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zesty-cavey hotch-potch

Postby iamani » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:14 am


i'll start this thread with my take on magistrate courts....

The purpose, intent and method of the mags court system is murky indeed and if we mostly observe the Golden Rule it is the one we're most likely to experience.

Unfortunately in our ignorance we believe all courts to be places of justice. Punish the bad guy. Compensate the victim. Settle our beefs. We come to realise that this is not so, some easier than others. Of course some or even most never realise it even if they spend their lives going in and out of such places - whether as defendant or Official.

The 'mags' are courts of 'Private-Publication Administration'. They administer the 'Private-Publication Trust'. The Publication Trust is a Private Members Association whose membership roll is the 'Birth Register' and made up of men and women who have agreed (albeit in ignorance) to abandon their rights and contract with the owners of the birth register system by identifying as a surname on a birth certificate - a 'person'. The Publication Trust is made up of everybody's 'personal' property and is a form of communism created (in this era) via Papal Bull Unam Sanctum. Each surnamed-legal-entity-person (aka 'human-creature-that-creepeth) represents a 'Member of the Public(ation Trust)'. Every Birth Certificate issued is a Private-Publication and evidence of claim to a single share in the Private-Publication Trust. One can trade on one's share (law merchant/commerce; UCC), manage one's share (private/ecclesiastic/trust) or one can ignore one's share (idiot/delinquent trustee).

The Publication Trust is a 'Big Estate' (Crown Estates? The 'State?) made up of as many smaller Estates as there are adults who hold evidence of a claim to a share (Birth Certificate). The Big Estate is administered by 'Public' Officials' aka 'Private-Publication Trustees' and we are numbered among such by assuming 'Title of Office' ie 'Mr/Mrs/Ms. and assuming the liability for but not claiming the equity of the ALLCAPS-NAME.

Sometime after the age of fourteen we are offered the chance to 'confirm' our presumed membership of said Public' Trust by signing something - anything! - 'official'. This signals our agreement to several things - we sign everything we own or will ever own (including our offspring) over to Public' Trust and we surrender our Rights for an unknown measure of 'security' at the hands of the greedy. We agree to be bound by and to legislation - code 'law', and agree to play along in the charade of debt as money and the living as dead and we agree to accept and hold Title to Public' Office (ie MR SURNAME).....

....which makes us a Public' Official/Public' Trustee in the form of a 'Lay Trustee to Public' Trust' - (as opposed to a 'Professional Trustee to Public' Trust').

A Lay-trustee-to--Public-Trust is assigned only limited liability as due to his (let's be honest - usually correctly) presumed ignorance of Trust (or indeed any) Law he is considered an idiot who elects to have his share of the Big Estate managed for him by Professional Trustees to Public' Trust. When he flouts Public Trustee Regulations (legislation) he is prosecuted by a Professional Trustee to Public Trust, 'defended' by another Professional Trustee to Public' Trust and 'judged' by yet another. He is offered opportunity to make amends and show competence in resolving the matter (which he could do just by pointing out the inherent conflicts of interest involved). Failure to show competence is considered delinquency in Office Pertaining to Public' Trust and punished accordingly. Then the wealth held in Trust for the man (secret accounts controlled and accessed via the ALLCAPS name), is raided for huge court 'costs'.

The mags courts are tied completely to matters pertaining to the Birth Certificate system via 'in rem' proceedings. The fact they purport to attend to criminal matters is enabled only by their re-defining of the word 'criminal', which as a privately owned concern is their prerogative. If you use a name attached to the birth register AND DON'T REBUT THEIR PRESUMPTIONS! then you are liable to penalty in the mags courts as a delinquent Public' Trustee.

It's all based on fiction and is meant to be based strictly on consent. The fact our consent is given in ignorance only strengthens their position that we are incompetent by way of insanity and our share of the Big Estate must be administered for us by them, and unless/until we demonstrate competence we are stuck with it.

The problem is that we are brainwashed into believing we have to put up with it. We don't.

The form of 'law' used in mags court is private, which means some one or body owns it (the banksters). It's a private club.known as the B.A.R. (Private Membership) Association that runs it. They are run for profit and are allowed to charge the Public' Trust without audit because they own it. Private as in common-law private.

It would seem to be a system set-up to service the 'Public' Debt' aka the 'National Debt' which is technically money the government has borrowed from the people to pay debts incurred to the banksters by treacherous public servants (monarchs, mp's, prime ministers etc who have bankrupted the country several times) but portrayed as money WE owe to the banks.

As a nation operating in bankruptcy anything produced belongs to the Creditors (banksters) and any means of production are subject to control by the Creditors. Every Member of the Public (Trust) is liable to pay off a portion of the Public Debt and the Creditors have the right to enforce that obligation, to force some body to 'act' in settling the 'debt'.

The National Audit Office would appear to be Receivers to the Public Bankruptcy, but it is Parliament that 'Acts' to settle the Public Debt. It produces legislation with the intent to do just that. Legislation is not law but it is contract, and agreement to contract makes the law. This is the basis for the maxim: consensus facit legem.

The Creditors want paying and have complete control over every one who agrees to use their system. Consensus facit legem. So they have their lackeys in Parliament write up legislation - private contracts/agreements ('privileges') specifying penalties for infringements of same and apply same to every 'consenting individual'. Use of their system constitutes consent unless/until you rebut their presumption that you are a 'consenting individual'. Until you do that you agree to pay the Bills by paying for breaching any agreements (contravening legislation).

