Alan Watt Quits RBN

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Alan Watt Quits RBN

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat Oct 19, 2013 8:03 pm

After years of broadcasts with RBN, Alan Watt has packed his bags. The archives of his daily shows he hosted monday to friday can still be found on his websites - the main one being - this site also includes earlier works on other radio shows as well as appearances he has made as a guest on shows such as alex jones.

A shuffle of RBN programming meant that Alan was offered a weekend slot which he rejected. A seasoned expert on the system and its hierarchy, Alan has provided insight into the stories behind the headlines for a number of years now and has provided the audio tracks as well as transcripts in several languages online for free and by donation.

The archives are still up there and will hopefully expand when Alan has the opportunity to do another radio show - hopefully soon.
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