Is "Flat Earth" the name of Schroedenger's cat?

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Is "Flat Earth" the name of Schroedenger's cat?

Postby iamani » Sat May 14, 2016 11:39 pm

Whichever way you look at it, T.H.E.Y.'re definitely up to something...

Let's get one thing straight,,all you 'globers' and 'flat-earthers'
Without monumental proof all you're arguing is worthless
It diverts you from researching things on which we can concur
It divides up the worthy folk and mixes them with tares
It attracts the wrong attention - please don't feed the trolls!
Their conscience will consume them as their destiny unfolds
One thing you both got right, it is time to pick a side
Will you gird your loins with courage or just watch the genocide?
Let's look at this closely, tell me what brought your awareness
To a long accepted theory - did the gate-keepers get careless?
Do you think that there's a chance - and this is only a suggestion!
T.H.E.Y. deliberately released it as a weaponised distraction?
I mean really, overnight it seems like half of us turned stupid!
A world turned upside down! Or right way up as it's reputed!
The evidence on one side may seem totally compelling
While the theory of the other side sounds crazy in re-telling!
One thing is for sure though, it has everyone divided
On a theory thought by most to have been long ago decided
The answer seems so simple, surely NASA will oblige
With real-life real- time video to put to bed the lie?
One that can't be picked apart and then exposed to be a fake
One that shows the truth however hard it is to take
And if that doesn't happen, well, what does NASA want to hide?
Who on Earth does it benefit to perpetuate the lie?
It's like the answer is locked in a box, with a certain unfortunate cat
The only chance it has to get out is if Schroedenger built-in a cat-flap!
So stop arguing and focus on why it is T.H.E.Y. keep you hanging
And set aside this box for now - it's just a bait they're dangling
In the hope that we will take it and be exposed to ridicule
When we finally find a proof with which to wake the sleeping fools
I'll tell you this for nothing - NASA won't come through
And what you want to make of that is really up to you
So let's put it on the back-burner and focus our attention
On the things T.H.E.Y.'re doing closer to home that the MSM won't mention

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Re: Is "Flat Earth" the name of Schroedenger's cat?

Postby woodman » Fri May 20, 2016 2:48 pm


The earth is a globe.

There is a thing called the space station. You can see it from earth. It has live cameras on it. You can view them. You can see for yourself.

If the earth was flat, how could it be night in one part and daylight in the other.

Bringing the subject up in the first place is diverting from more important issues.

I have no more to say on the matter.

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Re: Is "Flat Earth" the name of Schroedenger's cat?

Postby iamani » Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:22 pm

Yes, i had the same initial cognitive dissonance about this subject, i was even tempted to go with the status quo without looking into it. In fact i felt the same way initially when it was put to me that our legal system is a scam. i said:


The legal system is the Law.

There is such a thing called a court. You can see it on earth. It has judges in it. You can view them. You can see for yourself.

If the legal system is fraudulent how come T.H.E.Y. use it all the time to fine and imprison men and women?

To look into this would be diverting me from more important issues like "what's on telly?".

But in order to consider myself open-minded i felt i had to look into the legal system, and on doing so was shocked to find out how wrong my beliefs on the subject actually were.
Fact is, T.H.E.Y. have lied to us about everything for hundreds if not thousands of years, to the point where EVERYTHING is exactly 180° from the way we think it is or ought to be. Why should the flat earth subject be any different? Oh, and if anyone's interested i have PLENTY more to say on the matter. Peace.
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Re: Is "Flat Earth" the name of Schroedenger's cat?

Postby iamani » Fri Jan 20, 2017 6:39 pm


To everybody reading this thread i'd like to point out that if you are arguing for or against the helio-globe model you are living in fantasy land.

Let me explain. What's happened here is that we have bypassed the salient point, the active ingredient, the effective weapon. We have all sailed past it to dive into our own preferred flavour of not-a-globe theory. Some went with the flat model, some with hollow or convex or concave etc. These are all rough expressions of the uncertainty principle in that we can't know the shape until someone let's the info out of the box with the cat. As we are prohibited from approaching EITHER pole, and all private space enterprise gets swallowed up by NASA, we are stuck. We are also squabbling with each other over which model is right, T.H E. Y. have pulled their usual trick and divided us up so our collective voice won't be heard.

If you really want to know what shape earth is all we have to do is step back to the point of information we all agree on:


Plus when we try to explain this to the sleepy we might get a bit further than the usual roller-blind eyes. It would also grow as a movement much faster as the concept is not nearly so tin-foil-hat as telling someone about your favorite flavour.

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