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The great housing theft

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:06 pm
by holy vehm
Let me bring to your attention the following.

There are currently just over 1 million empty homes in the uk.
Almost 350'000 of these are council stock. (social housing)
There are almost 2 million people on the waiting lists with councils for housing.
In Manchester alone 9.4% of the public are on the council waiting list.
Last year 434 new homes were built by councils across the entire country.

So where is the theft you may ask.

Councils can apply to the government for demolition grants to clear estates ready for new devolopment.
Once the area is demolished, the land is often transfered to housing associations, housing trusts and the private sector. This generally brings in a sale fee to the council.
When these groups apply for planning permission (a mere formality) the council will insist on a number of homes being built. What often happens is a private developer will aquire the land. They will then build a number of houses that a housing association take on on 100 year leases, this becomes the new social housing stock. Often as little as a quater of all the homes will be social housing on land where it used to be 100% social housing. The other homes will range from affordable housing (first time buyers) to more up market homes.
The other homes, especially the affordable homes will make their way onto the buy to let market, thus increasing the available affordable social housing but lowering the affordable housing for first time buyers. These buy to let purchasers generally live in the more up market properties, often having many buy to let homes on their portfolio.

So we have a situation where say 1000 houses sat on an estate that through various council fuck ups over many years left the houses in such a state that they become unrepairable. The government pays for these to be knocked down. The council then sell off the cleared land with the only stipulation that a 'number' of houses meet a certain criterea. It could be that as little as 200 - 300 houses will be built that meets the social housing criterea. So now that same area has gone from 1000 to 300 houses.
The buy to let picks up the short fall or some of it at least.
A family may move into one of these affordable houses and pay a modest rent, they may be happy, a new modern house that can become a home.
Unlike in the past when you paid your council rent and it went towards the upkeep of the council housing stock, your rent is now paid to the owner of the house who then uses that to pay the bank for the mortgage.
All these people in this situation are doing is paying other peoples mortgages for them and after it is paid off the landlords will sell of the houses and walk away with a large sum while the people who paid the rent have nothing and once again become a burden on council stock waiting lists. The money the council received for the land is long spent and none of it on new social housing stock.

We are now in a situation where almost all social housing stock is in private hands in one shape or another.
We now have a crazy situation where by people who can get a mortgage buy a house and rent it to people who cannot get a mortgage and get them to pay the mortgage and when it is paid they get to sell the house and keep all the return leaving the renter without a mortgage or a house.

The bank in all this just sits there and counts the profit and each time a mortgage is cleared and the house sold on another mortgage starts again and so the cycle continues.

The other aspect here is that often the very land the original housing stock sat on was and still is common land. We have gotten to a stage where the banks even own the land of the common people, they financially exclude us from it and charge a fortune to anyone else who can afford it.

The loser, as is always the case, is the average joe, on low income, with a family who just wants a decent roof over his head and all he can do at best is pay the mortgages of those who should have no place in the social housing system in the first place.

We have in this country common law and we have common land. Under common law you have the right to live on common land. You may use what you require only and you can live there for so long as there is need. Once that need has passed the land is returned to how it was found.

We have had these rights stripped away from us and replaced with benefits, the benefit of this society is that no man will go without a roof over his head. The state will provide. And it does, it does provide, but what it provides is morally corrupt, it is of no benefit to a man who has to pay the mortgage for another man to only be left with nothing to show for his labour, to be left without a home. As a contract this is bullshit, its not a contract its just bullshit wrapped up in more bullshit and then sprinkled with a touch of bullshit and then sold to you as a benefit.

We have the natural right to shelter, it cannot be taken away from us, it cannot be exchanged for a benefit, it is what it is, a natural fucking right.
You cannot own common land because it is there for the common good, for all to use as is required. We have the right to build a house and make it a home on any common land anywhere in this country.

There exists today hundreds of thousands of council houses awaiting demolition, ready to be sold off to the private sector, to be redeveloped and the common man to pay for it and to receive nothing more than the benefit of a roof over his head for a short period of time.
As with common law and land the common man would have no claim of ownership but the differance now is that he will pay an average of a third of his income (labour) for this privilage (benefit) to live on the same common land which he has the right to live on for free.
The common man who is faced with the only alternative but to rent has seen at least a third of his labour stolen every month for decades, this runs into hundreds of billions pounds.

This is where the theft is at.

Fucking criminals the lot of em.

Re: The great housing theft

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 7:51 pm
by Prajna
Exactly. That is why I have nothing to do with the fuckers.

Re: The great housing theft

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, 2011 8:13 pm
by holy vehm
Unfortunately many millions do and there in lies the problem, millions trapped simply because they do not know another way.
Tis sad, that merely through ignorance so many should suffer.