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Postby db133 » Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:39 pm


I suffer from mental problems from an Appendicitis anaesthetic.

Its a long story but I was set up, arrested, put in a cell for hours etc etc..I was eventually charged and eventually convicted. I had no Advocacy, Mc Kenzie Friend refused by the district judge and no Legal Representation at trial. I was at home.

I was convicted of 2x common Assault 1x Harassment as per a letter to my neighbours some several months earlier, I was sentenced to 6 weeks in Lewes HMP I served 3. I came out an appealed on the grounds of the above.

My appeal has been set down for the 19.01.2016 I have requested it be set back I require time to re-cover from my illegal incarceration at.
Lewes HMP cell M2-06 14.10.2015-03.13.2015.

I have re read through the statements made against me. they are flawed it is clearly a conspiracy and that is what they are trying to hide.

I live in Brighton Sussex.

While I was in Lewes HMP I came across this chap : and he advised me to join up. They have just added 42 days to the mans time in Lewes at a cost to the taxpayers of the UK of £5,000.
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