Hello to all.

Fill-in-the-boxes Templates that can be used to rebut a Summons or any Charge or Demand based on Statutes.

Hello to all.

Postby cosmic reality » Sat Jul 06, 2013 1:34 pm

Hi everyone and Veronica, I came to this site via Veronicas links in her book and so far I just can't get the smilies to work :( Anyway, I'm a newcomer to the forum and I aim to peruse the site when I can. There seems to be a lot of topics and threads to work through and my aim is to focus on one subject at a time until I am confident on it before delving into other ones. I'm looking to start with looking at trusts, the different types and ways of using them. If any members have any links, sites etc that can assist me on this I would be most grateful. I tried the debt collectors template letter link on the site but it wouldn't open and only showed an error 404 not found.
cosmic reality
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Re: Hello to all.

Postby Rongo121 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:43 pm

Hi cr and welcome to the forum.

If you want to look at trusts a good place to start would be to watch all the videos you can find by Dean Clifford. You'll find them on youtube if you do a search.
He does'nt go into too much detail which would make it confusing for most people, but he does explain the roles very well i.e. executor, trustee and beneficiary.

I like the way he keeps everything simple and explains what's going on in the court in a way that most people can understand.

Basically you dont want to be going into court acting as the trustee. The judge/magistrate will assume the role of executor and the crown will be the beneficiary.
However according to Mary Elizabeth Croft, who is also excellent, the clerk of the court sets up a cestui que vie trust and temporarily appoints the judge as trustee and the prosecuting attorney as executor, until they can pass on the liability to you.

Can get a bit confusing and i'm not 100% sure which of the above is correct.

I for one would like to hear the views of some of the more experienced members, or anyone who's tried these methods in court.

There's also an excellent "Trustee-handbook.pdf" that you can download for free online, at this link: http://freedom-school.com/books/new-trustee-handbook-2008.pdf

Hope this helps.

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