Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby Highspirit » Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:07 pm

Thanks sophia, the other thing to remember as well is that the BC is a written contract that was entered into on your behalf for the 'Benefits' by your parents. The benefits of being a 'Corporate Employee' in the company called UNITED KINGDOM Ltd. Every 'Company' exsists only on paper and your Strawman's certificate of incorporation' is your BC.

Crafty bstrds aren't they.
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby Sophia » Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:55 pm

Greetings High Spirit!

Yes! and not only that, but I "knew" not to get one made up for my daughter and couldn't justify it to my 'conventional mind' and so I let it go - I could kick myself! Its not on my list of priorities now / well actually it sort of is - now that she's thirteen - she could re claim her birth trust now and copyright her name etc,.. you know ... the whole 24 yards .... is there some sort of age requirement, like in the land of statutes? I am just about to start typing out the notices, but am fighting a rearguard action against a swarm of credit card parasites :) and it's surprising me how much time it is taking up :grr: and my Mother died, my daughter is distraught etc etc .. you know - life :phew:

I have a request, since I can sense that there is quite a lot buried within the site which I am not accessing, partly because of my organic take on computers ( actually their operating systems and me not learning how to use them ) is there some way that one of the founders could allow me in - I am not looking to take anything on other than my credit cards which I am in the middle of anyway, and I already know the process to reclaim my status but I would really appreciate reading the posts which are a little deeper into the philosophy, I suffer from ridiculous self doubt and am hugely empowered when I see that I am on exactly the same (reasoning) path as those much much more experienced than myself. So it's not about quick fixes, rather a confidence fix ... :shake:

Blessings Bright,
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby huntingross » Mon Jul 27, 2009 7:22 pm

Hi Sophia

If you start a thread for a particular topic, some knight in armour will partner you (well it usually works out that way)
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby matnukem » Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:14 pm

hi sohpi i am also new to alot of this how much do you know? i looked you john harris on you tube and watch hes videos when a human being speaks to you it makes more sense give it a go i am also trying to get my credit card company scraped as i am also sick of being a slave if i can help i will .
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby KentB » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:37 am

On the Credit Cards.

Following the steps in Mary Crofts book "How I clobbered every Cash confiscatory agency known to man" works well anywere I believe. I have not paid them since January 09.

They will send the Credit collectors after you, but you just handle them with veronicas template for the purpose. I also added a fee schedule to that notice and start invoice them if they carry on their pursuit. With the crecit collectors, just do not give in to any of their threats or claims. Do not even submit to their Identification Producure "Could you please tell us the first line of your address and your date of birth?" Doing so could be seen as cooperating and grating them rights in the matter. I tell them to put anything they have to say in a letter. Tell them to produce the contract you have with them or the law they base their actions on. I have asked lots of them for this and no one have come up with a law and of course no contract since none exist.
Dont even acknowledge that there is a debt. Only ask them to prove their jurisdiction, or leave you alone. On one expecially annoying and persisting company I reported them to some official place for harassment or something, with a copy to them. That ended their engagement.

I have had no Card Company concede that there is no actual debt and closing the account. But once they had the matter tossed back to them by some Collection companies, they seem to give up and leave you alone. Getting the account closed is another matter.

Search the net for Marys free book. If you struggle to find it, you can get a copy on my site: (you have to join my list. But once you have the book, you can unsubscribe, if the book is all you want).

The key point in all this is to just stand your ground and toss the ball back to where it came from. Make no statements or claims, ask for proof, be polite but firm, reply to all letters. If someone claims something is a certain way, ask them for an Affidavit where they swear on their full commercial liability that what they claim, is the truth. So far no one has been willing to take that much responsibility.

Good luck!
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby Matt: Speake » Wed Nov 25, 2009 2:32 am

Veronica wrote:I get asked about how to word a Notice of Estoppel once the time period for objections has expired.

It's difficult to write a specific one, because it depends on circumstances, and what's been written in prior communications.

However, as a guideline, I suggest that it should be headed: Notice of Lawful Estoppel, and I suggest the letter should be 'wrapped around' the following:

It is My Understanding that it was lawful for me to send you the previous Notice.

It is My Understanding that I could and did provide, within that Notice, time for objections to be resolved honourably on both sides.

