Housing benefit

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Housing benefit

Postby Catfishale » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:05 am

Hello to all ye freemen out there much respect to I have a problem I got a letter from Rundle&CO ltd in relation to a housing benefit over payment of £814.29 the letter is as follows....... Our records show that the above sum still remains unpaid. We are now recommending to our client that they should commence enforcement proceedings via the county court should payment not be received within the next 7days . You should be aware that failure to respond to said letter may result in legal action ,without prior notice ,witch may lead to further expense and could damage my ability to gain credit ect bla bla bla letter signed by mr gaynor (funny name) sorry so my question what action do I take next the letter was dated the 17august sorry if this has been covered but am new to all this and feel I need some confidence in dealing with th is scum many thanks much love catfish ale
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Re: Housing benefit

Postby Dipsy » Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:33 pm

Challenge the debt! It has presumably gone to a debt collector so fire off one of the many template notices found on this site and get them to verify they hold a real debt and the money was lent to you and they are suffering a provable loss. Make sure you do the 3 part process. Give them 14 days per notice as time is short. If they are able to rebut your claim and prove its your debt with signatures then make an offer to settle the debt at a payment plan that suits you not them. Make it say 5 pound a month. It will takes years to repay but they cant do anything about it. Now there is no controversy and can not go to court as a private agreement has been reached between the parties. If this still goes to court then file all this paperwork under affidavits and agreements into the court then explain the court has no business in this case as an agreement has been reached. If you do NOTHING it will go to court and you will get a CCJ and the court will decided how much you must repay with costs.
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