'taxing' the family

'taxing' the family

Postby annaorv » Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:38 pm

Hi there
I wanted to run this one past you good folks, because it's annoying me!
We are a fairly big family, four little ones to care for (if I'd known then the world is run by psychopaths I wouldn't have bothered!) and only one salary coming in. We are fed and housed, but if a big gas bill comes in (it's LPG, it's ALWAYS big!) or the car breaks or someone needs shoes, we struggle. We worked out that if I can earn another £XXXX a year, we would find life much easier and even have a bit left over each month for some treats (nothing fancy, a trip to the pictures or something, my poor kids get nothing really).
Well, the other day I saw my OH's payslip and the amount he pays each year in tax and NI is almost exactly that amount I'm trying to earn!! How mad is that??? I have to put my children in unsuitable daycare (ie school) and leave the home and hearth to go out and work for money we, technically, already have. I feel a bit depressed about that!

I think raising children is an important job best left to parents. By forcing me out to work they get us every which way. :grr:
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