It is My Understanding that it is lawful for me to assume that, since you have not responded in substance (to the best of my knowledge) I have your tacit consent (by acquiescence) to … the statements I made/Proofs I requested … which now stand as My Truth, in Law.

It is My Understanding that it is now possible for me to assume that, since the proper time for your objections has expired, I have gained a lawful estoppel by your acquiescence.

It is My Understanding that I have acted in honour at all times, since you have not objected to what I said.

It is My Understanding that it is now possible for me to point out that you must henceforth cease and desist from all and any activity regarding this current matter, or that any further communications from you will be considered to be unlawful harassment, and can be disregarded by My Self without dishonour.

(Or something very much along those lines)

Thanks for this Veronica!
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby ROBBO1965 » Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:56 am

Sophia wrote:Ahh ... Thank you :sun: beaming now xxx
Just for the forum's interest - I looked at my daughter's birth certificate ( funny, I didn't want one - felt it was demeaning - now I know why ) which is Austrian ( although she is English ) because I happened to be in Vienna at the time ... accidental geography and all that - but her BC is all first letter of the names capital, and the rest lower case - any thoughts on this anyone? Does this mean that landlocked Austria doesn't operate this bondage system - I doubt it. I don't speak German so can't really go into it that deeply, but am curious as to how important this capital letter thing is - when it comes to establishing our freedom in law.
ps: this may well belong in another topic ..

I read this too, and was interested because my daughter was born in the Netherlands of British parents, and a British Birth certificate has never been applied for. TPUC have stated that The 'artificial person' is created and parents sign away legal rights to the 'person' to whoever the child is registered with? If that is indeed the case, then if all statutes apply to 'the person' because they are a member of the society to which the statute applies, The birth certificate giving title deed of 'the person' to society. Then surely in my case my daughters title is given to the society of The Netherlands, so that is argument that she is NOT a member of British society, and therefore statutes CANNOT be proven to be enforcable on her, whether she admits that the human being is attached to the name or not? If so then this should apply to the ladies case above to Austria. OR is it that because the nationality stated is 'British' then are they acting as 'agents' for the British society??
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby sanctus clarus » Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:48 pm

I cant remember everything I have read up on this, but when you are born to a place or country they automatically assume the new person is a citizen unless stated otherwise. The documenting process may be completely different in holland but the child's name tag is always documented along with the mothers second name and a new health service number for the baby. Sometimes the information is only needed for the purpose of school or work. So when you apply for the social security number you have become an employer and an agent all at once.

Its always best to set out what you believe in a claim of right etc, just to be certain and brake all known and unknown contracts as you come across them.
My grandmother was born on a boat.... sometimes regardless of place of birth, laws of land or sea, we have to see ourselves as human beings with natural unalienable rights. UN-Lien able Rights. See how that works.. no-one can place a lien on you.

Choose the Rights that would make the most significance to a peaceful life and write them down if not for protection but reflection.
Regardless If anyone has claimed to be the guardian of your kids by title or not have your own interpretation ready, write your own law.

sanctus clarus
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby Quietman » Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:50 pm

Hi Veronica regarding the BC, and Straw Man-Woman etc, so far there is no evidence that any of these exists, where has it been proven beyond all shadow of doubt that this is the case,I would like an answer to these questions for to put this most vexatious question, on which the whole question of "Freeman & Woman"hang upon :8-): to bed
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Re: Notice of Estoppel ... guidelines

Postby Veronica » Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:09 pm

Quietman wrote:Hi Veronica regarding the BC, and Straw Man-Woman etc,

You seem to have a fixation with Strawmen. Is that all you intend to post about?
Quietman wrote: ... so far there is no evidence that any of these exists,

What an AMAZING statement!

Allow me to correct it:

"So far I, Quietman, have seen no evidence that it exists, because I walk around with my eyes shut and my ears covered. I have never seen a Birth Certificate, and so I deny their existence. I have absolutely NO IDEA how this ties in with the "creation of money" because I'M TOO FUCKING STUPID to actually THINK. My aim in life it to very quietly - if I can - undercut all the good works that FMOTL does ... or at least see how far I can go"

Banned by Username & IP Address. Goodbye, Agent Quietman.
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