Lawyers and what you should know.

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Cassandra - good catch, thank you for pointing out my error. On re-reading your post i do indeed find that you do not comment on the content at all. What you did was much more subtle (and, if i may point out, much worse) in that you disparaged the information offered by attacking the author's credibility based only (as far as i can tell) on the author's egoistic approach to presenting the knowledge. i don't know about you, but i consider that a fair price to pay (accepting the pissy, superior attitude) to have that knowledge. After all, he's not the only one with such an attitude. Please forgive my mistake in suggesting you were calling for a ban, as again the subtlety escaped me. You only implied that if you had the authority to ban him you would - that's much different (and again, much worse). The fact that you didn't see fit to air your opinion on the information presented may be seen by some as speaking volumes as to your intent. So just out of interest - what do you think of the information presented?
Hrp - bravo, buddy! Again, not all the info is new to me yet the way it is set out is extremely helpful and this post is now nestling in my digital archive. Please keep posting anything you might see as useful. iamani - not a you/bitch.
law is all is love is all is law
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

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THE TENDER FOR LAW: AGENCY (ARTIFICIAL PERSONS) FOR IDIOTS (c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION. It’s the ultimate artificial person. To understand what this means you should refer to my earlier articles. The Criminal Code of Canada states, inter alia [Source R.S., c. C-34, s. 2 “INTERPRETATION”]:
“every one”, “person” and “owner”
« quiconque », « individu », « personne » et « propriétaire »
“every one”, “person” and [ Ed. NOT ‘or’! it’s ‘and’! ] “owner”, and similar expressions, INCLUDE [ Expressio Unius Est Exclusio Alterius ] HER MAJESTY AND [ Ed. NOT ‘or’, it’s ‘and’, AGAIN! ] AN ORGANIZATION;
Before we cover HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION it is vital to remember why ARTIFICIAL PERSONS exist in the first place. The sole purpose of a PERSON is to act as a LEGAL AGENT. Remember that for later, it will become important as all PERSONS recognized LEGALLY are by their very nature AGENTS. In THE TENDER FOR LAW, we often define LEGAL as “it’s all accounting and surety”. Accountants set PUBLIC POLICY, and that policy determines which AGENCY pays. There are no PERSONS involved, only AGENCY. If you are acting as an employee for WALMART or an employee for the FBI, you are in fact an AGENT, not a PERSON. This would mean that WALMART or the FBI would be the SURETY for that AGENCY. This would mean WALMART and the FBI are SURETY for their AGENTS. My article on SURETY has already been published and if you haven’t read it you probably should do that now – instead of reading this.
Many of you are learning the hard way that the LEGAL MATRIX acts on PRESUMPTION. This is why your full name, address and date of birth are requested in all interactions with the government. You, the “NATURAL PERSON” along with an ORGANIZATION (the ATTORNEY GENERAL/government), form AGENCY. When you IDENTIFY yourself in this fashion you are accepting JOINDER, and henceforth you are HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION, just as an employee for the FBI IS the FBI. That is what AGENCY is.
FBI agents tend to IDENTIFY themselves as “Special Agents”. (I assume they make this declaration for the same reasons the Special Olympics do; it’s like the regular Olympics…only they’re retards. On that note, if an FBI agent ever calls you a “Conspiracy Theorist”, remind them that coming from the people who brought us ABSCAM, that’s pretty ironic. Look up ABSCAM – you’ll get the joke).
I’ve really tried to “dumb down” AGENCY as much as I could. An AGENT is a slave that represents the MASTER. The master is always SURETY. When you accept JOINDER by IDENTIFYING yourself with your first name, last name, address, and date of birth, you become HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION. You are now SURETY, and you must follow the rules of the organization. Otherwise, you have committed an OFFENCE.
Many of you are “offended” by what I say, especially piece-of-shit Christians (see what I did there?). When they cry about how offended they are, they seem to think that this “offence” give them some higher “victim” status. Here in reality the declaration, “I’m offended!” is simply whining. Now let’s shift over to a different JURISDICTION. If you are on an AQUILAE vessel, and I’m “offended“, that could be fatal. It’s a different JURISDICTION, and as of this writing I am the highest authority in that jurisdiction. This means if I’m offended, you’re likely going overboard. You already consented to those rules when you found yourself on board one of my vessels. If you’re dragged onto one of my vessels against your will, you’re definitely going to die anyway, and if you’re given any hope of survival it’s very likely someone’s just fucking with you.
Try not to miss the point here! If “offence” is legislated, and you identify yourself as HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION, being an AGENT thereof, you are subject to all the rules.
Look at the Criminal Code. Notice it doesn’t say the “Criminal Law”. It says CODE. You will see that it refers to “A general collection of laws”. When someone refers to a “secret code” they are referring to a “secret collection of laws”. Codes usually refer to specific subject matter such as Criminal Code, Code of Ethics, Probate Code, Penal Code. These things all apply to HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION.
In the UNITED STATES you are acting as AGENT for the current TRUSTEE. At this writing it’s “Homeland Security”. If you look at a passport stamp from the United States, you will notice that the stamp says, “Homeland Security”, and not “UNITED STATES”. The TRUSTEE has AUTHORITY to grant or refuse entry into the JURISDCTION, while that JURISDICTION is in RECEIVERSHIP. Since the UNITED STATES is running trillion dollar deficits, with absolutely no consequence, you very quickly realize that the UNITED STATES is in receivership (and has been since 1933). Within a generation, the United States went from “Republic” to “Nation of Trustees” – and nobody noticed. Research Woodrow Wilson and “The New Deal” with the knowledge you’ve gained from THE TENDER FOR LAW, and you will see the crime that has been visited upon you.
I fear with the apathy and ignorance of Commonwealth Subjects, the same fate soon awaits us in CANADA. UNITED STATES citizens have failed to notice that their country no longer produces anything except POLICY; policy set by accountants. These particular accountants are not working in your interest. They don’t care about PERSONS, they don’t care about individuals. They care about balancing the books, accounts and agency; in that order.
Now let’s cover your “ARTIFICIAL PERSON“. In earlier articles we covered the fact that your birth certificate is a security. It is also a bond, which affords you certain RIGHTS and PRIVILEGES. Chief amoungst those is your right to ACT as AGENT for HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION. While we’re on the subject of the birth certificate, a very disturbing trend is happening, and no one is noticing. Until recently all birth certificates had TWO SIGNATURES on them. This afforded you the AUTHORITY to sign as AGENT. Three signatures = BINDING LEGAL TRUST. Now I’m seeing examples of birth certificates that have only ONE SIGNATURE, so I sent my blood hounds after some answers, and what they returned was very interesting.
Somewhere on these new pseudo-certificates with one signature, there is universally a DECLARATION, usually at the bottom. It DECLARES that it is a “FOUNDATION DOCUMENT“. It really is that simple. Use of the birth certificate is acceptance of that fact, just as use of a $10 bill is acceptance of a TENDER FOR LAW. In this case the law in question is SURETY AND ACCOUNTING, and all the “codes” attached.
Now that we have a basic understanding of an “artificial person”, and we have established the global truths about all artificial persons, we can cover specific artificial persons.
In order to “act” LEGALLY, an artificial person is created. When you are issued a traffic ticket, you do not write your name down, an AGENT does. That agent, in this case a “Policy Enforcer” is TESTIFYING as to how you identified yourself. The identification you provide happens to contain your full name, address and date of birth. The only way you could have obtained this licence is either through a birth certificate, citizenship card, or valid passport. All three of these are revenue streams to Policy Enforcers. I’m hesitant to publish anything regarding “driving” vs. “travelling”, because I don’t want to give the FREE-DUMBERS ammunition. If you want to travel without a licence, use public or commercial transport, a livery service, or a horse and buggy. All three options require that somebody pays insurance – the third option is something you must pay. Paying an insurance POLICY is paying an artificial person to accept SURETY under certain conditions (codes). Here’s where the FREE-DUMBER argument falls down regarding travel and property.
You will hear these arguments from one of two sources. The first being natives and/or “aboriginals”; when they explain the law regarding travel and property, they are telling the truth. They have LEGAL STANDING to make this declaration, because it says so in countless TREATIES. When Robert Menard and Dean Clifford make this CLAIM they are simply lying through ommission; because if you are one of the invaders, which you are if you’re not native, you benefit from ongoing commercial warfare. Like it or not, if you are going to share the road with your fellow humans, the issue of SURETY is going to come up, especially if there’s an accident. A deadbeat like Robert Menard is never going to be able to support the needs and medical bills of someone he may have crippled while drunk driving one night. Here in reality his “100% responsible declaration” is bullshit by any LEGAL standard, and no-fault insurance only applies when both parties are insured. Even a horse and buggy needs a bare minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance. I know this because I was once the owner of a horse, and a buggy.
If you haven’t read “Insurance for the Inept” (appointed by Gail Blackman), you should stop and read it now.
Since 1982 I have run a private navy. The trust that holds that navy, also has its own currency. In 2010, the AQUILAE cryptic currency was commissioned, and the need for FIAT currency disappeared, except as regards insurance.
When you accept that the term “LEGAL” is all SURETY and ACCOUNTING, you quickly realize that everything LEGAL has a monetary value. There are no exceptions to this rule. Let me repeat that so your empty head will absorb it. All things legal have a monetary value attached, including SURETY. The FREE-DUMBER says he can drive without a licence, and he is telling the truth. The lie of ommision is that you cannot get insurance without a driver’s licence. In Common Law Jurisdictions LEGAL ACTS and STATUTES do not acknowlege your RIGHT to property; whereas in Civil Law Jurisdiction, the RIGHT to property is absolute. The LEGAL consequences of Robert Menard getting drunk and injuring somebody whilst “travelling with his property” will not be accepted by any other party; and the “wake up and be a FREE-DUMBER” line doesn’t really work when it comes to medical expenses and basic needs. Some highways are semi-private, and if a FREE-DUMBER drives down those they can expect to have a SWAT team arrest them and seize their “property”. This has happened on the 407 ETR more than once. Like everything else in LAW, FREE-DUMBERS lie through ommission. It is very easy to produce case law showing the courts acknowledge that use of the roads is in fact, a RIGHT, not a privilege. There are even high-risk insurance companies that will insure a vehicle without a driver’s licence, but the premiums will be $30,000 a year.
Back to “ARTIFICIAL PERSONS”. In my first article regarding PERSONS, we covered the fact that NATURAL PERSON = “Picking up the Tab”. Accepting and/or identifying yourself as an “INDIVIDUAL” means you are deemed to be a NATURAL PERSON. If you identify yourself as an INDIVIDUAL you are ACCEPTING SURETY by default. Since you’re picking up the tab, the government AGENT, attempting to impose commerce on you, will of course order the most expensive items on the menu. The courts recognize the government as a PRIVATE PERSON. If you are in court against your will you might find it useful to demand proof that the government has STANDING as a PRIVATE PERSON. This also applies in the UNITED STATES. If the court refuses to provide proof, INFORM the court that you intend to offer as PROOF FOR APPEAL an objection to this presumption of “PERSONHOOD” that the court has arbitrarily granted the government, and a demand for $1,000,000 SECURITY FOR COSTS. In Western Society, SECURITY FOR COSTS is a well-documented RIGHT. You are basically demanding insurance. Since it was offered as PROOF FOR APPEAL, and presuming the Appelate Court is following the rules, it virtually guarantees the case will be thrown out on appeal, for exactly the same reasons the government seizes Dean Clifford’s property; if it interacts with, and affects others, and it is not insured, it is the government’s mandate to remove it from the PUBLIC domain. If there was nobody on the road except you, it would be ok to drive without insurance. But there is…so it isn’t.
