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Litigant in person for housing issue

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:06 pm
In Ocotber 2009 my son and I were treated for carbon monoxide exposure and still under care of toxicologists my IQ has been tested and my son is having cardiology and other tests as he is so young it is difficult to ascertain a pre morbid IQ although i did remove him from school to home ed 3 yrs ago due to behaviour not realsising it could have been casued by the constand leak of the gas further expsosing him..anyway this is not a personal injury court case

2 days before our tenancy agreement was up and one month after the leak we were served a section us 2 months to leave..i didn''t leave and i then stopped paying rent ..only after the section 21...

i was taken to court via MCOl and had judgement in default... although i did send in a acknowledgement of service which seems [ i didn't know at the time] is a reason for a set aside...which i have now prepared to serve tomorrow. ie the set aside to put in a defence.. we were ill with respiration illlness and i was hospitalised due to chest pains.. i cant ell you how awful these past few months have been ...

the landlord now has served an accelerated eviciton noticie whih i countered was faulty as he did not protect my deposit...[still waiting on that result]

in the meantime him and his wife have banged on the door shouting at least 8 times and my son [whom they poisioned is crawling on the floor in fear]

his wife has shouted at my child in the street and stopped me from walking on the footpath blcoking my way

they have floowed me in the car with my son.... i have reported this all to the police...and no one police man or woman has called on us to speak face to face..

on the day of the 24th of feb they put a letter trhough my door more or less saying if i did not leave and pay them they would contact the dwp, the schools, the housing executive in north of ireland and embarass me and my family here in london and ireland...

now the day hey put that through the door was the day my grandma was buried ...and they already since then have called at my sisiters house..

can anyone anyone help me stop these people until i go to court

the police are doing nothing.....nothing

Re: Litigant in person for housing issue

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:11 pm
sorry my spelling is is one of the effects of the co and brain damage.. if i dont take my time typing and spelling it does all wrong.. before the carbon monoxide i was a first class ..and this all breaks my son would stop breathing in bed at night and when he said he saw colours streaking past his eyes..i would say the angels are coming to see you baby boy..[we were told by a toxicologist it is normal to see things such as ghosts etc when the carbon monoxide is in the air]

Re: Litigant in person for housing issue

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:19 pm
by MikeThomas
I've responded on your other post. That advice still stands.

However, reading this post has annoyed & angered me! A child's life was placed in danger and nobody helped! What a f**king disgrace! You need to try to highlight this problem and name & shame the landlords. What they have done is harassment and therefore unlawful. Take the time to write out a notice to your landlord and offer conditional acceptance on condition that he takes responsibility for his gross negligence.

Re: Litigant in person for housing issue

PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:31 pm
Thank you mike i will go and read what conditional acceptance means now..sorry i'm a bit slow..that you for your help