Agent/Authorised representative of my Strawman

This includes Live Birth Trusts (LBT), and "Accepted for value" (A4V)

Agent/Authorised representative of my Strawman

Postby paulgrayson1961 » Fri Sep 18, 2009 3:32 pm

Firstly, a big hello from a soon to be freeman ... and soon to be back in the UK :clap:
What can I say about this site, it is pretty amazing and much respect to all of you :clap: .. looking forward to learning and contributing as my knowledge and experiences increase...

Have a first question, probably the first of many and here goes:

How do I go about becoming the Agent and Authorised Representative of my Strawman? Seems an obvious question and maybe I have missed the answer as I have fried my brain (not literally I hasten to add) with all the reading I am doing.

If I want to send notices of conditional acceptance etc, they are all "signed" authenticated by the life force soul of man known as Paul-Robert: Grayson Agent /Authorised Representative of Paul Robert Grayson. Do I just assume this authority or do I have to claim it / register it somewhere. Does it ever get challlenged or has anyone ever been asked who gave you the authority??? Like I said, probably missed it somewhere but being the other side of 40 and the retention of a vodka drinking gnat :gasp: ... that is not to difficult. :rotfl:

Hope to speak to some of you soon and a big up "the peaceful revolution..."
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