I too can travel the highways without a licence or insurance, because it turns out there are lots and lots of people who will happily drive you anywhere you want to go in exchange for worthless FIAT currency. Some of them are even good at it. One of my captains used to make a “hobby” out of collecting drivers’s licences, and had the bragging rights of claiming he’s one of the few people in ONTARIO that has an AZBM licence. This means if it travels on the road, no matter what it is, he can LEGALLY drive it. The “B” designation is apparently the hardest, because it required learning to drive a school bus. Apparently the test is rigid but he “aced it” because in reality he was just driving a big yellow truck designed to carry children without seat belts. From a transport perspective children really aren’t that heavy a payload.
…I digress.
When the courts were still following the rules, I always got a big kick out of the fact that you can sell SURETY ahead of time; and the government is compelled to buy it. If a JUSTICE grants SECURITY FOR COSTS the ATTORNEY GENERAL had better have the budget to cover it, or the case does not move forward. One PARTY is attempting to affect another, without insurance, just like when a FREE-DUMBER drives without insurance.
Many of you still cannot grasp cryptographic currency from a practical standpoint, yet none of you seem to have any trouble grasping the concept of CANADIAN TIRE money. CANADIAN TIRE money is issued as coupons that ACT as an internal currency. In many accounting circles this is often referred to as “brown currency”, as it is always circulating internally. Think of the concept of cryptographic currency as you would your own CORPORATION’S version of CANADIAN TIRE money. Large purchases can be made with CANADIAN TIRE money, but it cannot be exchanged for cash. However, you are free to exchange CANADIAN TIRE money for any purchase you agree to. Bars, during charity events, often accept CANADIAN TIRE money at par. This has the benefit of not being taxable, allowing the business to write-off the consumables as a CAPTIAL LOSS and/or INVESTED CAPITAL depending on the product and/or service being purchased. Keeping this in mind will remove any confusion you may have regarding creating your own bank/currency.
If you have accepted THE TENDER FOR LAW which FIAT currency provides, you will accept that the LEGAL MATRIX will deem it fact that the FIAT currency in question is good for “all debts public and private”. This is another “lie of ommission” that Robert Menard attempted to pipe out in his latest video about me. If you do not accept the currency in the creation of a debt, then that law doesn’t really apply. I will do absolutely nothing in commerce, especially for government, in exchange for FIAT currency. I simply do not accept the creation of that debt and/or contract as I have as a matter of PUBIC RECORD RESIGNED from government service. The INDIVIDUAL and all its titles are LEGALLY CLAIMED under the AQUILAE TRUST. This means that if the government wishes to impose commerce on me, they must pay that debt first. They can pay me in LEGAL TENDER, but that’s a quarter of a billion dollars; and if I’m given a quarter of a billion dollars worth of economic power over night, 100% of that worthless currency will be used to collapse the banking system and start a war. Let that serve as a warning to anyone who happens to be seriously considering giving us large amounts of money.
I will work like a slave for any contract that pays me in AQUILAE currency. AQUILAE currency is valuable money, and the TENDER FOR LAW attached to it, is whatever I say it is. Why? Because “fuck off that’s why”…it’s MY currency! If you don’t like it, go shop somewhere else. Besides, the FREE-DUMBERS say I’m mean. In their heads, “nice but inept” is far better than the truth. Apparently truth = mean. As actual legal knowledge starts bleeding out from THE TENDER FOR LAW, and the people from the “first wave” are starting to teach others, the revenue streams of the FREE-DUMBER gurus are in serious jeopardy. Robert Menard and his now notorious “Scott Duncan is wrong” Youtube Video, shows the desperation, because now the victims of the FREE-DUMBERS don’t have to suck-up the FREE-DUMB excuses like, “You just payed for my time”, and other bullshit platitudes to deflect SURETY. Now they have a weapon that hurts. That weapon is the declaration “Scott was right again”. That will cause the victims to come seeking real answers from a MEGA-PERSON…and that’s the last kind of PERSON we’re going to discuss. Menard can lie about what words mean, and beg for FIAT, while those that listen and understand what I’m desperately trying to hammer into your stultified brains, will the first of the pioneers. The Pioneers PROFIT, and the NEW economy will be YOURS TO COMMAND, but if you fuck it up, you will destroy yourself, just like Menard, only with less alcohol.
We’ll call it a pseudo-LEGAL term to make the courts happy; and over the next year it’s going to make the courts beg for the “good old days” of the FREE-DUMBERS. MEGA-PERSON will be the only real PARTY in Open-Source government. As you read this now, this sounds as incredible as making your own currency and bank, and learning to administer your affairs so you profit. The base framework has been layed out over the past 18 months. Some of you have casually studied, some of you were compelled to study through external forces, and a precious few of you dedicated every last free minute of time to study. Those precious few of you who fall into that category are the first to scratch their heads when people describe me as “mean”. You can call any of the AQUILAE officers or crew 24-hours a day, and all of them are mandated to have the utmost patience and to stay on the phone as long as they’re needed – and that’s just the “overflow” policy. I personally handle the bulk of the calls. It’s those precious few people that actually keep me going. When you understand what a PERSON is LEGALLY, and you UNDERSTAND what SURETY is, and who has it, all your concerns about money should just vanish. It is July 2014. It is my least profitable year ever. It has pushed the entire navy and every officer into personal debt, but we maintain the course because we know we have the answer to everything. We have computer science. Computer Science is going to replace government. Observe the wild ride of BITCOIN over the long term and you can observe computer science affecting reality. The block chain always maintains its regulated growth. Banks have tried collective pump-and-dump scams; and it immediately returned to its original growth value. When you look at BITCOIN over its entire existence, the “unstable” nature of cryptographic currencies becomes a lot less clear. There is a measurable straight line. It’s math; and 2 + 2 always equals 4. It doesn’t matter what you believe.
Over the next few weeks I will be introducing the component parts of the “MEGA-PERSON”. This LEGAL monster will be yours to control. It’s intent is hostile, and its purpose is to destroy millions of dollars in minutes (if it has to). This will implement governmental change. A MEGA-PERSON will have the economic power to destroy currency, because I intend to port government and law into the realm of computer science, just as currency already has. A “dress rehersal” is playing out today. Two competing currencies – one is debt and joinder, sold as “value”, the other is value with no debt attached, and temporarily no TENDER FOR LAW either. Etherium is going to change that. Etherium is THE TENDER FOR LAW attached to a cryptographic currency; and you have an unambiguous way to write the law. It then becomes evolution through natural selection. If you write “bad law” you have “bad currency”, and the market will automatically reflect that. This will plant the first seeds of “Open Source Government”. Policy Enforcers will be tasked with the integrity of POLICIES and the rules set out in real time by the people. You can repurpose these dumb thugs to follow orders enforcing laws that are generated in real time, and the dumb thug in question will be able to verify its authenticity instantly, and to deflect all SURETY for his actions. The law is written for Etherium, and once implemented, becomes verifiable at each step in any transaction. The fact the currency is being exchanged means there are two agreeable PARTIES with the computerized government/bank as the TRUSTEE. We will then make the system compatible with all cultures. You could write Sharia law into an Etherium contract, and computer science will determine if it’s compliant. Mullas will absolutely love that they can produce mathematical proof that his “flock” are “good Muslims”. Open Source law has to work for everyone; even those whose cultures and ideologies I personally loathe. Otherwise it’s just more tyranny deployed from someone of noble birth. If you think things are getting “hairy” with competing currencies, wait until a herd of MEGA-PERSONS form a competing government.
All of this has already started. Think of me as the anti-Christ of all PERSONS. Little niche services are already paying participants for their contribution. Name Coin is a good example. This is a robustly trading currency that pays you for providing DNS services. Each query that hits your contributing piece of hardware, whether it’s your phone, your iPAD or your desktop computer, will pay you in Name Coin. The payment comes with the query. The transaction is instantaneous, meaning your phone or your computer pays you for essentially being “turned on”. As connectivity becomes more and more standardized, off-the-shelf phones, tablets, laptops and computers can suddenly be a device that pays you instead of costing you. Staying in the realm of cryptographic currencies, a lot of money can be made by running a currency exchange. To avoid legal entanglements it is vital that no cryptographic currency that passes into your PERSON’s custody ever be converted to FIAT currency. Accepting the currency is accepting the terms. The terms are “LEGAL”, and it has been “TENDERed” with PROPER NOTICE. The JURISDICTION therefore is “LEGAL”; and ACCEPTING this currency ACCEPTS THE TENDER FOR LAW attached. Yes that even applies to MEGA-PERSON; and as we construct MEGA-PERSON you will learn why that LEGAL BINDING alone turns MEGA-PERSON into a dreadful LEGAL weapon.
So let this article serve as PROPER NOTICE that we are constructing MEGA-PERSON; since its mandate is by its very nature hostile and destructive to any and all PERSONS, PRIVATE and/or PUBLIC, who participate in FRAUD OF ANY KIND. This includes banks and government. If the government can make slave PERSONS, so can you.
I’m building an Empire of Math, and I don’t care if you CONSENT, because reality doesn’t care either. Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Those are your RIGHTS under Open Source Government until it’s deployed. The law will quite literally be written by the people. The Common Law will be integrated as much as possible, but more importantly the first wave will only exist to make it easy for the second wave. Just like in THE TENDER FOR LAW, only on a global scale. At the moment it sounds ridiculous, but I remind you that two years ago all of you thought that having your own bank/currency was ridiculous too. I know many of you have actually been affected by my writing/teachings at a very (dare I say?) PERSONAL level. And to those who feel that way, know that you are the “first wave”. You will teach those that follow. This is a time of war, hence my Churchill-like demeanor, but notice Churchill was immediately booted from office once the war was over. The same fate awaits me. The power I’m building for everyone cannot be in my control after all of us have won. As my beloved Tara has publicly announced that she seeks world domination, one of the first mandates of Open Source Government is to make sure that woman NEVER has control. Just trust me on this people – of the two of us, I’M the NICE one.
Anyway…over the next year, we shall be putting these pieces together. We are all going to draft law in controlled environments (for this we will use Etherium Alpha). We are going to leverage open standards for profit (like binding a Facebook account to its own currency), and we are going to put all these pieces together into something you can immediately use for your own personal gain and profit. This entire process is designed to excessively reward the “pioneers”. This is a double-edged sword. If you attempt to profit off of others, with no consideration (like current banks/government), the market automatically crashes your currency. Core laws and principles will be determined through universal consensus. Assembling legal contracts will become as simple as assembling Lego blocks, with the contracts and/or undertakings being as simple, or as complex, as the parties agree upon.
I end this article with a thought that I wish you to ponder. If all PERSONS have a monetary value attached to them, along with undertakings to various degrees, and like myself you have liened the LEGAL PERSON as PROOF of RESIGNATION from Government Service, and you have affixed a monetary value to that name, and it is now a fact under LAW until you (the Supreme Authority) say otherwise, you can take that value and LEGALLY UNDERWRITE (insure) your own PERSONAL currency.
…and that’s coming up this year. I’m going to teach you what the FREE-DUMBERS couldn’t…how to monetize your PERSON. As with everything else I teach, I do not charge money. Ever! All you have to do is (NOTE: I’m only writing this to make the FREE-DUMBERS sqwak and cackle), SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.
NOTE: You really DO HAVE TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD! The price of admission is the acknowledgement and acceptance that all of my AXIOMS are TRUE, and the very first AXIOM is YOU THINK WRONG AND VALUE THE WRONG THINGS. Over the past 18 months I’ve shown you why that’s true, and how it came to be. Now we’re going to do something about it. When I’m done everyone will think right, and will value the right things, and if they don’t a computer will make them. Imagine making law that says you specifically must be left alone, and your government enforces it. Imagine if everybody thinks right, and values the right things. Natural Law will become written law, all on an exponential curve to evolve our species. To evolve our societies, and above all, to evolve each and every PERSON.
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

