FINALLY! a step by step guide...(maybe)(kinda?)

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

Re: FINALLY! a step by step guide...(maybe)(kinda?)

Postby Jayen4 » Mon Feb 01, 2010 12:30 am

Freeman-B wrote:I would personally do one thing VERY different American Underground - most presenters of bills have no idea what this is or how it works, so sending the accepted bill to them is more likely to cause confusion and escalation (which seems to be what many have found).

My understanding is that the accepted presentment shold be sent directly to the Treasury, with the accounting instructions HG has suggested and a COPY sent to the issuer for their information, probably with a notice that the presentment has been sent to your fiduciary for settlement etc.

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Aha !! This could be of use to me !

F.B.....You say that you would send any A4V's direct to the treasury,with a copy (and explanatory letter ?) to the person/company to be paid ?? That seems to be what all the american commentators say,when it's for use in the U.S. One major question tho'....... Where exactly would I send the A4V's ? I mean,what address should be used for the treasury ?? Do you know ??
Also,wht about court orders/payments ? Could the A4V's be sent direct to them for payment,as it has been said that they are effectively 'banks' themselves,so SHOULD know how to deal with these things ?? What do you think ??
I have had a few urgent demands fall on me in the last week and I'm keen to give this A4V thing a shot ! I'm also wondering if I could use this method to pay off on my defaulted mortgage ?? (and hence recover my house !).

All opinions welcome !
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Re: FINALLY! a step by step guide...(maybe)(kinda?)

Postby the trojan » Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:07 am

I know of nobody in the UK who has been able to have something accepted for value and paid from their strawmans bond.

well there are quite a few who claim to have done so.
but the excuse they give is that they wont print details or guidelines as to how they did it because they want people to do their own homework and the method may be open to abuse etectera etcetera

if there are people who have been successful and are keeping quiet about it..they are selfish fuckers
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Re: FINALLY! a step by step guide...(maybe)(kinda?)

Postby hawklord » Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:27 pm

i sent an a4v to treasury several months ago and the reply was that quote "they could not deal with it as the matter did not originate there" which makes me think it has to go to original sender of bill, winston shrout at first says to send to treasury but in a later seminar says to send it to original sender, so just seems to make more confusion as when i find out for def who to send the a4v to i will be doing it again or maybe i should just send it to original sender and see what happens. an ongoing case is happening in gloucester court concerning council tax where a payment has been done with a4v and how judge has responded, check out for full write up on what has happend so far

Re: FINALLY! a step by step guide...(maybe)(kinda?)

Postby theshotgunhero » Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:29 am

So A4V exists... starting to believe the deniers. I mean, just because your NOUICOR assumes there's such a bond, in your name, that can be accessed (and it is unrebutted), doesn't mean it ever existed! They ignore our NOUICOR's, (which is disconcerting, to say the least...). Back where I was last week though, I've just been going round in circles since Croft and Chapmans' excellent books and he videos of Menard and Shrout. Found some UK stuff to...
Anyway, A4V and NOUICOR, used together (responsibily), means one thing to me - you become the creditor to the UK/USA/wherever etc. CORPORATION. The strawman/governemnt relationship is the debtor, it owes you - you have infinite credit. Using this infinite credit is going to benefit you, (free education, a house, car is all going to come should you want these things) and due to these things being pre-paid (thanks Mary, it all makes sense now) for you to be paying for them again (when before you thought you were simply paying) means no liability for you, means no debt for you and the national debt is reduced. Bit by bit the national debt goes, the grip of the bankers loosens. Before you know it (and because everyone wants free stuff!), no more interest to pay, no more banks...
If you're in debt, so's the nation.
AU has a point, why should he do anything other than grow 'plants' lawfully, give them for free to his community/friends (cos he doesn't need the money obviously!), and reduce the national debt and teach others the same. Word of mouths is better than 'this', right?
Personally, I'd like to get some equipment (using A4V) and help myself and other musicians promote themselves and record albums, film music videos etc. and teach them A4V by... get this... handing them the bill (for my services/rental of the equipment (which I just look after, it's everyones really, obviously!)) WITH ALL THE A4V STUFF ON IT. They just sign it, put their NI number on it, Treasury pays me. I got more money for future projects (and food and bills of course).
What's getting in the way of me doing this? Well, in the mean time I've got bills to pay and... well, don't know where to start. :(
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