Sheriff Officers

Sheriff Officers

Postby miracleman 2210 » Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:08 pm

Hi all,

I am new to this so excuse if long winded.

Start of year i received bus lane condravention act nonesense letter from Aberdeen city council and responded in usual way with a "conditional acceptance" of contract. It has went back and forth and in the end issued them with a "DELICT" (LIEN) in English law. ( sorry if i am being patronising). Then a couple of months back received a letter from Sheriff Officers trying to extort monies from my legal fiction but in the mean time had issued Aberdeen council with "NOTICE OF DISHONOUR" After couple of cordial letters to and fro with sheriff they informed me that there was a hold on the matter (probably to do with letter of dishonour). Came back from work this weekend to find another demand from Sheriff, so courtesly wrote back informing them that I did not need their services in the matter and wrote a "final notice of dishonour" to Aberdeen council. Today found a letter posted through door (sneaky beggars) and luckily was not sealed properly so had a look and it was a letter of intimation from sheriff giving 14 days to settle. As it just had legal fiction name on front and no address I sealed it back up and handed it in to sheriff court with "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS ON FRONT". Dont know if this was a good idea or not!!! LET ME KNOW!!

Having read Veronicas book "Freedom is not................" with great enthusiasm I am unsure how to proceed as I live in Scotland. I would like this matter to go to a court of "LAW" and would like to test all the theories out but think they will try and stop it getting to court ( administritive hearing) and "shaft" ( for a better word) me before hand.

Can anyone give me some wisdom on this matter and how I should proceed as I firmly believe that "LAWFUL REBELLION" is the way I would like to abide by. I do not go out of my way not to pay parking tickets etc and was a genuine mistake (is this not "INTENTION" in law) as I dont live in Aberdeen.

Any words of wisdom would be appreciated, THANKS!!
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