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Monday, 8th November 2010

PostPosted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 5:23 pm
by Veronica
What has happened to me since I started FMOTL in February, 2009?


10 - 15 (lost count) letters from TV Licencing ("URGENT ACTION REQUIRED");
10 or so (lost count) letters from Thames Water (mostly returned "NO CONTRACT = NO OBLIGATION");
4 or 5 letters from the DVLA threatening "procedure" if I did not Road Tax or SORN three conveyances (one of them not actually belonging to me … I told a friend she could use my address …);

Threats (with menaces) from:
Islington Parking Services,
Collect Services (including the threat of an 'invitation'),
Frederickson International (and their in-house Solicitors Bryan Carter & Co … who I told were "quite obviously mentally-retarded wankers, otherwise they would not have sent me their letter ..."),
The Congestion Charge 'lot',
Ealing Borough Council,
Hounslow Borough Council,
(… to name but a few. My apologies to any bunch or arseholes I've left out. Your omission was not a conscious effort on my part);

This including phone calls + knocks on my door.

But I've yet to pay one single penny to any of them.

So, either I'm doing something right, or I'm just one hell of a lucky girl.