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NOTE: You really DO HAVE TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD! The price of admission is the acknowledgement and acceptance that all of my AXIOMS are TRUE, and the very first AXIOM is YOU THINK WRONG AND VALUE THE WRONG THINGS. Over the past 18 months I’ve shown you why that’s true, and how it came to be. Now we’re going to do something about it. When I’m done everyone will think right, and will value the right things, and if they don’t a computer will make them. Imagine making law that says you specifically must be left alone, and your government enforces it. Imagine if everybody thinks right, and values the right things. Natural Law will become written law, all on an exponential curve to evolve our species. To evolve our societies, and above all, to evolve each and every PERSON.

Nothing like self confidence, eh?
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

Postby cassandra » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:38 pm

And you're asking this guy for more?

I really can't be bothered to sort through this. I did have a quick scan and it was just too painful. You'll find this info in fmotl archives.
“I don't want someone to influence me – I want someone who will teach me how not to be influenced.”
Raw information is informative. Information wrapped in rhetoric is attempted influence. And this guy sounds like a cult leader. God help us.
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

Postby hrp » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:54 pm

THE TENDER FOR LAW – APPOINTED ARTICLE – INSURANCE FOR THE INEPT – By APPOINTMENT of Gail Blackman (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
One of the great things about being in a law forum, run by a prorogued noble, is that you have the unique opportunity of posing the right question and always getting a near-magical answer; which causes something to flip in that little lump of protoplasm you laughingly call a brain.
… and everything becomes clear.
How many of you are kicking yourselves because you didn’t know what THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER means?
Well, this one’s no different.
Readers of this forum will notice I have a particular distaste for the Abrahamic religions. I have to tell you, it’s not going to let up in this article, because this article is about INSURANCE. We all know about INSURANCE. If you’re driving, you HAVE to have INSURANCE. Hell if you want safe harbour anywhere, the harbour-master will demand that your boat have INSURANCE.
So let’s look at the word. First the prefix “in”. What does the prefix “in” mean? Well, look at all the words that I use to describe all of you – Inept, incompetent, incapable, insecure, insincere, indefensible, inexcusable, ineffective…I’m sure you guys are getting the idea. And the rest of the word just refers to surety. In the end it all refers to surety and accounting — nothing else.
In order to completely remove surety (insure), another PERSON must take responsibility (SURETY) for your actions. This concept is in fact, FRAUD. Here in reality it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. I’ve leveraged that concept all my life. Let’s assume as I type this, I KNOW I am responsible for at least three homicides; but can you prove it? Let’s say you could. What if you decided I committed those homicides for the right reasons, and you decided that you were going to “do the time” for me. And while I certainly don’t want to discourage people from doing really nice things for me, you serving the sentence for me does not actually absolve me of the responsibility. You’re just taking the proverbial “hit” for me. Allowing you to do that time for me would be unethical in ways I won’t even cover here, yet that morally repugnant concept is played out daily – with INSURANCE.
Another PERSON assumes SURETY for your actions. This is why INSURANCE companies still refer to natural events/disasters as “Acts of God”. A delusional Christian fuck-wit brings this up weekly as though their INSURANCE policy validates the existence of God.
This is one of many uses for the Abrahamic religions. They socially-engineer concepts like INSURANCE so they are elevated from blatant unethical FRAUD to a necessity for daily life, and they will say you are foolish, or a bad person, for not having INSURANCE.How did they manage to pull that off? In my above homicide scenario, I explained the FRAUD in plain, unambiguous terms. Only the most ethically bankrupt amongst you will miss the point. The reason it has never occurred to you, is because of everybody’s favourite zombie-rape-baby, Jesus H. Christ.
As a little side note to Christians, as it may not have occurred to them, it’s NOT OK to impregnate women in their sleep! This should seem obvious but you’re a Christian — so you can never be too sure.
Anyway…where was I? …Jesus the zombie-rape-baby…right.
The whole Christian doctrine revolves around the assertion that Jesus-zombie-rape-baby died for your sins. Only Christians seem to be able to determine what these “sins” are; however, apparently having sex is a sin, and murder is a sin; hell, even thought crimes (impure thoughts) are sins. But don’t you worry, you horrible, wretched thing, Jesus the zombie-rape-baby has died for your sins. And if you can believe that, well then, Bob’s Universal All-encompassing mega INSURANCE policy (don’t forget to read the fine print) is for you (Act now, ’cause you know we can’t do this all day)!
One of the things all of you have to realize, especially the Christians, is that the entire history of the world was rewritten in the 1500’s. Shakespeare was introduced to inject “legalese” into the vernacular of the Angols. Translate any copy of THE MAGNA CARTA and you will notice no legalese ever appears in it. And my personal favourite is Christians that wave around the KING JAMES BIBLE. I can’t make this any simpler. It says right on the fucking cover who is scamming you!
Everything in the nobility is executed by APPOINTMENT, from social engineering projects like the KING JAMES BIBLE, to Dunhill cigarettes, because the Queen likes a certain type of tobacco. These products and “services” are executed with the presumption that they are in compliance with the Sovereign’s wishes, and notice is given on the product itself that it was created by APPOINTMENT, by the entity who appointed it.
The KING JAMES BIBLE was APPOINTED by King James. The technology had reached the point were mass production of print medium was possible. This meant that social engineering that normally relied on “word-of-mouth” could now have rigid change-control introduced. This meant the instructions for selling your daughter into slavery was consistent throughout the Commonwealth. This also introduced the concept of an imaginary rape baby taking responsibility for all the bad shit you do. Seriously that’s what you “bought”. There are people reading this who believe this to be true.
The whole “dying” thing is also a scam. That’s the zombie part. Zombie-rape-baby-Jesus supposedly came back to life three day’s after he died. Where’s the sacrifice? He wasn’t even out of commission long enough for his relatives to start fighting over his stuff. The very notion that “Jesus died for your sins” is nullified by the fact that he stopped being dead. He didn’t die for your sins, he had a bad weekend for your sins…and he slept through most of it. OK, I’m really Christian-bashing here. Let’s split the difference and say, “Jesus was sightly inconvenienced for your sins.”
I understand he was inconvenienced on a long weekend, too, which makes it really…bad?
I’m sorry, I’m really trying to ascertain how this equals all the bad shit you do. You Christians will claim this Jesus guy will absolve me of any wrongdoing because of the “sacrifice” he made, but I’m not seeing where this sacrifice is. I’m not mentioning this because I’m looking for convincing. I’m from that same group of guys that made this book, and that’s where the argument becomes moot.
I can’t stress this enough, but I’m one of the guys that’s in on the scam.
You’ll constantly hear me say, “Stop studying the clubhouse rules, because you’re not in the club.” I’m descended from the founders of the club. I would rather live in poverty than to live off your labour; although my position on this has been on a sliding scale of late. Of all the clubhouse rules, the bible in any form, should be avoided at all costs. It should be fought at every possible opportunity, and should be met with all the ridicule and contempt you can throw at it…
…because it deserves no less. It is an ethically bankrupt FRAUD…just like INSURANCE.
If you think I can make Christianity sound retarded, wait until I cover INSURANCE.
So let’s zoom back to when you were 16-years-old. You can’t vote, you can’t drink, there’s a question mark as to whether you can legally have sex according to where you reside, but there is one thing you can do — you can drive.
Hence you engage in the ego-building act of getting “permission to learn” from the government. So, at the whim of a paper-pusher who couldn’t get a job in the real world, you will hopefully be given permission to learn; and you will have proof that you have this permission when you produce a LEARNER’S PERMIT. And so every good Christian goes through this RIGHT OF PASSAGE where they are granted permission to learn. Gee willikers, it’s awfully swell that the government gave you permission to learn, huh?
But you’re just sixteen, remember? You’re not old enough to know of the real pitfalls of life…like dames and broads trying to play you for a sap (I’m laughing as I type this, because 1950’s movie-speak is almost as retarded as this generations’s pop-culture slang).
Now in order to exercise your newly-acquired “permission to learn” you’re going to need a vehicle, perhaps a car, which is a contraction of carriage…which is a LEGAL term, so don’t use it. But since you’re trying to be “LEGAL”, having been granted “permission to learn” (seriously am I the only one who finds that the most demeaning thing ever written on paper?), a car will do just nicely. But what if you get into an accident? It won’t occur to you that accident is just that – an accident. There is no SURETY, real or implied, for something that’s accidental. That’s what makes it an accident! There is no intent behind the damage. But if you subjugate yourself to a PERSON, that PERSON will assume full SURETY for any damages, and like zombie-rape-baby-Jesus, this PERSON only exists on paper. All of you consider it so real, that people are jailed regularly for “Driving without INSURANCE”. It sort of “drives” the point home, doesn’t it?
