Trying to kill me - Police, Probation, Mental Health & Court

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Re: Trying to kill me - Police, Probation, Mental Health & Court

Postby Justice » Wed Jan 20, 2010 3:57 am

I am grateful for the love received - Treeman Vibration et al :hug: .

@V - Which of the claims I made need proving for you to grant membership of "South of England" group and how can I prove them through the medium of the Internet?

When you mentioned I should ask to see probation officer's 'CV' did you mean their 'employment history' and 'academic qualifications'?

How can her 'CV' help me and can she not agree to show it?

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Re: Trying to kill me - Police, Probation, Mental Health & Court

Postby fmotl69 » Wed Jun 09, 2010 5:55 am

Hello justice,

It's seems to me as though a common law offence has not been committed at any point in this case!

If someone attempts to damage your property (your body), you have the right to defend that property. Your body is your property and no body elses (I should hope it does not belong to anyone else).
Like Veronica said you have the common law right to defend yourself and it was also done on your property regardless of allodial titlement (your kitchen not outside your property) on said establishment or not.
The witness (aunt) that was chased did not suffer any PHYSICAL harm, loss or injury from your actions.
If she is claiming MENTAL harm from your actions.... it is simply hearsay on her behalf, and is not a common law offence, no?
Can any witnesses be summonsed to court, to swear under Oath that she was in fact threatened or physically harmed, resulting in a breach of a common law offence?
I suppose you just make sure that you establish common law jurisdiction before any proceedings take place in any court room and not giving them any opportunity for their jurisdiction.
The dis-missal of the solicitor and McKenzie friend brought into play may help your cause. It is my Understanding the solicitor is there to help reduce a sentence but ensure the courts remain in control at all times by pleading with them for leniency against the defendent?
If you defend your person through a lay advisor or represent your self (with McKenzie friend) and claim common law jurisdiction throughout proceedings and sack the judge for not producing his Oath, I don't see how things can go wrong???

I do not have any experience whatsoever with this situation. This is simply the way I see it. If I have said anything that anyone does not agree with in this post... please, please let me know.
As fmotl states; Fear is cured by defensive action based on knowledge. We all need as much knowledge as possible when dealing with situations like these.
1) Can a solicitor be sacked this far in to a trial?
2) Can common law be claimed at this point in proceedings, if not originally stated in first part of the trial (not guilty for ABH)?

Good luck Justice!!!!!!
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Re: Trying to kill me - Police, Probation, Mental Health & Court

Postby HOESLAYER70 » Thu May 26, 2011 4:39 pm

hi this is a difficult sittuation as u admit to chasing a potential witness in your post,however that being said request that you would like to see the case managment files if asked why be polite and say you wish a copy to keep for your records .
this is not legal advice and must not be assumed,pressumed,or implied to be so this is something i would do just good administration to be clear of the facts and evidence given,
i would also get three independant witnesses of good standing that can varify that they know you to be of sound mind and ask them to witness a statement of truth done by yourself regarding your state of mind.
you must remember one thing this is your life and u must do what feels right for you people can give suggestions but what you do with them is your perogative
all the best.
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