I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

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I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby Tevion » Sun Jul 05, 2009 12:47 am

I grow a bit of cannabis for personal use and had purchased a new light and power pack on the way home a young lad had stopped me to ask for some money I gave him a couple of quid then the police pulled up to talk to the lad they then turned there attention to me asking what was in the bag I told them private things the cop then grabbed the bag seen the light and asked if I had a reciept to which I didnt they then took the light saying it could be stolen then they went on to ask why I had it, I said it was for a friend who grew chillies oranges etc they then pulled away only to stop again handcuff me and stick me in the police van saying your coming with us they detained me then strip searched me at the police station and found nothing any way they searched my house without my knowledge found my plants etc then interviewed me where I completely denied even using cannabis despite bein caught with a small ammount abot 10 years ago about 5 or ten mins into the interview they informed me they had been in my house and had found my plants there were 18 in total i was charged with production under th missuse of drugs act I was kept in the station from weds night until friday morning where I appeared in court (this was in scotland) at court I got a procurator fiscals release only to find when I got my belongings back they had kept £130 in cash and my mobile phone they have confiscated all my growing equipment also.

What do you think will happen to me now?
thanks peeps
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby huntingross » Sun Jul 05, 2009 10:14 am

I don't know much about this, but there appears on the face of it to be an alarming lack of due process, unless you have missed bits to keep the story short.

There are others on here who will know more on this subject and may be able to offer some thoughts.

Personally, what ever the detail.....get a claim in against them pronto
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby dognamedblue » Mon Jul 06, 2009 10:39 pm

I'm no lawyer but...

there could be the thought that maybe they had been "on to you" and the stop & search was just them closing things up?
it sounds awfully fast to have a unit round raiding your house - not to mention strip search
sounds an awfully lucky catch just to nab some one with one light+ without a reciept and happen to raid his 18 plants (- which would take some space ;)

I'm not sure if they served a warrant to search your premises? how could they if you were in custody?
would they be able to say they didn't need one under "suspicion"?
did they say they issued a warrant to search your place?

in theory you haven't caused harm injury or loss but would they be able to argue even from a common law stance that there was mischief in your dealings?
could they be able to say that growing cannabis even for personal was "mischief" - what's the common law view of cultivating personal?
(although arguing 18 plants is for personal would be hard even in common law I'd think)

in theory I guess that you could get a case dismissed because (if ?) they never used a warrant to search, accounting inadmisable for evidence because it was obtained without the correct order of the court - saying they breached their own rules?

sorry I've not been of help, only leaving questions, but I'd be interested to hear how things work out, hope some proper people can come along & help
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby jonboy » Tue Jul 07, 2009 7:35 am

Mischief in your contracts equates to fraud. You have not done this. Growing cannabis is LAWFUL. They entered your property UNLAWFULLY. without warrant. They arrested you without witnessing you breach common law. GO GET EM!
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby pitano1 » Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:01 pm

wellcome to the` new world order`tevio.

iam pissed off to tell you,that under section bla bla bla,they can enter your house,for evidence without your consent,if they feel a crime has been commited.

i take it you gave them your details`name/dob etc.

if not you were held illegally.

what you should do now,is prepair yourself,ie learn the differance between a PERSON `legal`/a MAN/woMAN lawfull.

the only one they can crap on is the PERSON.


do you know how you contracted with them.?

allso if you get an invite to their place of bussiness [court]

send the court rebbuttal template.

hope you had emergancy stash somewhere :giggle:

pitano1 :peace:

ps have you watched any anti terrorist`s vids
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby _K_ » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:54 pm

