Flat Earth Mind-control Weapon Demonstration

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Flat Earth Mind-control Weapon Demonstration

Postby iamani » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:39 pm

or...How to start a huge Internet conspiracy theory


Step1) Take one D-Wave Quantum Computer and have it remove from digital history each and every piece of information regarding or referring to real photographs of Earth from space.

Step 2) Then have it place information on a known forum for 'conspiracy theorists' that however hard you look you will never find a real photo of Earth from space.

Step 3) Have it prevent the uploading of any evidence of real photo's of Earth from space that may be discovered offline

Step 4) Have it place helpful-to-the-agenda comments under YouTube videos (if there are none have it make some).

Step 5) Tweak the program and run it again to achieve the 'Mandela Effect'.....

....and if the Earth really IS 'other-shaped' it's even easier - start at Step 2.

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Re: Flat Earth Mind-control Weapon Demonstration

Postby musashi » Tue Feb 07, 2017 8:57 am

There are no photographs of earth from space. Each offering from NASA has been a composite, photo-shopped (by their own admission), and each one has shown a massive difference in continental size, position, and the clouds do not move even over a 24 hour period. It is claimed we cannot get high enough to take a whole earth picture and must therefore make composites.
The bulk of the available evidence supports a flat earth claim. Very little to nothing supports a globe earth. A photo of earth from the moon shows a disc the same apparent size as the moon is from earth. Earth being four times the size of the moon we should have seen continents quite clearly.
The video " A funny thing happened on the way to the moon" shows beyond possibility of doubt the Apollo moon shot astronauts fabricating a whole earth photo shot. The audio confirms it.
Is earth flat? I don't know.
Is earth a globe? I don't know.
Does it matter? I don't know.
When I get right down to it I don't know very much at all.

However, I am puzzled that when earth has travelled some 180 million miles from June solstice to December solstice, which means it's on the opposite side of the sun, somehow I still see the exact same stars in their exact same relative positions. And not even a tiny bit of parallax! If a globe earth is orbiting the sun I don't see how this is possible. If it's a flat earth then it is entirely possible. Not only possible but unavoidable.
I just don't know.

If they went to the moon then the science I was taught is false or they used unknown to me technology and transferred in space from the Saturn 5 to some other vehicle. If the science I was taught is true then they would have died before getting through the Van Allen Radiation belts. Highly charged particles create x-rays when they hit metal. Werner von Braun said going to space was impossible. We'd need three rocket motors, each the size of the Empire state building, and seven feet of lead shielding. I knew of the VA rad belt when they were dicovered yet the Apollo astronauts didn't? Then later on they did and the story changed. Hmm. there is something rotten in the state of Denmark but I'm blowed if I know what it is. By the way, Ebert and von Braun were friends with Fritz Lang and were on the set of his 1929 Frau um Mond film. Every detail of the launch of Fritz's film rocket was repeated in the Apollo launch. Hmm.

Circumnavigation of Antarctica should cover approx 14,000 miles. 56,000 miles were logged when Admiral Byrd did it. Hmm.
I just don't know. Nobody tells me anything. It's still all just one big god-damned mystery to me. I know I like cheese, though.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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