parking fines/tickets/penaltychargenotice

Fill-in-the-boxes Templates that can be used to rebut a Summons or any Charge or Demand based on Statutes.

parking fines/tickets/penaltychargenotice

Postby Roburkey » Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:47 pm

hi all

my first post, any information on how to deal with 10 PCNs, that are in my possession which I have no intention of paying, cant seem to find any current tips ie 2016
I have 'returned them to sender' then awaited the court letter which I addressed to the tune 'no NtO received', and so the circle begins again.

I have recently covered my vehicle with an awning, which completely covers the vehicle, this has so far worked as I watched the traffic warden (CEO) to the modern amongst us, walk around in a confused state of mind before walking off :clap:

Is there something I must do lawfully, to become a Freeman on the Land/independent sovereign.

Thanks for any forth coming help

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