Hi Tevion ;) its shit isnt it mate! i've just been through the same thing.... if only i knew then what i knew now!!
Admitting 'guilty' or 'not guilty' is initiating the contract as you are buying into the whole thing.. They run very sharp business practises and will try to convince you that you have no recourse of action other than what they tell you, fortunately they are grossely misinformed, however most of them have no clue as they are still asleep.
I guess its time to make a stand, after all, what have you got to loose? they cannot take away your freedom, you are free, a free human being, and there is no prison in the world that can take that away from you (there is the electric chair tho lol) but i dont think that is an option here, so stand your ground myfriend, SIGN NOTHING, EVER. get help and support from friends in case they falsly hold you on remand, and dont give in, as jonboy has pointed out, they are the only ones that have acted UNLAWFULLY in this situation. There is no CRIME unless there is a VICTIM, the only VICTIM in this situation is YOU (although dont be a victim, be a free human being, when you stand as a free human being, the very power that turns the UNIVERSE is on your side)
Anyways it was only 18 plants.. thas fuckall :)) i got 100 hours and no fine for 82, and i told them that i truly felt i was doing ABSOLUTLY nothing wrong. Mitagation... its all about Mitagation.. but the best course of action is dont even accept their services in the first place!! make it clear that you know the police forces and courts are registered as trading businesses, and as such have to offer services
as veronica said 'THEY DO NOT LIKE IT UP 'EM' hahahaa MF'ers
good luck myfriend

with love
Think i've got SWINE flu -i keep feeling like i want to go around and arrest everybody
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby Tevion » Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:25 am

hi peeps to answer a few questions I did contract with them as at that time I was none the wiser I told em my name address etc bummer eh!
I am a medical user and until my recent misfortunes had stopped prescribed meds.
The police just detained me and it took them 1 and a half hours after 10pm to get the warrant, suspicious I think as despite asking to see the warrant I haven't been shown it!

All this freeman stuff is good stuff but as a newbie I ain't very comfy with using it yet that will come in time I have a fear I will stuff up atm.

thanks for all the positive vibes though
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby Tevion » Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:28 am

jonboy how do I go get em in what way could you elaborate or suggest some reading to expand my knowledge
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby Travels » Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:26 am

Sorry to hear about your troubles fella...a contract has to be understood to be lawful (comprehended and stood under, both senses) so I'd make it known that any contract you may have made (by giving your name etc.) was accidental and against your free will...however, a contract does take precedence over the law, which is what gives statutory law so much weight if you contract, and allows them to do unlawful things like stealing your kit...so if you did consent, even unknowingly, they can do what they want...bobbins innit :police: :grr:

A notice to the copshop is prob the way forward if you want to get your stuff back, rescinding any former agreement that may have been made...then if there was no contract they stole your kit, right? I'd ask for that back...that's a big part of your livelihood I'm guessing, they can't do that...not to mention costs for all the inconvenience...maybe hint at waiving the costs, or a portion thereof, if your stuff is returned immediately?

Also, if they ask, you could let it be known that you grow medicinally, but yes you have surplus to share amongst the community...with all the fibreglass-sprayed shite out there you could argue the health benefits of passing on natural weed, and it's not about arguing whether you have the right to grow, but do you see it as your duty to exercise that lawful right so that future generations may have the same right? They can't stop you from performing your duty, just like they say you can't stop them...

Just thoughts of what I'd do in your situation matey, and I don't know how much of the above you already know so apologies if it's all old hat..! Depends what you want out of the situation at the end of the day...
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Re: I got busted for some cannabis plants info required

Postby Tevion » Mon Sep 07, 2009 3:50 am

To be honest mate I ain't got a clue where to start I'm even checking to see if scots law contains common law thats how much of a newbie I am to all this, one note I can say though tho is the fact my weed was never shared out (my friends don't smoke) I only grow once a year as it reduces the likelyhood of a bust and reduces my costs/risks and stops me going to dealers. Any advice or info you can point me too on this will be fantastic, they got a lot of stuff from me a few grands worth anyway, so getting that back is the main thing. Prison if it comes is something I have thought about over the years and the choice of having a good nights sleep for as long as I have had not to mention the pain reduction makes a year or two well more than worth it

P.s could one of the mods move this to a more suitable forum dont know why I posted it in here thanks
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