You have been pre-programmed to accept this subjugation, this ridiculous, FRAUDULENT, morally-bankrupt subjugation is a LEGAL necessity, and all of it deals with MONEY OF ACCOUNT. MONEY OF EXCHANGE never touches the equation. For those of you who are too lazy and/or stupid to learn the difference between MONEY OF ACCOUNT and MONEY OF EXCHANGE, one dollar in MONEY OF ACCOUNT is only capable of buying and/or cancelling another dollar in MONEY OF ACCOUNT. 90% of all money in the world is this type of money. It’s pretend. It’s not real. It only applies to the clubhouse rules, and it competes directly with the money in your pocket. This is the dynamic that everyone misses.
I hear lots of extremely accurate descriptions of how MONEY OF ACCOUNT is created, and they all come from idiots who know nothing about what money is. They’ll go off on some tangent about Lou Manotti and his evil henchmen, the Freemasons. …and lizards. There’s lizards somewhere in all of their crap, too.
Once again I’d like to digress and remind everyone that on every occasion that I required a mason, free did not enter into the equation. Masons are fucking expensive, and there’s no such thing as a free one.
…where was i?
THE TENDER FOR LAW is primarily about the money that carries that TENDER. There are lots of learned men who will talk endlessly about law. I have forgotten more about law than all of these men combined have ever learned. I say men because a woman’s brain simply would not be able to encompass the blatant lies that the travesty that we call law spews at them. Reading the writings of Mary Elizabeth Croft will provide you with one example of what goes through a thinking-woman’s mind when law is actually analyzed. You’ll notice the things I teach you here from a law perspective, are really simple. They are all created with the intent of getting you out of accounting and surety. I have declared publicly on the record that the TENDER FOR LAW that money provides is, in fact, a FRAUD. Most of you reading this are probably already painfully aware of this fact.
My entire life plan relied on the RULE OF LAW remaining intact, but when the time came for me to assert my RIGHTS under that rule, the pretence became blatant. Anyone else going through what I have, would have been defeated; but as I constantly point out, I’m descended from an evil, vile, pseudo-culture…and I’ve forgotten more about law than any of these people will ever know. There are lawyers that will testify to that fact, so it’s not like this should come as a surprise, but I have documented EVERYTHING. If it was spoken as regards me, I have a recording of it. If any name over which I have executive authority has been used in a document, I have a copy of it. Laid out on a time-line, the blatant FRAUD becomes irrefutable, conclusive proof of what everybody already knows.
I mention all this because what I’m describing is, INSURANCE. Notice that my INSURANCE is a little different than the good neighbours at, “State Farm”. It’s designed to put the SURETY where it belongs — not with me. The difference between the good neighbours at State Farm and me, is that I am not subjugating myself. My INSURANCE is real. It exists in the real world, and the more astute among you will see that I am pushing it all into a universe of virtual worlds.
When you understand what money is, you can construct money through VALUE.
If it exists in the real world, it has VALUE. Any currency used to track that VALUE, when exchanging goods, is MONEY OF EXCHANGE.
Bitcoin, on the other hand, does not exist in the real world. Only its mysterious creators have any COPYHOLD on the VALUE. That’s the thing about Bitcoin – in the end the guys that created it, get all the money. They get this because people volunteer to take alpha-test-grade, proof-of-concept code, and open their computers up to the Internet. They then give hardware-level access to their memory, processor, GPU and hard drive, to a rogue, autonomous process that their empty, little heads couldn’t even dream of understanding, with no one paying attention to its original intent — which is to prove that it could be done.
Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are doing this on purpose, because the VALUE is returned almost immediately. For Bitcoin has all the properties of gold, without the liabilities. Bitcoin is but one cryptographic currency. AQUILAE has its own cryptographic currency. It cannot be counterfeited, and is a near-perfect accounting mechanism. AQUILAE is not even a PERSON, it’s a TRUST. If a TRUST can have a currency, why can’t you? What I am building for everyone here, is a method to remove the middle-man. If you have your own currency, you don’t need a bank. If cryptographic currencies can’t be counterfeited, then it’s trade cannot be regulated. It remains within the private realm and the ease at which you can convert your currency to MONEY OF EXCHANGE anywhere in the world, is directly proportional to your VALUE. In the current economic framework, backed by debt-based FIAT currency, the only legitimate path to wealth is to produce, to make something in the real world that didn’t exist before.
Like every dollar in existence, all things of VALUE have a creation date and a death date. Whatever you produce must be built with that in mind. For instance, producing a plaque with a cheesy-Jesus slogan on it, actually has VALUE. Perhaps it has VALUE to its creator, but here in reality, that plaque with the cheesy-Jesus slogan, will find its way to a landfill very quickly.
This very article you are reading has a creation date, and a death date, and this is becoming apparent with the four threads that just magically disappeared here. Pierre destroyed the thread where he was bestowed his sacred, native name. The thread itself had VALUE, for it reflected the culture from whence Pierre came. The colloquial term, “fucking the dog” refers to bored, unionized workers taking their one-hour breaks between their fifteen minutes of actual labour. Look at any road crew in Quebec and you will see a working example of “fucking the dog.” And so, Fucks the Puppy was bestowed upon Pierre as an homage, and in an irrational fit of nameless rage Pierre destroyed the thread, which by the way, is the most labour I’ve ever seen out of labourer in Quebec. Ok, I don’t really feel that way about people from Quebec. Don’t quote me on it, but I’m pretty sure there’s an act or statute somewhere in Ontario that says I must make fun of people from Quebec. I’m also pretty sure there’s an equivalent act or statute for people in Quebec to refer to people in Ontario. Truth be told, one of the most inspirational people in my lifetime was Rene Levesque, and I strongly suggest that every single reader look at the history of this awesome shit-disturber.
Quebec politicians do some awesome things. For example, if you want to see awesome, political suicide, no one will ever beat Jacques Parizeau…but I digress again…
We were talking about INSURANCE.
My INSURANCE is my life plan. It’s way off track, and I need to get it back on track. But my life plan relied on the Rule of Law remaining intact. And while we weren’t looking, our RIGHTS got sold, and nobody bothered consulting us. My INSURANCE company went bust. The Rule of Law is not intact, and in my eyes they have forfeitted the right to exist; because I’ve made it very clear, that limited liability is a fallacious concept, and if I stand by and watch the GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO operating as “JUSTICE”, victimize the PUBLIC whose TRUST it holds, I become no better than you. I have a life plan that I must return to. I have a defective government process posing as “JUSTICE” and victimizing the citizens it has sworn to serve.
To return to my life plan under these circumstances is to make myself an enabler; and so I have a problem. For whether I like it or not, I’m one of the good guys, and it’s not a role I’m comfortable with. There are many reasons for this, one of them being that to be the good guy, I have to do both. I have to get “a” Rule of Law in place, one that serves the interests of the people it governs. Since I love spewing out spoilers I’m going to give the end of the story away RIGHT NOW! Why am I destroying your journey of discovery by giving away the ending? Because, FUCK YOU, that’s why! I may be the good guy, but I don’t have to be nice about it.
The only way to LEGALLY and LAWFULLY do what I propose is to restore EXECUTIVE POWER to the Monarchy for a period not exceeding five years. From this moment forward a primary focus of those who follow what I am teaching should be an investigation into why this is true. It is the only possible answer that has any chance of success. Over the next few weeks we will explore why giving executive power to a little old lady of Germanic descent, and nine Corgees, is a good idea. AND, because I’m right, everybody is going to find out the hard way, that it is impossible to prove that I’m wrong. That’s what makes it right!
As I explain, step-by-step, how I intend to accomplish this lofty goal, it will become readily apparent that I already have everything in place. I’ve planned for what’s to come. AND, before shit gets real, I’m going to train you all up to a level where you can think in a useful manner. By useful, I mean to YOU, because you currently think wrong, and VALUE the wrong things. It may be difficult to hear, but you’re programmed to be a useless, sack-of-shit. If you should produce any VALUE, the government is there to lie to you about that VALUE, and to trick you into thinking you owE THEM for being VALUEable. If I’m successful, all that stolen VALUE will be returned to the people it was stolen from. But what happens at the end of that five years? You see Elizabeth Windsor is the KEEPER OF THE TRUST. You see a little, old lady. I see an echo of a little girl that the world knew as Princess Elizabeth — and her plea to the Commonweath to come to her aid. This is the SOVEREIGN OF THE COMMONWEALTH, and she didn’t choose it. My grandfather taught me all I needed to know to TRUST Elizabeth Windsor. When the power is handed to her, she’ll know what to do with it, because she knows that even if she fails at what is surely a lifetime of planning, she has you and I, as INSURANCE.
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

