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almost free energy

Postby holy vehm » Tue Oct 20, 2009 4:02 pm

There are hundreds if not thousands of miles of suitable rivers and lakes in this country that could be used to make electricity from water wheels. These used to power entire mills and factories and small villages not that long ago.
National trust land used to be common land so lets claim it back and use the rivers and lakes there for a start.

At present, homes that provide their own electricity sell any surplus back to the national grid who then sell it on to the energy suppliers i.e. edf/scottish power ect.
As you can see their isnt much incentive to make more than you use.

Rather than sell the electricity to a third party company sell it direct to freemen.
Paying the national grid its delivery charge for using its network to take it from where it was generated to where ever a freeman required it.

The cost of the electric to the customer would be very small, there is almost no cost to provide the electric, a charge to the national grid for distribution and then an admin charge for biling ect.

Ok its not free energy but it would be very cheap compared to todays prices and it wouldnt be through some horrid corporate machine.

It wasnt that long ago that towns and villages made there own electricity, and then along came the national grid and connected them all together, this was then cut up into regions and companies given billing rights.

I wonder if there are organisations that provide funding or european grants ect to build a certain amount of water wheels around the country that where connected to the grid.

Then the Freeman Energy Movement had x amount of electricity to 'sell' to other freemen.

If this made any profit then it could be ploughed back into the freeman movement such as legal challenges.

Can you imagine how far we could get if some one like veronica: of the chapman family had unlimited funds at her disposal, and not just veronica but others too.

Could anyone figure this out? to see what an average waterwheel could produce and how much the average house uses.

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