UCC-1 / Commercial Redemption Concerns

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

Re: UCC-1 / Commercial Redemption Concerns

Postby idmolcom » Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:39 am

I think you missed the point regarding the UCC.

IT is the Uniform Commercial Code which is accepted worldwide.
That is why it is called Uniform. It is uniform to all nations
and corporations doing any trade.

Commerce has only one form, that is called "CONTRACTS". For
the history of its origins you have to look way back into the
deepest annals of history. There had to be a trade code that
was acceptable to all and not just the few.

This was accepted on spit and a handshake. The bargain/
contract was struck and it was sealed by that handshake
covered in spittle.

However we have moved on from there to the intellectual
age where all contracts evidently find themselves on
paper, cardboard , cloth etc. and are notarised and or sealed.
If this was not the case there would not be a class of liars
called Notaries Public who handle all these types of contracts.

The UCC headquarters is in London, and its' admininstation
headquarters is in Washington DC. All revenues flow back
and forth from DC and London the two most influential
finance centres in the world.

Now if you are looking for remedy in commerce you should
register your UCC1 at least. Other UCC docs cand be used
as required when required for your own purposes.

One of the things you need to sort out first is your EIN
registration. This is the Employer /Employee Identification
number. This number is a very powerful piece of information
in the administrating of liens.

It takes only about 15 minutes to get the EIN registration
sorted out. You call the IRS in Washington DC on the
following number: 001-267-941-1099 press option 2.

You may have to wait a few minutes but it is all worth it
in the end. More especially if you are looking at liens.

Be prepared to answer questions as to your first and last
name, The name of your business, you can create one
and give it a name. You will be asked how long has it
been trading. your address is required from you and
then you will have all information read back to you.
Following that a couple of minutes later you are given
a "live" EIN number. It takes between 2- 6 weeks for
all the forms come back to you. Process complete.

Now fill in your UCC1 Docs and possibly UCC 1a
and 3 if you are going for the lien action and its

When you have come to the point of issuing the lien,
how do you propose to get it collected?

Well your friends at the IRS act on your behalf and
collect the proceeds of the lien for you.

A little secret that not many people know is that
the admin is done in Washington DC but the HQ
is in good old UK in Tavistock House, where all
final papers are sent to.

So dear friend you need to do more research and
get the correct information in order to clear your
dimly lit path to achieve what it is youe desire.
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