permission’. Asking permission is the act of a child, and you are an adult. Adults do not ask for permissions.

2) You have to force all the other bastards to recognise your freedom. This is, of course, the tricky part. You achieve this by learning the ropes, what to say, what to write. By standing your ground. Undaunted. By reading everything there is to offer on this Forum. By asking the friends you will find here for their help. And they will give it gladly. A lot has already been worked out. In fact, if you carefully studied what we have even now, you would undoubtedly know sufficient to realise (a) How powerful you actually are and (b) How to use your power for the Common Good.

It IS necessary to think. It IS essential not to ‘react’. Not to ‘knee-jerk’. Never forget that you are dealing with other Humans at all times – and that words are just words on paper. And never lose sight of the fact that Humans are (generally) capable of ‘coming to their senses’ if the right approach is made.

The best way of convincing someone is to get them to convince themselves. This is done by questions and answers (and knowing the answers).

I’ll try to demonstrate, by attempting to convince you of something.

Here goes. Assume “M:” is me, and “Y:” is you:

M: Do you know what money is?

Y: Yes, of course.

M: Can you define it?

Y: Yes, of course I can.

M: Well go on then. Just remember a definition cannot use the word being itself defined, and that it must describe the entity accurately, not it's applicability. For example, "a paintbrush" is an implement that has a handle made of solid material, and has a large number of soft bristles affixed. The handle is used for manually grasping, and the bristles are used for holding a quantity of paint.". In other words, the definition if a paintbrush is NOT "Something you paint with" for the simple reason that a Roller is something you paint with, and "painting with" is what YOU DO with it, NOT WHAT IT IS. So, give me a definition of money.

Y: Errrm ...well you buy things with it. It replaces bartering.

M: No, that's not a definition .. that's what you DO with it ... what IS it?

Y: Well ... I'm not sure ...

M: Shall I offer you a definition? You can then tell me if you agree or not?

Y: OK, then

M: "Conveniently, transferable, Tokens of Credit". That's one possibility. Another is "Conveniently, transferable, Tokens of Exchange". How about that?

Y: Well, yes, I suppose so.

M: Do you agree, then?

Y: Well, yes.

M: Well, "conveniently, transferable ..." they are just adjectives that more accurately define the actual subject, aren't they?

Y: Well, yes

M: So, for the purposes of closer analysis - of the subject, which is the important thing - we can ignore them ... can we?

Y: Well, I suppose so.

M: Well why not?

Y: Well ... no ... no ... that's OK

M: OK let's look more closely. What is a "Token"?

Y: Errrm well ... you get them from Fruit Machines ...

M: ... and they come as Vouchers?

Y: Oh, yes ...

M: May I suggest: "A Token is something *real* that stands in place of, in other words represents, something that cannot actually represent itself"?

Y: Come again?

M: You need a Token if the thing being represented is an idea. A concept. A tree can represent itself as it stands in the ground. But, if you are designing a park, on paper, you would use little plastic Tokens to represent the trees in your THOUGHTS. isn't that so?

Y: Well, yes ... I suppose so.

M: Well, think about what a Token is, and what it is used for. You need a Token to represent something, in the situation where it can't actually be itself. And that's always true, with just an idea. "Credit" is the idea. "Credit" or ("Exchange") is the CONCEPT.

Y: Well, yes ... I suppose so.

M: Money is a CONCEPT. It is simply "I believe ...". It actually has no value, because it is nothing more than an IDEA. You BELIEVE you can offer a tenner and get 'a tenner's worth of goods or services". You believe that, so you carry the Tokens in your wallet. You pass these Tokens to others, who also BELIEVE the same thing as you do. We are all brought up the BELIEVE the same thing.

MONEY HAS NO VALUE. It's only 'value' is based purely on BELIEF, and nothing more. The same with Gold & Silver, and so on. Money is actually nothing more than an 'official IOU' called 'legal tender'. The fact that it has 'no value' has been confirmed, in writing, by the Treasury.

'Money' has as much 'value' as Tokens from a Fruit Machine, or Vouchers from Sainsbury's, or the old Green Shield Stamps.

Just remember: Wars are fought over this thing without value. That's why it has to be removed from our lives.

So, from now on, every 'pressure' you are placed under (which ALWAYS comes down to 'money' in the end ... just remember whatever 'they' are demanding ... HAS NO VALUE. And one of the things you can do is to tell them that.

You can write back, saying "But you are not asking for anything of value. HM Treasury says so." That does not stop them asking/demanding, of course, but it is The Truth, and you can later stand on it, if it ever got as far as a Court Hearing ... but that is becoming an increasingly remote possibility, anyway. You'll discover you have lots of other tricks up your sleeve)
I'll make no subscription to their paradise.