Postby iamani » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:27 pm

Cassandra - thank you for the advice and wise words. The way i assimilate new info is to accept all (that doesn't immediately conflict with my current understandings) at face value and then hold it at arm's length while my subconscious digests it. Time and/or further data determines whether i embrace it or drop it. Maybe not the best system but it's what i got.
That influence quote - am i stating the obvious in saying it conflicts with itself? It's very clever. Btw i agree he does seem a bit culty, and i think he likes the anti-hero angle. Maybe he's going for a Snake-Plisskin-with-toothache theme. Unlike yourself though i find it rather entertaining - put it down to a difference in perspective.
Now i'm just being nosey - do you have a close relationship with your version of deity?
Hrp - damn right i'm asking for more! Cheers brother!
law is all is love is all is law
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

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THE TENDER FOR LAW: JOINDER FOR IDIOTS (c) 2014 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Well, spring is here. The days are getting longer, tulips and other spring shit are showing up; I’m sure somewhere there are robins and stuff, and the FREE-DUMBERS seem to have bred and left shit-stains all over. It’s time to do something about that.Today we are going to discuss the LEGAL NAME, the different case and spelling, and what it REALLY means.Your average FREE-DUMBER will say your capitalized name is a “CORPORATION”, and will attempt to sound smart by saying Latin phrases like, “Capitus Dickus Erectus“, or some other such nonsense that has no bearing on reality. The case and spelling of your name is the direct result of administrative policy – and nothing more. As many of you former fuck-wits have learned, none of this is hidden. They must give NOTICE, so they can make their presumptions, because “ignorance of the law is no excuse”.
Let’s just cover the various classes of names and what they mean here in reality.The GOVERNMENT (mistakenly) knows me as John Scott Duncan.The GOVERNMENT may also mistakenly know me as JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN….and the GOVERNMENT may FRAUDULENTLY “know” me as John Scott, DUNCAN.So what’s the difference? What do these names really mean? Since I always give away the answer right at the beginning, (this article contains spoilers), you’ll notice in the last example I stated it was FRAUD. Those of you with IQ’s above room temperature will realize that I do not consent to joinder with the GOVERNMENT, and therefore any indication of such joinder is FRAUD.
To be clear, John Scott, DUNCAN indicates joinder and is, in fact, FRAUD. It is in fact FRAUD because the AQUILAE TRUST exists. Those of you who have followed the history know that the AQUILAE TRUST was commissioned in 1982. In order to fulfill their duties, the commissioners of that TRUST, in order to act as trustees, MUST RESIGN from ANY and ALL GOVERNMENT service. Emphasis on the word, RESIGN. Say the word out loud – “RESIGN”. Not “NOTICE OF FREE-DUMB UNDERSTANDING AND RETARDEDLY CLAIMING LEGAL RIGHTS”. Seriously, Free-Dumbers! What the fuck is up with that? I know there are some stupid dumb-ass FREE-DUMBERS reading this, so answer me this; If you’re claiming “RIGHTS” from an ORGANIZATION that only has LEGAL RIGHTS to “OFFER”, exactly what kind of rights do you think you’re CLAIMING?
…I digress.
Put yourself in a GOVERNMENT worker’s shoes. In this example we’ll use one of the infiltrators who are currently residing in this group. Suspending disbelief to an extreme proportion, we’ll cover the extremely unlikely scenario of one of you infiltrators realizing that you’re a worthless sack-of-shit who has trouble looking at himself in the mirror, and realizing he has some atoning to do (I say “he” because women who work for the GOVERNMENT are are infected with STUPID CUNT SYNDROME and nothing will cure them). Let’s say our infiltrator has decided he doesn’t want to work in this job anymore. He wants to quit; so of course he immediately writes his supervisor A NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND CLAIM OF RIGHT…
That’s not what they do?
Well, that’s the last time I listen to Robert Menard!
I’m completely stumped now. I don’t know what that GOVERNMENT worker would do if he didn’t want to be a GOVERNMENT worker anymore. Perhaps if all the Christians here could pray really hard, the answer would come to me!
…nope! Gettin’ nothing.
You’re just not praying hard enough I guess.
…Ok, I’ve pushed the joke as far as I can.
Let me give a preemptive, “Eat a dick!”, to any and all FREE-DUMBERS who are thinking of posing the proposition that “NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND CLAIM OF RIGHT” is the same as resigning. IT’S NOT. I guarantee that you have never resigned from a job with a “NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING AND CLAIM OF RIGHT”, and until you do… Eat A Dick. I
n the early days of THE TENDER FOR LAW Tony “sounds-like-he’s-got-a-dick-in-his-mouth” Butros would “demand proof”. He thinks idiotic concepts like “STRAWMAN” are sacred doctrine, but he’ll “demand proof” of what’s right in front of him – even though it’s self-evident.
Let’s go back to 1982. In 1982, Elizabeth Windsor was COMPELLED to ratify the UK CANADA ACT, 1982. You don’t know it as that. You know it as the “CANADIAN CHARTER OF RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS”.
Since I’ve spent the last month pointing out in pain-staking detail, everything Dean is WRONG about, I feel it is my duty and obligation to point out the things he is RIGHT about. He is right about citing and standing under the CANADIAN BILL OF RIGHTS, 1960, if you are going to ACT in a LEGAL capacity. Looking it up on Wikipedia, I showed you in an earlier article, the weasel-words they used to define it. Wikipedia parrots the same as every other source on the subject. My personal favorite is when they say that the 1960’s BILL OF RIGHTS was “ineffective”. They just neglect to state who it was ineffective FOR. It protected too many rights and courts had difficulty obtaining JOINDER. The UK CANADA ACT “solved” this problem by making every “CITIZEN” an AGENT of the CROWN. AGENT of the CROWN. This is the point I want everyone to pay attention to – the “LEGAL mechanics” of this presumed agency.
Let’s look at the word, “agency”. In this example we’ll work with everybody’s favorite “AGENCY”, the NSA, or National Security AGENCY. The NSA is an ORGANIZATION of AGENTS executing POLICY. Those who execute POLICY through AGENCY do so FOR an ORGANIZATION. This is the point at which we have to get out our decoder rings. You will recall the Maxim of Law which states essentially that, “the inclusion of one thing excludes everything else”. You’ll also recall that (at least in Canada) EVERYONE INCLUDES “HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION”. If you are an AGENT of the CROWN, by default you are ACTING as AGENT of HER MAJESTY.
Let’s go back to the NSA. In this parallel model “HOMELAND SECURITY” will be playing the role of HER MAJESTY. The NSA plays the role of THE ORGANIZATION of AGENTS who EXECUTE POLICY from HER MAJESTY. It doesn’t matter what document or title you give dumb plebes who only obey orders, to use, you simply have to have this mechanism in place.
ORGANIZATIONS with AUTHORITY acting on the MANDATE of a “HIGHER AUTHORITY“: You have been programmed with this mechanism since childhood. Idiotic theists belching bullshit like “Law comes from the Creator” or “God” are a good example. Here in reality this is simply a mechanism that’s in place to trigger your programming. LAW always comes from “HIGHER AUTHORITY”. Those of us who exist in reality will very quickly see that it doesn’t matter if that “HIGHER AUTHORITY” even exists. That’s never a question in LAW. This is why obedience to authority is instilled as a “virtue” at a very early age. That is the mechanism of the Noble Lie. All this “law” everyone is on about, comes from nothing. All of YOU put this mechanism here, and through your own programming, allowed the banks to take over. To this day the GOVERNMENT borrows from private banks, instead of your bank. Under the “Supreme Law of Canada” it has been going on for so long, you don’t even have the right to have a court hear this blatantly ILLEGAL act. The “AUTHORITY” doesn’t exist and they disclose it; and now you’re left with an automated, self-maintaining mechanism of stupid GOVERNMENT plebes acting on “orders” from “someplace else with higher authority“.
Here’s how it works. The UK CANADA ACT starts out with EVERYONE, even though the term is undefined. It cites “God”, more specifically the Catholic God as the SUPREME AUTHORITY. I’m not making that up. This part of the LEGAL mechanism quite literally says, “it came from God, we swear, ask the pope”. Those who actually believe in “God”, especially the Catholic god, fall into one of two categories here in reality. If you believe in the Catholic god, you are either delusional, or you are a FRAUD artist. There are no other possibilities. The guys who invented the Ouija board know it doesn’t work. They know this because they invented it. The Nobility invented your god in the 1500’s, KING JAMES BIBLE – it says who’s scamming you right on the cover. It’s copyrighted.
