Questionnaire For Irritating Doorstep Callers

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Re: Questionnaire For Irritating Doorstep Callers

Postby Joy » Sun May 15, 2011 11:16 pm

I have a poster on my door that says:





The police laughed at it a few nights ago and told me if it works they'll buy shares in it. I couldn't be bothered to explain to them that in combination with my audio-video recording of shouting out of a top window that "I charge money for my time and service, tariff is on the door" counts as 'a meeting of minds' and is therefore a legitimate business contract in the eyes of any court that I could take the matter of non-payment to. As long as I know their address and ID. It works when its needed, I caught the consensus terrorists a cropper last week, impersonating policemen they were, an arrestable offense!

My opinion is that anybody stupid enough to knock on a door that will cost them five hundred pounds to enter is evidently mentally unsound and an idiot not worth my bother of opening the door to in the first place.

The notice has been there a week and the door has not stopped yet...
Got some GREAT video evidence however.
And if they knock my door, I'm legally allowed to film them from my property, its only a manual surveillance camera after all.
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Re: Questionnaire For Irritating Doorstep Callers

Postby jive » Thu Nov 24, 2011 8:21 pm

Veronica wrote:(Slightly off Topic ... but what the hell)

Asking personal questions reminds me of a US Radio Quiz Show involving couples. Where one of the couple has to answer 3 personal questions about their relationship … and then the other is rung up, and asked the same 3 questions. If all questions are answered the same, then the couple wins a holiday.

Husband (on the show) is asked “When did you last make love to your wife?”. He says “This morning”. Then asked “Where did you do it?”. He says “Well, my parents are staying with us, so we did it downstairs, in the kitchen”.

The wife is then called and asked the same questions over the phone. She answers “This morning” to the first question.

To the question “Where did you do it?” she answers “Up the ass”.

North America went quiet for about 20 minutes.

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