magnetic force

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magnetic force

Postby holy vehm » Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:47 am

I have no reason to think this will work; I expect nothing to come of it; but I'm willing to investigate this anyway because it is interesting. And the more I look into this; the more interesting it gets.

This device is based on the curious fact that magnets do not need to have equal and opposing force to release the magnetic grip between them. This is demonstrated by the following example; this is an example of concept and not the device:

Using two identical electromagnets (EM), EM A is running at 100 watts. EM B is not active, so A is attached to the core of B with the attraction associated with 100 watts. When you increase the power of EM B to 50 watts, it releases the magnetic grip and we move it away 3 centimeters. Then, when the power is removed from B; A is attracted to the core of B with the force associated with the attraction of a 100 watt EM to the target. Then we again increase the power of B to 50 watts for the release. It would seem that every time we do this, we have a difference of 50 watts. These values are an example. I have not done this.

If that difference of 50 watts could be gained using permanent magnets (PM), we would gain the difference from the intrinsic properties of the permanent magnet, instead of the electrical current of an EM.

I noticed something that is interesting. When using much smaller magnets with much smaller surface field gauss there is still an opposition to a larger magnet. It may be that you need very very little power to release the grip. You may only need enough power to create a magnetic field of the same polarity. Any field with like polarity of any strength past the de-magnetization of the metal core will release the grip. When the metal core of the EM has the PMs at there closest approach, the core becomes magnetized. The current has to overcome this magnetic field.

This energy source transfers magnetic energy from permanent magnets attached to pistons, rotating a crankshaft to provide an energy source. The pistons move through non-magnetic sleeves with the electromagnets at the heads of the cylinders. The faces of the permanent magnets approach the faces of the electromagnets as close as engineering can accomplish.

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Re: magnetic force

Postby huntingross » Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:41 pm

Magnets are intriguing....and always seem to be elusive despite the research....coincidentally I have been thinking about a variation on a model application shown on youtube, but don't have the bits and pieces yet to try it out....oh how I'd love a workshop....a boyhood dream.
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