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Re: Court Summons from DVLA

Postby Dipsy » Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:33 pm

I wrote back and expalined that I considered it highly relevant wether I am the party addressed in the letter or not, and asked the lady who wrote the letter to send me an affidavit in which she swears on her full commercial liability (i.e. she will take full responsibility for any consequences to myself, financial or otherwise) that I Kent-Erik: of the Bengtsson family is one and the same as MR. KENT BENGTSSON who the correspondence is addressed to. Not heard anything back yet. I find these people are not willing to take that much responsibility, and this approach has worked well when confronted by some jobsworth.

Be VERY VERY careful you do not argue about your perfected notices in anyway shape or form. If you do then you damage your private contract by an act of abrogation back into equity. If you serve them then EVERY point stands in your favor if un-rebutted. When you go to court you have a contract with a default closure that might be a lien or fee schedule etc for wasting your time. So you stick ONLY with your counter claim. The court will try to get you to discuss the claim against you realizing you have a perfected claim outside of THEIR jurisdiction. You see your contract is a counter claim where YOU have defined your own law. ACTS are a color of law and they change the words to mean something different. This is why you don't need to be a lawyer to make YOUR law using YOUR words. They never challenged the fact you are acting as a freeman-on-the-land or even fred-blogs-of-common-street even if this phrase is NOT in any lawyers hand book. YOU have defined it and THEY accepted it. So if i am fred-blogs-of-common-street I am no longer a PERSON as defined in blacks law therefore their law no longer applies to me only PERSONS.

Everything is about contracts. If you say and do nothing then you ACCEPT their version. ie "a motor vehicle self propelled requiring road tax and insurance whatever blah blah" We call it a car but they changed the definition.

SO when you go to court under special representation ask yourself what are you there for? You are no longer in a feeble defensive position you are now in command and say "Im here to collect on my fee schedule, how do I get paid? "

I seen this work very well in other countries to counter Court Orders. A court order is an instrument. It has a date, an amount of money on demand and a signature therefore is comes under the Bills of Exchange. So write on the order.

UCC 3-503. NOTICE OF DISHONOR and return it within 3 days. Put the issuers name sometimes its the court clerk and not the maj. with an enclosed 20 point negative avertment process with HUGE fee schedule. THEY have just got themselves involved in your private commerce.
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Re: Court Summons from DVLA

Postby KentB » Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:33 pm

Thanks for the wise words Dipsy,

You are right about not abandoning the contract. Having listened a lot to the Creditor in Commerce sessions, I now understand this a lot better and have applied it in later processes, when I get a frivolous response.

I sometimes just jump into things without being fully prepared - expecially with these minor matters, as I find I learn a lot better doing the real thing than dealing with theory only. Looking back from where I stand now I can see lots of things I have done wrong.
And I think in a year from now, I will look the same way at what I am doing now.

One cannot know too much, but one sure can know too little.
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