Here in reality God isn’t real, just like Harry Potter isn’t real. Harry Potter is copyrighted as well. The only reason you copyright anything is because you MADE IT, and you want to sell it LEGALLY with LEGAL protections. Those are the only things a copyright is good for. Everyone follow so far?So, here in reality, a bunch of nobles in the 1500’s MADE up some shit and copyrighted it under the new LEGAL mechanism that they made up. The population after two generations of indoctrination in the new KING JAMES BIBLE think “The KING JAMES BIBLE is true because it says it’s true in the KING JAMES BIBLE”, is rational thought.
This means you’ll look at any LEGAL mechanism and think the SAME bullshit – “LEGAL stuff is true because it says so in this LEGAL document”. As soon as you accept this ridiculous concept AS true, there is JOINDER. You’ve sat at the table and you’ve started moving chess pieces around, and joinder is presumed. You are playing a game of chess. However, LAW is slightly different. The key point all of you seem to have missed in my last document is that LAW only operates under “PRACTICING” DEFINITIONS, as LAW HAS NO DEFINITION IN LEGAL JURISDICTION!
As late as 1972, the House of Lords was debating whether LAW even SHOULD be defined, and if it was even a DESIRABLE thing to do! That’s the last time the issue was ever discussed. So when you hear the word “LAW”, and/or weasel word phrases that have no definition, such as “The Rule of Law”, know that all these things are UNDEFINED. It is the reason LEGAL documents need a “Definitions” section, as LAW itself is undefined.And now I must stop and focus on a few key points.
First I want to put this to rest once and for all. Everything you read in this document regarding the NAME, BIRTH CERTIFICATE and STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, is FACT. I will NOT tolerate ANYONE saying different. Any FREE-DUMBER, or deluded Christian who says otherwise is LYING TO YOU. They are either lying to you with INTENT, or they are lying to you as an AGENT of the Nobility. Here in reality they are doing it in the capacity of DELUSION, or FRAUD. To quote from one of my previous articles (just search for “Where Dean Fucked-Up”), “Dean would have been better off coming into court waving Tricia Helfer’s STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH around”. I stated unequivocally that the introduction of the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, gave THEM JURISDICTION the moment he CITED his STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH.
So let’s get “up close and personal”. We are going to extrapolate backwards here in reality. Here in reality, before you were conscious and aware, it is a foregone conclusion that at some time in your past, your mother decided that “tonight you weren’t going to be a blow-job”, and thus you were conceived. Legally this has nothing to do with “life”. I cannot go to the Registrar General and find a “STATEMENT OF CONCEPTION”. I can, however, find a STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. It’s a STATEMENT, just like “I have a large penis” is a STATEMENT. Let’s look at the weight of statements. If I write the words in this document “I have a large penis”, the truth of that statement is different to every reader. Those with no experience with my penis will have to rely on belief and/or trust that the statement is true. However, if Tara makes the statement, “Scott has a large penis!”, it is only your endorsement of Tara’s word that gives that statement “weight”. Therefore even the most dim-witted FREE-DUMBER will see that, in their empty little heads, STATEMENTS from third-parties have more “weight”. If your mother gave birth to you and then immediately drafted a document titled… oh, let’s say, “STATEMENT OF SQUIRTING OUT A KID” with some boiler-plate legal crap about how she just squirted out a child: While this MAY have SOME “LEGAL weight” in the form of “SWORN STATEMENT” it does not have the same weight as that same statement backed by witnesses. If you’re a FREE-DUMBER your parents were likely hillbillys or at least living in a trailer park. On the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, your parents told the author of this STATEMENT what they were going to name you. This name was likely a name that wealthy and/or famous people name their children because, that’s what hillbillies, and people who live in trailer parks, do. …and none of you FREE-DUMBERS have original thought, anyway.
…again, I digress.
Sorry :(The third-party making this statement, and witnessed by your parents, have now LEGALLY recorded an EVENT. Events in LAW ALWAYS function in legal mechanisms as a catalyst, or “fuel” to give the legal mechanism “motion”. Motion is always forward momentum, both in law and reality. I just know there’s a FREE-DUMBER right now going, “Duh, dat’s not true! I can put my car in reverse.” To which I respond, “Eat a dick…you’re too fucking stupid for words. And your only purpose in life is for me to make fun of you.”
Being a prorogued noble, I am very familiar with what everybody likes to refer to as “The Matrix”. For me personally, it spans even farther, because it covers all the definitions of “The Matrix”. Hell, my brother even went all “Wachowski Brothers” on everyone, and made himself a girl. No, Really. …so don’t talk to ME about the fucking Matrix! We’re only concerned with the LEGAL Matrix, which you will find is actually legally defined. If you wish to look further into this, I’m sure Derek Moran would like to circle-jerk with you to clubhouse rules for a club you are not part of. You can cum on his face in an orgasm of enlightenment. Here in reality, the only thing you need to know about the LEGAL definition of MATRIX is that it requires a FOUNDATION and/or SOURCE “authority”. Anything regarding your name starts from that FOUNDATION DOCUMENT that you know as the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. It was AUTHORED (AUTHOR, AUTHORity. Everybody get that?) by your parents and the doctor that delivered the baby. Though the form that the STATEMENT was AUTHORED on may have been supplied by the GOVERNMENT, there is no mention of the GOVERNMENT and/or LAW on this STATEMENT. This STATEMENT is simply a record of an event that is now LEGAL FACT. Should this document enter LEGAL jurisdiction, the weight of this third party sworn STATEMENT means that the contents of this STATEMENT are LEGALLY indisputable, and therefore meets the LEGAL requirements of a MATRIX FOUNDATION. Using the LEGAL weight of this document, the GOVERNMENT, under the AUTHORITY and INSTRUCTION of your parents, SECURED the LEGAL RIGHTS of any value that FACT (being your name) may generate, henceforth. Because your parents were the GRANTORS of this “psuedo-trust” and the act of SECURITIZING your NAME is now complete, the GOVERNMENT henceforth can now LEGALLY presume ENTITLEMENT to all value attached to the SECURITIZED NAME. Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE, certifies this as fact under LAW.
But what exactly is your BIRTH CERTIFICATE? Your BIRTH CERTIFICATE has absolutely nothing to do with your BIRTH. It exists because the information on that STATEMENT functioned as a catalyst for the CREATION of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. When the REGISTRAR GENERAL tells the public that their only role is to “record events”, they are making a Robert Menard-grade lie of omission. When the REGISTRAR GENERAL states that they only record events, it is your own moronic ego that makes you presume the EVENT that they recorded was your insignificant birth.
Here in reality, the BIRTH CERTIFICATE is a PUBLIC RECORD that a CROWN ORGANIZATION was ORGANIZED on that date. Confused yet? Let’s look at all the words in a Tender For Law fashion. In our parallel example, the NSA is an ORGANIZATION. While an ORGANIZATION is NOT a PERSON, it does have the ability to ACT as a LEGAL PERSON. In doing so, it has the LEGAL RIGHTS of a LEGAL PERSON. This means that an ORGANIZATION ACTING as a LEGAL PERSON may hold an INTEREST IN PROPERTY, may ACT in COMMERCE (but only through TENDER), and has the LIMITED LIABILITY of a CORPORATION. This is why AGENTS of the NSA MUST be BONDED (SECURITIZED), and INSURED. It’s Proof, and AUTHORIZATION to ACT as AGENT for the ORGANIZATION that you have JOINDER with.
Let’s say tomorrow, you wish to join the ranks of the NSA. You approach the NSA and you tell them that you have no problem being a worthless, parasitic douchebag that gets paid with money that is taken by force from others. They, as fellow douchebags, accept. This means that you must be BONDED and INSURED, and receive special schooling so you can be QUALIFIED to be a PROFESSIONAL douchebag. As a result of this AGREEMENT, the ORGANIZATION called the NSA, ORGANIZED itself to ACCOUNT for its new AGENT.
Let’s snap back to reality and examine the parallel. We will walk through the thread of this MATRIX, step-by-step, starting with the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. THE STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH became “real” when your parents, and the doctor signed it. If you look at this piece of paper, you’ll notice the paper does nothing. It does not move, it does not “perform”. It is, in fact, here in reality, a piece of paper with data on it. It has about as much power to affect the real world as a corpse does. It doesn’t matter how much you believe in zombies, it’s still just a piece of paper with data on it. (Spoiler: The data in question, is in fact, when your parents INFORMED against you.) It is a DEAD INSTRUMENT that facilitates presumption only! …Such as, oh, I don’t know, “you’re a child of UNKNOWN PARENTAGE”. Things like that. The only reason this “LEGAL STATEMENT” exists is to TENDER LAW. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is in fact PROOF that the GRANTORS of the STATEMENT “YOU (insert name here) are of UNKNOWN PARENTAGE”, as STATED in the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, and the STATEMENT is, in fact true. It’s so true that it’s CERTIFIED.
