Veronica’s Very Cunning 2-Step Plan for Freedom

Veronica’s Very Cunning 2-Step Plan for Freedom

Postby Veronica » Tue Mar 31, 2009 10:38 am

Veronica’s Very Cunning 2-Step Plan for Freedom, goes like this:

Step 1. You are free because you say you are free. Because no-one else will. You have to think free 24/7, be free 24/7 and act free 24/7. If you don’t do that, then you are faking it.

Step 2: You have to ensure everyone else recognises it, and treats you accordingly. This is the tricky bit. You have to be prepared to lead by example. You have to learn what freedom is – which means taking the full responsibility for your words and deeds, such that you peacefully co-exist with all other lifeforms as far as possible. You have to think seriously about what that means.

These steps are nothing more than Common Sense. And that is the same a Common Law. And most nations on this planet operate under Common Law as a fundamental basis, particularly those which – historically – were spawned from the British Isles (e.g. the united States of America and Commonwealth countries, left over from the days of the British Empire).

You have to learn that breaching the peace is a serious offence against all Common Sense, and (therefore) Common Law. That causing harm or loss to another is also against Common Sense and Common Law. That employing mischief in your daily business is likewise against Common Sense and Common Law. Anything that deliberately provokes or causes rancor is contrary to Common Sense and Common Law -and these, therefore, are not only basic crimes, but the only crimes..

(Even the Jewish Talmud says: "This is the One Law ... all else is commentary". The only problem is that that only apply this among themselves, they don't apply it to the 'goyim')

Those are the basics and, once you understand them, everything else falls naturally into place.

In point of fact Common Sense is world-wide ... stemming from humanity itself. The exceptions are strongly religious states who suppress Common Sense with irrational dogma. It is hard to understand how those poor souls can ever be free, but one must, I suppose, never give up hope for them.

One of the Site Admins, Zaniwhoop, has a signature that is based on the sage words of the Hopi Indians. It says "We are the ones we've been waiting for". Oh boy ... was that ever so true!. We are The One. We are 'God'. I've known quite a few Policymen who certainly thought they were. They were right. Because we all are.

WWIII has been raging since the end of WWII. We were led to believe that WWIII would be the ultimate Nuclear War. Since we have been deceived in all other areas of our lives, it is no surprise to find that we were deceived in that respect as well. WWIII is an Information War. A war for the control of your Mind. And the applied Mind Control has been tremendously successful in that respect, to the point where it has become ingrained.

The Freedom Movement is the antithesis of Mind Control. We say "Step out of being a Mind-Controlled Organic Robot, and start thinking for yourself. Look into your heart. Listen to it. All the answers are there.". And that's all we say. We leave the rest to your Common Sense.

And never forget the sage words of Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father of the united States: "Your worst enemy will always be your own Government", he said. (And then went on to devise a US Constitution that, as far as possible, hamstrung any Government)

HOWEVER. This DOES NOT mean to say that you have to take EVERYTHING on board all at the same time. There is plenty of room for edging your way in. For example, you do NOT have to abandon your National Insurance Number until you can make it on your own. It would be stupid to do that. There is nothing to stop you using it less and less, until -one day - you can say "I don't need that any more". You can claim the Rights via a NOUICOR, that does not mean you have to execute them. Just because you may possess a bicycle, doesn't mean you can't go to work in your car. (Especially if it is raining).

You might find it more effective to simply introduce these ideas to as many friends as possible (rather than anything else), by starting a local group of like-minded individuals. Then you may very well find that you can arrange things in a way that is equitable to all. Apart from spreading the word, this also helps to keep the whole group more self-sufficient, removing reliance on the corrupt State. In this way you'd have to get all your ideas straight. There's nothing like explaining an idea for straightening it in your own mind.

All that is necessary is to hold on to the 2-Steps as your ultimate goals. But you can implement them bit by bit. NEVER take on any more than you can chew at any one time. Do not try to run before you can walk.

I'd recommend reading through the FAQ Section completely first of all. That should put you in the position of being able to understand what the rest of the Forum is talking about.
Freedom's just another word for: "Nothing left to lose" (Janis Joplin)
"There is no path to peace, peace IS the path" (Mahatma Ghandi)
"There is no path to freedom, freedom IS the path" (Veronica Chapman)
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