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Tax credits

Postby MrFrodo » Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:41 pm

Tax credits!

I have been in reciept of these, but this time around did not return the annual declaration form, hence tax credits have stopped and they have decieded they overpayed us and are asking for approx £500 back.

I need to first deciede if i want their credits, shortly I will be writing my NOUICOR and am of the thinking that I should not want to receive benefits of a society of which I do not want to belong hence my aim would be to ensure attempts at collecting the overpayment will not be enforced. Does anybody have an arguement for the continued reciept of such benefits when ones eventual aim is to stop paying these people any form of tax(unless levied with consent by a lawful government). This could be achieved by filling in their annual declaration form (but it may contract me into receiving their benefits again?)

If not how else could I deal with this?


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