Note that the BIRTH CERTIFICATE and the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH have absolutely nothing to do with each other. If you actually examine a STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH, you will see that it only contains INFORMATION. It does not CERTIFY anything. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE CERTIFIES the INFORMATION “found” on the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. This triggers a “red pill/blue pill” fork in this MATRIX. To explain what I mean by this, we have to jump back to the NSA.
When we left our parallel, YOU have begged to be a PROFESSIONAL douchebag and the ORGANIZATION ACCEPTED. Each time an ORGANIZATION aquires a new AGENT, the ORGANIZATION itself must be RE-ORGANIZED, because an ORGANIZATION is just as dead as your STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH. It’s a piece of paper, here in reality. It won’t go shopping for you. It won’t give you a blowjob. (But if used properly, it can rob a bank for you! To see examples of this, refer to… pretty much anything that happened in 2008). The point is, it’s just a dead piece of paper. In order for the MANDATE written on a dead piece of paper to have “life”, something ALIVE must ACT as a PROXY to affect the real world. Since we’re pretty much the only LIVING species on the planet that has any hope of even reading the information on this dead DOCUMENT, it means that a MAN (don’t use a woman, she’ll just fuck it up!), must ACT as AGENT on BEHALF of the ORGANIZATIONAL ENTITY. Because it is an ENTITY. It is an ENTITY that ACTS as a PERSON. An AGENT does not ACT as a PERSON.
I’ll say that again: An AGENT does not ACT as a PERSON. Ever. Not even once! If you’re an AGENT of the NSA, that’s what you are LEGALLY. You are not a PERSON named Agent (insert name here). An AGENT is a TRUSTEE for the ORGANIZATION it REPRESENTS. When an NSA AGENT shows you his BADGE, he is showing you a COPY of the PUBLIC RECORD of an ORGANIZATION called the NSA. The NSA is an ORGANIZATION that exists to EXECUTE real world tasks through AGENCY with the AUTHORITY of HOMELAND SECURITY(HER MAJESTY).
That’s as dumbed-down as I can make it. I hope you can see the parallels, but I’ve dedicated all the work I’m going to, to dumb it down. The subject of this article is JOINDER. It took this long to set the stage.
JOINDER is one of those interesting LEGALESE words that has no English synonym. As a result, this PURE LEGALESE has “leaked” into English. Those of you who have been studying remember your very first revelation that the LEGAL DEFINITION of “PERSON” is not the Oxford English DEFINITION of PERSON. In fact, they had two very distinct DEFINITIONS, one of which, you didn’t know. JOINDER is not like that. JOINDER is 100% LEGALESE. Some years, the Oxford Dictionary mentions the word as a “colloquial term” but most editions exclude it altogether. A recent Google search revealed that this week’s Miriam-Webster Dictionary includes a very concise DEFINITION and so, a pretend word has become real. Therefore, JOINDER is a LEGAL term. Even its English references say it. In this forum (THE TENDER FOR LAW), we define LEGAL as “It’s all SURETY and ACCOUNTING”. Since we want to avoid the SURETY and ACCOUNTING that is LEGAL JURISDICTION, we most certainly want to avoid JOINDER. This means JOINDER of ANY sort. In the old days, when owning SLAVES was a lot more personal, SLAVES often traveled from the plantation under LICENSE from the plantation OWNER. The SLAVE in question often had a BRAND. This brand is a “Portable Public Record” and indicated who held LEGAL TITLE to the SLAVE. The SLAVE was PROPERTY, not a PERSON. The GOVERNMENT OWNS all PROPERTY. A PERSON is not PROPERTY. An AGENT is not a PERSON. A SLAVE can perform tasks on behalf of its plantation OWNER, and to complete these tasks, the SLAVE may be required to ACT as AGENT for the plantation. The slave is at NO TIME, CONSIDERED A PERSON. The slave is considered an AGENT. The BRAND is the PUBLIC RECORD as to what ORGANIZATION (Plantation) the SLAVE is ACTING as AGENT for.
Moving back to the present and the examples of the name “John Scott Duncan”, you will notice earlier in this article I DECLARED one of them FRAUD. You will recall this as “John Scott, DUNCAN”. This version basically says that the particular freerange cattle known as “John Scott Duncan” has been “BRANDED” with JOINDER. It is an indication that this particular version of the BRAND may be immediately MONETIZED as there is no question of JOINDER. Presented as John Scott, DUNCAN, the name is a PUBLIC RECORD of JOINDER WITH UNDERTAKINGS. Since this cannot be true, the very presentation of “John Scott, DUNCAN” in a LEGAL capacity, is ALWAYS FRAUD.
So, let’s go through how the LAW SOCIETY categorizes the freerange cattle that are their “WARDS OF THE COURT”. As freerange cattle that is PROPERTY of the GOVERNMENT (an ORGANIZATION), you need to be ACCOUNTED for. Just like cattle. Depending on how your name is spelled, and what follows will likely make Derek Moran cry as this is one of those “Gold Nuggets” every one keeps referring to:
john scott duncan = a man. A Semi-evolved chimp, that made it this far.
JOHN SCOTT DUNCAN = LEGAL NAME, LEGAL ENTITY, REGISTERED CROWN ORGANIZATION. This is where all the ACCOUNTING and SURETY happens. When you use this name, you are ACTING in COMMERCE. When you use this name, there is always a MONETARY VALUE attached to it. Under ADMIRALTY JURISDICTION this would be a “VESSEL”.
This means that “dean clifford” is in jail. Here in REALITY, he physically occupies space in a jail. The reason “dean clifford” is in this unfortunate circumstance is because he waived around a STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH claiming that “dean clifford” was in fact “Dean Clifford“. This, of course, is untrue, as the STATEMENT OF LIVE BIRTH is just a dead INSTRUMENT with INFORMATION on it. However, it is in fact the FOUNDATION DOCUMENT for the SECURITIZATION of “DEAN CLIFFORD”, which “dean clifford” has also been “found” to be a HOLDER OF. As this is all FRAUD, he simply cannot be a “LAWFUL HOLDER”. This means “dean clifford” is now in fact “Dean, CLIFFORD”, and is therefor ACTING in the role of HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION!
You’ll recall when JOINDER occurred in an earlier article. Dean, CLIFFORD is now, in fact, a PUBLIC RECORD of JOINDER. LEGALLY this name does not, and cannot, mean anything else. In other news, regarding Dean, CLIFFORD: Dean, CLIFFORD, who was until recently facing FEDERAL WEAPONS CHARGES, has decided to try his hand at “bought and paid-for POLICE INFORMANT: WEAPONS DIVISION”. As I understand it, his “WEAPONS CHARGE” was a fully loaded .25 caliber “PROHIBITED WEAPON”. This carries some pretty stiff consequences, if CASE LAW is a record. Since they’ve already confiscated the WEAPON, the ACCOUNTABLE MAN (AGENT) must be called to ACCOUNT. This requires significant preparation. It requires INFORMATION to be gathered. While this process is occurring, the POLICE and the CROWN will attempt to “make a deal”. If you’re busted for a small amount of drugs, they will “make a deal” so they can get to a larger cache of drugs. They’ll expect you to “rat someone out”. Since the dropping of the FEDERAL CHARGES is a pretty sweet deal, and you don’t want to rat out your supplier, it’s much easier to pick a “disposable target”. If you don’t want to rat out who supplied you with a gun, you simply pick somebody else, who you don’t give a shit about, and leverage the fact that they have several LEGAL and LAWFUL firearms in their possession, and ignore the fact that they have nothing to do with your shit, and point the police there. You can do this by manufacturing “EVIDENCE”. The quickest way to do this is to state on the open, recorded telephone line in a REMAND CENTRE, the First Name and Last Name of your intended victim. You then lie that he’s a “good friend”, and throw in lots and lots of TESTIMONY on his “expertise in weapons”. Use the term “Weapons Expert”, just to drive the point home, and watch your charges magically disappear. Disposable patsy gets raided by the cops and has his guns seized, and Dean,CLIFFORD gets to walk, as there are only “traffic offenses” left, and they can’t cage you for those….except the “disposable target” in question, is OUR FRIEND. He’s YOUR friend, and has ALWAYS been lurking here. Now Dean, CLIFFORD has formed hostile intent against OUR FRIEND. That is a debt I intend to enforce.
So, watch for Dean’s emergence from DETENTION in his new role as “Rat for the CROWN”. It’s all bought and paid for! Remember, you heard it here first. TODAY’S DATE IS MAY 5th at 3:30am (BEFORE his next hearing). Let this serve as NOTICE of these FACTS.But hey, don’t let that put you off of going to his next seminar!
This article is part of a series of articles from
UPDATE: Province took custody of the Federal Charges. Now he’s trying to contact the russian embassy (?) and he will likely be there for another 8 months.
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

