Council Tax for Business

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Council Tax for Business

Postby GreyWing » Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:50 am

You sure this stuff is legal?
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Re: Council Tax for Business

Postby musashi » Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:40 am

Lawful rebellion is a state you are required to enter.
Lawful rebellion requires you to withhold all support from the crown.
Paying any kind of tax is misprision of treason.
Any demand issued by any agency in support of the crown in lawful rebellion is misrepresentation - fraud.

Make your oath to the lords, transferring your allegiance away from the crown, and send a notice to this effect to your council. When they next make a demand on you you take it to the local police with a criminal complaint (common law) and report it.
By the way, there is a conflict of interest between the police and the enforcement of council tax, as the POLICE PRECEPT is paid out of council tax revenues and not from central government. Paying council tax pays the police their wages.

We are, in fact, required to withhold rents as well as tax and PCN payments. If you have made your oath and are in lawful rebelllion then any demand made on you is criminal - treat it as such. We can pack the police log books and courts with such as this.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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