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In Court.... What can I do?

PostPosted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:44 am
by ZXSpectrum48

I was here a few weeks ago to share my typical story of a PACE arrest, random raid on my home and theft of my camera-pen (which I used to record the arrest).


Now I have to go to court, and I am being charged with 6 x 'offenses'... These includes possession of 50p value of low grade hemp, my ritalin & sleeping tablets, and even some 10 year old 'legal high' crap from an old festival...

Also 'obstructing an 'officer'' while he was kicking my door in!

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here could give me some advice on how to deal with this in court. I'd like to claim common-law jurisdiction, as PACE is clearly not lawful, and so the search (and theft) was not lawful.
I certainly plan on asking the magistrate to confirm his oath... It'll be interesting to see the reaction - how exactly do I even ask? Is there some law I can quote, which will force him to answer me?

I've never been to court before, and I'm a little terrified, so what can I expect?


Re: In Court.... What can I do?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2015 11:37 pm
by Dreadlock
You can expect them to try and screw you over.

Don't take the following as advice but here is what I would do & say in your position. I doubt anyone has ever tried it before so if you decide to, good luck. I wouldn't even post this if I didn't think it had a good chance of working.

I would say somthing like, "I just want to clarify the type of court I am in. This is a Crown administrative hearing rather than a Constitutional English court, correct?"
I would demand a yes or no answer to the question and would keep repeating it until I was given one. In response to the bullshit they would try I would say, "I am entitled to a fair trial I assume? Presumably this extends to knowing the type of court I'm in?" All this would simply be to let the court know I knew the game they were playing...

I wouldn't bother with the oath stuff. It IS a Crown administrative hearing not an English court - their oaths are therefore not necessary. You will be acting in admiralty jurisdiction not common law so attempting to claim common law jurisdiction is pointless - particularly as you will be answering to the role of Mr <insert name> which implies admiralty jurisdiction.

I would claim that at the time of the alledged offence I was on shore leave, at home in England, acting in my natural capacity and not birthed upon a Crown owned vessel acting as master (the position you WILL be playing at the hearing).

I would demand that the prosecution rebutt this claim. (They can't. They likely won't even know what the hell you are talking about.) I would insist they rebutt my claim until they admit they can't (VERY IMPORTANT).

If they asked what relevance my claim has I would simply state it pertains to the court's jurisdiction and demand they rebutt or accept the claim.

Once their attempt at rebuttal, or more likely obfuscation, failed I would say something like, "How can you prosecute me in this court when you don't even know the role I was in at the time of the alleged offence? You are attempting to falsely represent me in order to gain a conviction. This is attempted fraud. I motion the court to dismiss immediately."

If the prosection and court continues you DO have a fraud case against them. At the very least you have grounds for appeal.

That's what I'd do. Take it or leave it. If you don't comprehend what I've just written for God's sake don't try it!
Listen to everything that is said very carefully and if you don't comprehend it ask them to repeat or explain. Take your time with your responses. Don't be afraid to make them wait.

Good luck.

Re: In Court.... What can I do?

PostPosted: Mon Sep 14, 2015 4:33 pm
by squark
I would ask,
What am I supposed to do? (they should tell you as not doing denies you a fair and meaningful hearing. They probably won't)
Is this a court of evidence?
does the claimant have to prove every element of his claim?
Is jurisdiction an element of a claim? (Jurisdiction of the claimant not the court!)
what evidence has been provided to prove the statutes of the UK apply to me?
The magistrate may jump in here with an opinion. I would ask the legal advisor for clarification on a point of a magistrates opinion evidence?

They may say they don't have to prove the statute applies (its the rule of a club) so take one of your own (the Dave interaction club) saying they owe you (dave) for admin and communications/interaction benefits. Tell them if he doesn't need proof, neither do you.

Maybe they say you enjoy the benefits of citizenship. Monopolistic control by a dominant group is not a benefit (bank regulation) neither is the dole etc when the state monopoly controls all aspects of trade, commerce, economy. I can't work as a hemp farmer because of their statute and the fact police enforce before even finding out if the statute applies. So I claim JSA and people continue to die of cancer.

Any way, you stand no chance, you are fucked, they are thieves liars and bullies. They won't do what they promised or what they are contracted to do, its a system of bullshit smothered over the terror they rely on. The court is the realm of petty tyrants. Don't go there, give them everything they demand, regardless, because they say so. You are sub-human (humans have the right to a fair hearing), submit to your masters.

Seriously, I think in an average hearing, you need to accuse them of undermining your belief that they offer a fair and unbiased service as often as you feel that. Undermining your belief in the court is contempt of court. I have nothing but contempt left for them because of how they operate. Justice manual 2009 says Defendant HAS TO understand what defences are available. They are a million miles off.