This system is purely to harvest equity from the gullible ignorant to pay the interest on the 'elite's' debt to the banksters/Creditors. It is not Law and it is not enforceable against one who is recognised as 'Man'. This is why they refuse to recognise 'man' in their places of business - man has no business being there, but if you haven't the wit/will to prove your superior standing via your preceding paperwork then you justify their position that you are incompetent and so subject to their jurisdiction.

The term 'Act of Parliament' is, imo, an abbreviation and it should really say 'Act of Parliament to Settle a Bill', just look at the process:

First a Bill is drawn up, drafted and offered for consideration to Parliament. It is heard and discussed 3 times and if most Members of Parliament agree to its content it is presented to the Queen for royal assent. With her agreement it becomes an act of paliment to settle the bill.

In other words legislation is a collection of commercial agreements and all offences are breaches of contract, making all crime commercial offences and offenders subject to comnercial sanction.

The system as a whole appears to be a massive 'money'-laundering scheme intended to transfer the wealth held in Private Trust for 'man' (ie mineral wealth etc) into the coffers of the Public Trust owned and administered by the banks and corporations.

Technically all one has to do to defeat statute is prove standing as Creditor and Man.

law is all is love is all is law
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Re: zesty-cavey hotch-potch

Postby iamani » Sun Dec 02, 2018 2:44 pm


Start with birth register. Only things-without-life registered. That is Law. Living man of any age is not thing-without-life. Man therefore not registered. Whatever registered is thing-without-life. Dead.

Man stands Office of Life, Creditor.

A thing similar, is not same. Human short for hu-man-life-form. Hu-man life-form is not-man. Hu-man-life-form is creature-named-person. Hu-man is shade-of-man,shade-of-man is ghost. Human is ghost and fiction. Ghost is dead. Fictional ghost-of-man to re-animate dead 'person'.

Human-creature-person creepeth to Office of Death, Debtor.

Immortal Spirit in vessel 'in-vitro-Man'. In-vitro-Man in vessel 'Maiden'.
Maiden in vessel 'flesh-mother'. Flesh-mother carry and nurture Maiden. Maiden carry and nurture in-vitro-Man. Maiden first break flesh-mother vessel for land. In making land-fall gains land rights.

In-vitro-Man breaks Maiden vessel. He does not make land-fall, does not gain land-rights. Now 'Bairn' (future adult living Man), his first step is directed onto paper. This reflects his future.

Maiden briefly 'Hu-man-life-form'. Now Maiden is thing-without-life. Dead. Immortal Spirit forgets that 'here' is Mother-of-All and 'now' is Father-of-All.

Here and now, mother and father. Of all.

Hera-Now is All is Love is Law.

Hu-man-life-form/Maiden/placenta now registered thing-without-life. Dead. Enters murky depths of fiction. Designated 'spirit'. First given Maiden name of flesh-mother and given to sharing the Bairn's Christian name. Bairn is Maiden-property claimed in ignorance as salvage to citizen-ship HMS FATHER'S SURNAME. See-docked via registry. Rights flouted and floated.

Birth-registration process and form confusing. With bad reason. 'Ch' can be 'k'. The'child' the 'kild'? 'Name of Child, if Given' becomes 'Name of Kild if Christian'. Hmmm.... a registry of 'Kild Christian Seamen'? Kild men of the Christian See? Parents given record of claim B.C.

Bairn-flesh clearly alive can't be labelled 'kild'. Maiden is the kristian 'kild'. Bairn-flesh is property of the deceased Maiden. Maiden property of flesh-mother. Flesh-mother does not claim Maiden. Bairn-flesh now ward of court, bailed in loco parentis to those who informed of the Maiden berth. Bairn's rights-of-Man now held property-in-probate. The Immortal Spirit deemed lost-to-sight, gone beyond-see.

Bairn's rights-of-Man cared for/respected for seven years against prospect of creator and or creatrix laying superior claim or the manifest return of the Immortal Spirit to this Office of Man.

After seven years Bairn-flesh now treated as salvaged commodity asset, chattel, live stock. The cost of his 'care' now held as debt. His assets (his rights-of-Man) administered by others to their gain and his detriment. His indoctrination into mediocrity and ignorance begins in earnest. He is not taught finance. He is not taught Law.

After fourteen years his future 'person'/legal entity/debt-vessel is prepared ready and waiting to be activated. The ALLCAPS-name account; the unseen bars of his future virtual prison in place courtesy of school/religion/television, his very first official signature seals his fate and swings the metaphorical cage door shut.

Just by opening his first PERSONAL bank account, or applying for driving privilege he signs his life away to officially and (supposedly) knowingly enter the world of dead fiction. In signing the name under-writing the ALLCAPS he printed in black ink he agrees to be defined as Human-creature-person for a life of 'security' in bonded servitude with rights limited to match his reduced liability. He just 'kild' his Kristian-self.

He turns away from and forgets the face of the Father/Now/Mind - he chooses to live in fear and proves delinquent through ignorance of his own incompetence.

Man is competent. If not competent then not-man. Human. Immortal Spirit proves competence, competence demonstrates now presence of Mind. Only in seeking competence will human approach redemption and/or resurrection.

So what do we do? Know thyself and fear not. We go and take back our surrendered First Estate of the Father/Now/Mind and claim the Promised Land of the Mother/Here/Flesh, of course....

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