Wisdom of the Idiots; Part 16

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Wisdom of the Idiots; Part 16

Postby musashi » Wed Jun 08, 2016 7:02 pm

Wisdom of the Idiots; Part 16, Canines; Dimorphism; & some Raggedy-Arsed Old German Stuff.

You may not be a dog - but you don't have to be a dog to get bitten in a dogfight. Watch out.

The amygdala:
He might only be a small, sub cortical brain structure but my goodness - what a clever little rascal he is! And powerful, too. He controls fear as well as pleasure, depression, apathy, post traumatic stress disorder and is responsible for the physical and mental differences in the sexes of any given species. He's also hacked into the sensory input apparatus of the thalamus and installed a short-circuit so that he gets all the incoming information first and makes important, life-changing decisions before the thalamus can consider the input stream intellectually and respond accordingly, responsibly, reasonably and appropriately. It is more familiarly known from academic writings as The Fight or Flight' mechanism.
Occasionally it goes completely off the fucking rails, runs amok and leaves a trail of blood, misery and tears. You may know this extreme version of it more informally as PMT. Watch out.

Philosophical blunders:
After they'd killed God, the heavyweight German philosophers rarely mentioned Him. No martial music followed Him to his unmarked grave. No heart-rending, emotion-choked adagios in E minor and not a hint of salty tears from one of them. There were no weeping, wailing women – not even the hired professionals who falsely wail for money. And why should there be? He was a bastard, wasn't he? Instead, they turned their enquiring and not insubstantial intellectual attention to a far more pressing and just as ancient problem nearer home. They called it 'The Problem of Women'.
Weininger nailed it, they all said, just before the idiot committed suicide at the age of twenty three, when he pronounced them amoral. They are prostitutes before, during and after the act, he said.
That, as true as it may be and as entertainingly provocative as it may sound, is not a solution, is it? Nah, it's just a description.
Their claim that Weininger found the solution to the woman problem is an intellectual crime. In that regard it's tempting to quote chief of police Fouche here: “It's worse than a crime – it's a blunder!”

In Wisdom of the Idiots; part 17, The Geometry of Meaning; we look into the Metaphysical Dichotomy of Priestly Cognitive Dissonance in the Confessional; plus, A Basic Survival Kit for visiting The Land of Fools, and a special pull-out section on How to Spot Onanistic Behaviour in Your New Rhesus Monkey.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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