Using Checks from Closed Accounts

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

Using Checks from Closed Accounts

Postby compressionrati0 » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:11 pm

After reading Mary Croft's website and book, I recognize that she's used checks from closed accounts (private side of course) as transfer instruments (signature, date, amount, pay to) for a lot of her commercial issues. The public side is still open, of course, since the banks keep that end open for more interest etc etc.

Now, understanding who we are and the system of bankruptcy that the US, UK, Australia, Canada, etc are in, anything (meaning ANYTHING) with a signature, date, pay to, and amount is a proper promissory note that creates credit in the amount shown on the note. So there should be nothing wrong with this, right?! Of course, they will try to nab you with some kind of 'crime' regarding "writing bad checks" but, as Mary says, since there is no such thing as a "good check" (ie there is no 'payment', only promise to pay hence promissory notes), any attempt at charging someone with writing "bad checks" is fraudulent.

So has anyone been brave enough to try using closed account checks? Does it work? Are you jailed?
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Re: Using Checks from Closed Accounts

Postby Farmerboy » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:37 pm

In some ways.

However, if I borrowed an amount of cash from you and wrote an iou then it proves my intent to honour the deal. Thing is, if you bring a third party into it,it implies that the bank would vouch for you.

So if I didn't have funds at the bank, had no intention of putting funds into the bank and then wrote out a cheque, isn't it pointing in the direction of fraud?

I suppose it depends on 'do you intend to honour the iou?'

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Re: Using Checks from Closed Accounts

Postby compressionrati0 » Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:58 pm

Thanks for your response! (please note that capitals in my response are for poignancy, I'm not yelling :8-): )

Actually, all the countries listed in the original post are all operating in bankruptcy. What most people call "money" isn't actually "money" because "money" is defined as something that has actual value (gold, silver). Our "money" (the bills) is fabricated from nothing. They are DEBT notes, not gold or silver notes. Checks are simply a type of promissory note. Promissory notes are pieces of paper that have the date of creation, an amount, a payee ("Pay to the order of: "), and a SIGNATURE. It is the signature that actually CREATES the credit (or "funds") in the amount that is stated on the note. BTW this is in Canada and the USA, I have no idea if U.K. or Australia create credit in the same way, although I can't imagine it is different considering the same Commercial "laws" and legal procedures are being used worldwide wherever the banksters are.

"Paying" for something is also not something that we can engage in with our debt notes since "payment" would mean that something of VALUE or SUBSTANCE (gold or gold notes, silver or silver notes) was given for something in return. That's why it's always referred to as PURCHASING. Because purchasing means something different than PAYING or BUYING.

Any piece of paper with an amount, date, payee, and signature is legally binding as a promissory note (it is in the UCC, I just can't remember where at the moment... it's in Mary Croft's book). Hence, a closed account check is a proper promissory note. Even then, only the PRIVATE side of the account is closed. The PUBLIC side is kept open by the bank in order to exploit every last $ that it can from your SSN/SIN.

Furthermore, since 1933, nothing in the USA/Canada can be OWNED by any person. Everything is owned by the state. You can check that out on your own. We actually are supposed to be able to simply sign for things. This is all in Mary Croft's book, I heavily suggest you check it out.

So by using a promissory note, we are really giving our SIGNATURE, not "funds" from a bank account. That's why they can't REALLY charge anyone with fraud. They may try... and if the 'defendant' contracts with the police or judge, then they may have troubles. Even then, though, it's not really fraud at all.

So, has anyone tried this yet? Perhaps I shall have to be a rebel and go for it once I have control of my STRAWMAN ;)
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