Proof of Claim

Proof of Claim

Postby Veronica » Sat Apr 11, 2009 6:27 am

It seems that Freemen are throwing in the towel far too quickly.

Before using Common Law, it is ESSENTIAL to fully understand what you are doing. And it is ESSENTIAL to remember that you are dealing with very nasty people, who will try every trick in the book to pull the wool over your eyes.

The main trick they play is to ‘say something’. By that I mean ‘anything’. Anything you don’t like, that is in their favour. Any ASSERTION WHATSOEVER they may make, such as

“What you say is baseless .. blah … blah”, or

“We have that right under the Access To Justice Act, Section 40 .. blah … blah”, and so on.

Listen: They can – say – or –assert – what they bloody-well like! That is a little bit different to PROVING the assertion, the CLAIM – under full commercial liability and penalty of perjury.

Something they would have to do in Court, n’est-ce pas?

So, before throwing in any towels, how about responding to require Proofs of Claim (as they would have to provide in Court, because you would demand that evidence – wouldn’t you? Under penalty of perjury, etc, it would be, wouldn’t it?)

Don’t forget the basics.If they assert that Section 40 applies, demand Proof of Claim that Section 40 applies. And make sure it is time-lined. Give them 14 Days to come up with the Proof. Otherwise they run out of time by default (etc. ... as per the Standard Charge/Demand Rebuttal Template.)

If we are ever asked to prove anything, we direct them to read the Magna Carta 1215, and the works of the Lord Chief Justice of England, Sir Edward Coke. And they will find all necessary Proofs of Our Claims therein.
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