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Council tax liability orders.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 8:25 pm
by holy vehm
When the kangaroo court presents the illusion that THEY have granted the council a liability order to issue on a person, the cost of this is added to the 'bill' and classed as outstanding/debt/arrears.

But should it be, a liability order is granted and issued at the cost of £50, this is to prove liability, even if liability is not contested. One may make payments but make a smaller payment or miss a month and an order is sought, granted and issued and the cost of which added to the bill rather than a separate bill being issued.

So if one did not pay the added charges, but paid off the tax bill, what can the council do in order to recover the charges that remain unpaid, can they use enforcement tactics like they do with non payment of tax?

Also, how can they have granted a liability order when liability has not been contested, a summons or in this case an invite, states that if you do not contest liability then do not appear, but if you do not appear they apply for and are granted an order that costs £50.

Its illogical
Its immoral
Its criminal

I did this last year, paid what i could when i could, got an order against and didnt pay the charges. It wasnt on the next original bill as outstanding from the year before but has been added now (9 months later) as they seek another order.

Printed signature (clerk of the courts), presents the illusion that the court has summons rather than the council. The amounts sought for liability are incorrect as they include last years unpaid liability costs.