Pontefract Magistrates Court 28th June Tuesday

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Pontefract Magistrates Court 28th June Tuesday

Postby knightron » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:40 pm

Hi All...... A good friend of mine has had an invite to attend Pontefract Magistrates court on Tuesday the 28th of June..This case has been a farce all along, First they find him guilty of .."Fail to deliver up VEL..."i AM LIKE wtf? IS THAT..."?! Apparently its not sending back a tax disc when the check bounces,1, he never sent a check..2, they found him guilty although he was never invited to court to prove he is innocent..lol This is going to be fun..All welcome, moral support would be great any one who can attaend Please be there for 10 am..bring sandwiches and Flasks, as the canteen facilities are crap apparently..lol you will see me I have a shaped beard and a bald head..(short hair and curly teeth as the wife calls it..) :hug: :shake:
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