Postby cassandra » Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:22 pm

Now i'm just being nosey - do you have a close relationship with your version of deity?

I harbour no such delusions as a belief in the existence of deity.
Having a belief must be a terrible thing to live with. .
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

Postby iamani » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:44 pm

Thanks again hrp, as long as you can be bothered to post, i'll read it and appreciate it!
Cassandra - might i suggest you may be confusing belief with blind faith? After all, civilisation does seem to revolve around belief in every conceivable way.
law is all is love is all is law
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Re: Lawyers and what you should know.

Postby Dreadlock » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:24 am

An interesting mix of truth and bullshit from hrp.

If you are on an AQUILAE vessel, and I’m “offended“, that could be fatal. It’s a different JURISDICTION, and as of this writing I am the highest authority in that jurisdiction. This means if I’m offended, you’re likely going overboard. You already consented to those rules when you found yourself on board one of my vessels. If you’re dragged onto one of my vessels against your will, you’re definitely going to die anyway, and if you’re given any hope of survival it’s very likely someone’s just fucking with you.
Try not to miss the point here! If “offence” is legislated, and you identify yourself as HER MAJESTY AND AN ORGANIZATION, being an AGENT thereof, you are subject to all the rules.

He obviously knows that a vessel IS a PERSON - but he has not, as of yet, actually revealed that vital piece of information. Indeed, he has only mentioned the vessel as it pertains to his own little empire - completely failing to mention that it also applies to the governments we all know and love.

In fact he is playing with the word "person" quite ruthlessly, from my perspective, and in so doing is no doubt misleading people. Is this his intent? I think so.
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