Broken Links

Fill-in-the-boxes Templates that can be used to rebut a Summons or any Charge or Demand based on Statutes.

Broken Links

Postby Veronica » Fri May 15, 2009 9:04 pm

For some reason I occasionally get reports that the links to the Templates don't work.

Whenever I check (as I dutifully do) ... I always find the links work perfectly well for me.

Now ... bear in mind that I set up the links ... and their targets ... and I set them up correctly in the first place ... and tested them ... and have not changed anything that SHOULD have affected them in the meantime ... you can (perhaps) imagine that I'm not really surprised to find that they still work OK.

But I said 'SHOULD''. And any Programmer worth their salt knows "Never say never". Things that have no apparent connection can eventually be found that - in reality - they do connect ... in some very obscure ways.

That's "computers".

If you do find that a template Link doesn't work would you therefore please be so kind as to report "what you do actually get". For example to you get an Error 404 ... AND WHAT, EXACTLY, DOES IT SAY?

That may enable us to get to the bottom of this.

To be honest, a Print Screen would be nice. The PrtSc Key will place a copy of the screen on the Windows Clipboard. A basic application, such as M$ Paint, will enable Edit > Pasting it into a 'screen image facsimile', which can then be saved as a .JPG.

(You can chop out the bits that may be personal to your computer)

That's the best I can say. (Maybe you are Firewalled? It might be an idea to check your Firewall)

It seems that this problem may be due to using Google to try to find the template ... by Googling something too specific.

For example, Googling "fmotl fixed penalty notice" won't find anything ... and Google (MISTAKENLY) says "Broken link".

This is a mistake because such a link never existed in the first place. And, in any case, the template is the Charge/Demand Rebuttal Template (which incorporates Fixed Penalty Charge Notices)

Something like this is a better Google: "fmotl template". Although it is easier to find it directly through this Board, I would have thought.
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