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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby skyma » Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:48 pm

thanks , great points (edited by mod) enegiss, for adverts
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby woodwoods » Tue Sep 13, 2011 3:34 pm

There are no things (NOTHING) IN REALITY! ONLY solutions to problems!
You have no car/bike only a means of getting there faster! problem solved!
You are not a THING as the FASCISTS would have you believe! You are a SOLUTION and THEY are our PROBLEM!
MONEY is nothing more than externalised LIFE FORCE! I have no problem with it! an exchange of labor!
ONLY the moneychangers want SOMETHING for NOTHING! PARASITES!
USURY is the PROBLEM! Always was! and always will be!
Their VOODOO is been challenged by our MAGIK!......We all stand for EQUALITY.....NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!
We WILL never give in! that's a GIVEN?
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby justbarry » Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:50 pm

Nice thread and you summed up everything beautifully. I know I'm new to this forum but I'm a long time student! lol... I'm glad to see there is still life in the freeman on the land movement. I read all I could read and then I felt it came to somewhat of a dead end. I branched out for a while researching many different subjects. I'm glad to come back on the scene to see some activity.

Thank you to the creators of this website. Again well said.
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby Noisytone » Mon Mar 05, 2012 1:24 pm

Looks like an interesting spring and summer comming up LOL .

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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby Freeman Stephen » Tue Mar 06, 2012 7:08 pm

Noisytone wrote:Looks like an interesting spring and summer comming up LOL .

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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby Noisytone » Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:27 pm

Dont we know it buddy :) LOL

:8-): :yes:
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby Dreadlock » Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:06 pm


I agree with most of your post but there are a few things I disagree with.

"The country does not exist". Well actually it does. It is the physical land which lies within defined borders (let's keep territorial waters and air space out of it for the sake of simplicity). The "border" is just a concept of course, but it is based on such physical properties as rivers, mountains etc.

The sense of nationality belonging to people within a country gives them a shared identity and strength derived from numbers. Strength more powerful than an individual can possibly hope to have when acting alone.

The PTB are doing their best to destroy the concept of nations and countries, hence the E.U is being forced upon us. They know the power of a people united, which is why they encourage mass immigration - to create resentment, to divide and conquer, to dilute the sense of nationhood until it no longer exists. Countries also have the very important function of acting as buffers or firewalls, which hinder megalomaniacs who want to own the world. The PTB know this and as every attempt at conquering the planet by military means has failed, they are using political and economic warfare, in conjunction with military action, instead.

Similarly, the government exists. It exists in the people who define themselves as working for it and in the infrastructure it has in place to empower its functioning. Government is a concept which is made concrete by the actions of people. In a human society there is always "government" whether it be a parliament, congress, king, chief, or a council of village elders.

In short, denying the existence of something just because it is based on a concept or concepts is fallacy. Almost everything we do as humans begin as thoughts (and concepts originate as thoughts), which we then implement physically hence giving the concepts substance.

For example, numbers are merely concepts, but science, which is based to a very large extent on numbers, seems to be progressing very well (maybe too well). The fruits and curses of science are evident for everyone to see and all because of thoughts and concepts. Similarly, the products of government and nationhood are clearly evident.

Just to be clear, I am not in any way supporting our current government, I am just acknowledging its existence. Denying the existence of something unfortunately does not offer protection from it. If my eyes are closed when I get punched in the face it will hurt just as much as it would have if my eyes had been open - with the drawback that I won't see it coming and will therefore be unlikely to attempt to move out of the way.
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby Dreadlock » Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:38 pm


What we call money today is not really money at all. As you say, it is a token of debt.
This was not always the case however. Real "money" was a token of something of intrinsic value, historically (and even pre-historically) gold and silver, but any commodity of value could be used - wood, sheep, cows, grain etc.
Of course gold and silver were in the past tokens of land ownership. They were considered portable land and land is, ultimately, the most valuable resource on the plant as everything else of value depends on it - wood, sheep, cows, grain etc.

In the past there have been very successful economic systems where the amount of money in circulation was based on the quantity of production of commodities of value in the country. This ensured that there was enough money for everyone and that the money was a token of something of real value. It also protected the economy against the curse of inflation - "quantitative easing" is not possible in such a system. This system was used in Colonial America, before the Bank of England caught wind of it and put a stop to it and was based on a similar system used in China under one of the emperors whose name escapes me.

Basically, I just wanted to mention that what we call money today is not money at all, it is a token of debt when it should really be a token of value. They are two very different concepts and the word "money" has really been hijacked.
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