Income tax avoidance

Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby bustthematrix » Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:53 pm

Well done Mick

Good of you to keep plugging away.

The idea on Wife and Dad is...quite ingenius! :rotfl:
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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby hermajestythequeen » Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:20 pm

Well its been well over a year since my post here and still no income tax paid and none of the numerous threats from HMRC have come to fruition.
Since my last post they have threatened to take my property, take me to court, and visited my house with their enforcement officers.

The enforcement officer who visited my home kindly signed a generated letter and hand posted whilst ignoring my trespass notices so i sent him a notice informing him that he had trespassed that i had evidence of and that i would let him off this time but next time a fee schedule would be applied.
I also sent a notice denying any implied right of access and a notice that strawman did not own any items at the address so anything removed from the property would be reported as theft.
I then sent a notice conditionally accepting any liability taken from Michaels post in the success stories section on this site followed up by Michaels 2 further notices.
After no response and several months i received a notice from HMRC threatening court action if i did not pay the liability they felt i owed.
Their notice highlighted that they were observing pre conduct civil procedure rules prior to court action.
I sent them a notice back including copies of prior correspondence and reminding them that civil procedure rules apply to both parties and as they had failed to respond to my 3 previous notices they had dishonoured CPR. I also reminded them that as i had conditionally excepted the liability there was no controversy for a court adjudicate over.

As im a reasonable guy i gave them 14 days further to respond to my original questions and still no response after 17 days, i feel a further notice going out.
Thank you Freeman Michael for the templates.
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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby kenb » Mon Nov 08, 2010 9:32 pm

Top thread guys :yes:
Peace, luv and light :sun:
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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby hermajestythequeen » Wed Nov 10, 2010 7:23 pm

Cheeky bastards, no response to my last notice and now strawman has received a county court claim form.
It seems HMRC feel they are exempt from adhering to civil procedure rules. If the courts were not so corrupt i would feel i was in a good position here.
CPR part 18 seems a good option here, i wonder if the court will press for some answers.
As always i would appreciate everyones thoughts and advise.
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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby hermajestythequeen » Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:37 pm

Just to give an update from my last post.

The day after i received county court claim forms from HMRC i received a notice from the same HMRC department informing me that they would be holding a tribunal, that i was not party to, to decide whether to fine me £60 a day until i submitted a tax return.
I sent them a notice back to say that i did not consent and reminding them of the bill of rights 'no fine levy or forfeit maybe imposed unless convicted in a court of law' .
Nearly 3 months now and ive not heard a thing back from them.

With regards to the cc claim i filled in the court forms explaining that i conditionally excepted the alleged liabilty based on demonstrable evidence including that i had at all times adheared to pre conduct civil procedure rules, which hmrc had failed to do, and that they were clearly breaching their own charter.
I also pointed out that i would gladly settle the matter once HMRC gave me a response.
HMRC had 28 days to respond and have failed to do so.

I'm really suprised more self employed people do not appear to be taking on the HMRC (i appreciate its difficult if your employed).
As this is a major contribution to our financial enslavement i'm really baffled why more appear to not be standing up against these tyrants.
The above judgement is based on the stagnant nature of posts on numerous sites regarding income tax.

Freeman Michael has given some great info here.

Michael has shown in his case that his method works, and in my case after plagirising Michael's notices and tweeking a bit, the outcome has been positive so far.
I would really love to hear from others if they have had some success and would encourage others to research and give it a go.
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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby jonboy » Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:24 pm

Hi HMTQ :shake:

I have been self employed since Jan 09. I had recently "awakened" at the time, and knew that I did not want to pay Income tax under any circumstances.

I signed on JSA for two weeks, then signed back off again. I did not tell them I had a job or anything. Since then I have been working for myself for just over two years, I have not paid a penny, I have not "registered" my business (this may be the key), They simply do not know what I am doing. I am not on their "benefit cheat" radar because I am not claiming benefits. I am earning a quite tasty income, cash only, cheques are passed onto a friend (who still uses the criminal banking system).

If I do ever receive any correspondence from HMRC it will be R4Cd, no contract. I am not going to engage them, filling in their forms and answering to them in my opinion is accepting their authority. They are trying to contact an entity that does not exist.

Good luck. :yes:
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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby hermajestythequeen » Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:45 pm

Hi Jonboy :shake:

Thank you for your quick response, i thought everyone had given up with HMRC.

Whilst i whole heartedly agree with your stance and have acted in a like manner with ncrts, i feel it important to state that income tax is unlawful and so we should be outward in our approach to dealing with unjust taxes, thats my view.
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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby ArturoDekko » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:59 pm

Well done HerMaj, quite a trek and you kept your Sovereignty. You are a shining light to all.

:love: :sun:

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Re: Income tax avoidance

Postby greg » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:52 pm

Can we change the title of this thread to "Theft Avoidance"?
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