The UK Project

The UK Project

Postby Andrew » Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:37 pm

What is the UK Project?
The UK Project is being developed as a non-profit voluntary organisation based in London, UK and our mission is to coordinate the largest Architectural, Structural and Engineering CAD team on the planet, to donate a some of their spare time, skill and experience to the coming developments of The Venus Project. The design team will consist of construction and design specialists from all over the world united in the common goals of the development of the first Resource Based Economy Cities

Human Resourcing and Management of a Global Network of Volunteer Architects, Structural Engineers, Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health Engineer's, CAD Managers, Project Managers, CAD Coordinators/Technicians & Electronics & Scientific Specialists to begin the process of creating preliminary designs for several variations of the Venus Project's city system. Some will be capable of supporting thirty thousand to a million people. These prints will not be comprehensive only preliminary of the city system and its function (Design Intent). What determines which system will initially be constructed will be the terrain, resources and financial support. For this reason each presentation will be preliminary. The design of the final buildings and configuration will depend on the funds raised by the The Venus Project.
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